Give a Crazy a Blog

Want to know the secrets on building a better blog?

Well I can't give you all the answers but with the Blog Trifecta in 2010 Elana Johnson, Alex Cavanaugh, and I did our best.

Here are some great posts to help build yourself a better blog and gain the following you deserve.

1. How to build a better blog
1. How to gain followers
2. How to snag comments
3. What to blog about
4. Time spent blogging

We also took time to test a theory during The Great Blogging Experiment. Over 200 participants proved that when given a topic no two are alike!

Writing Compelling Characters

Care to live through the best of Unedited? Check out the links below!

1. If You Give A Writer An Idea.
I wrote a story. You guess what it was about.
2. A to Z Blogging Challenge.
26 days in April (excluding Sundays... I need a day off), 26 letters. A letter a day. 26 days of pure awesome.

3. BadassVideo Battles.
Friday's will never be the same. Ridiculously awesome videos. Trust what I'm telling you. Awesome.

4. Guess that Character Blogfest.
Can a reader describe what your character looks like?

5. Beauty & The Beast Twist

Everyone loves a good fairytale...with a twist.
6. Blog Trifecta
Teaching you the awesomness of blogging and the people you'll meet.
7. The Great Blogging Experiment
Proving that no two voices are alike.
8. Blog Action Day
Saving the world. One blog at a time.
9. JK Rowling letter
The beginning of epicness (or the end).
10. Be Jolly By Golly Blogfest
Christmas all year round.