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Valentine Delights - Be Mine (2/12)

Latte Love by Jennifer Daiker

When Charlie's secret admirer orders more than just a steamy latte this Valentine's Day, the secrets have never been sweeter.

The Coroner's Heart by Jillian Chantal
Making a Valentine’s Day candy heart from Jell-o is easy for this coroner, performing an autopsy on a real heart is even easier, but what happens when her own heart is at risk?

Change of Heart by Liberty Blake
After the night they spent in the hot tub, Melody believed her new man wanted a relationship, but now it was Valentine's Day and not even a phone call. Did he have a Change of Heart?

Snowbound Hearts (1/12)

Sophie’s Snow Day by Jillian Chantal

A snowstorm can be a life changing event. Just ask Sophie.

Snowbanked by Jennifer Daiker
Returning home can hold the best surprises, especially when love is involved.

The White Lion by Maggie Devine
When Pub owner Sophie Ashford clashes with the new Lord of the Manor, Shane Smith, a secret past is unearthed and a new love erupts...

Winter Twilight by Shannon O'Brien
Can a secret, up and coming rock musician reawaken a young woman's passion while she fumbles her way through a strange city and new life?

When Love Aligns (3/12)

What do you do when you match the love of your life to someone else? Time is running out for this Goddess of Love to set things right and win her soul mate’s heart…without magic. Matchmaking just got a lot more interesting.

Drew just made the worst mistake the Goddess of Love could ever make. Accidentally matching her soul mate to another woman! What was she thinking?

Match making has always been Drew’s destiny – it’s the only things she’s good at. But time is of the essence, and the last thing she needs is for the Gods to discover her glitch. Her Goddess of Love status would be severed permanently. Now Drew has to convince Jack that she’s his one true love…without the use of her magic! Will she succeed before it’s too late?

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