YA WiP World

Hi! I love that you're interested in my work!! Yay! You guys rock my world! Thanks for showing an interest! Below I share a little about each piece! Enjoy!

It's also fabulous to say I'm officially a published author! I have three chick lit short stories released (check My SMP Releases for deets)!

Below are the YA works I've been diving into!

1. Recreated Trilogy (Birdy was born into a world where population control is based on the perfect family. With parents already recreated and her sister next in line Birdy works to save her sister from her awful fate).

2. Rayne Trilogy (After her sister dies she stops speaking and is sent to Rayne Manor where the secrets uncovered leave the whole institution asking questions.)

3. Don't Expect Magic (A girl with no magic lives in a town filled with magic.)

4. The Travelers (Lauren is captured, tortured, and left for dead. Moved to the in-between, she meets Tully who teaches her how to catch a killer.)

5. Getting to Peloria (MG to YA, cute Historical story about a young girl who finds her father is the King of Peloria and must escape her evil mother to travel there.)

I love talking about my writing and learning about yours, so never hesitate to drop an email my way!