Rockin Interviews

This my friends, is where all the AWESOME is held.

I know. It's a lot to take in. That's why I created links.

One step at a time.

Trust me, you'll want to come back.

They're addicting.

Interview: Talli Roland
Blog: Talli Roland
Travel Books: 24 Hours Paris, 24 Hours London
Debut Fiction: The Hating Game (2011)

Interview: Elana Johnson
BlogElana Johnson
She's a Query Goddess
Debut YA Fiction: Possession (2011)

Interview: Mandy Hubbard
Blog: Mandy Hubbard
Several YA Novels (to name a few): Prada and Prejudice & You Wish

Interview: Sharon Shinn
Blog: Sharon Shinn
One of my FAVORITE Authors
Several Novels (to name my favorites): The Truth Tellers Tale & Summers at Castle Auburn

Interview: Elle Strauss
Blog: Elle Strauss
Two fab Novels: Clockwise & Playing with Matches

Interview: Lisa and Laura Roecker
Blog: Lisa & Laura Roecker
Debut YA Novel: Liar Society

Interview: Stephanie Bowman
Blog: Stephanie Bowman
Book in Submission: FADING

Interview: Karen Roderick
Blog: The English Writer
Published Novel: A Love that Makes Life Drunk

Interview: Dianne Salerni
Blog: In High Spirits
Debut Novel: We Hear the Dead

Interview: Tera Lynn Childs
Blog: Tera Lynn Childs
Several Published Novels (to name a few): Goddess Bootcamp & Forgive My Fins

Interview: Tamara Heiner
Blog: Tamara Heiner
Debut Novel: Perlious

Interview: Rachele Alpine
Blog: Freckle Head
Book in Submission: Canary

Interview: Maggie Stiefvater
Blog: Maggie Stiefvater
Published Novels (to name a few): Shiver & Linger

Interview: Jennifer Hillier
Blog: Jennifer Hillier
Debut Novel: CREEP (2011)

Interview: Sophie Jordan
Blog: Sophie Jordan
Published YA Novel: Firelight (2010)

Interview: Amy Holder
Blog: Amy Holder
Debut YA Novel: Lipstick Laws (2011)

Interview: Victoria Schwab
Blog: Victoria Schwab
Debut YA Novel: The Near Witch (2011)

Interview: Rose Cooper
Blog: Rose Cooper
Debut Middle Grade Novel: Gossip From the Girl's Room (2011)

Interview: Carrie Harris
Blog: Carrie Harris
Debut YA Novel: Bad Taste in Boys (2011)

Interview: Cyn Balog
Blog: Cyn Balog
Several published Novels (to name a few): Fairy Tale & Sleepless

Interview: Stephanie Haefner
Blog: Stephanie Haefner
Published Novel: A Bitch Named Karma

Interview: Lindsey Leavitt
Blog: Lindsey Leavitt
Published Novel: Princess for Hire