Sunday, May 2, 2010

Awards!!! Get yours here!

So every Sunday it seems I am dishing out awards, the same is true this weekend!! It seems that you guys might love me a little, or A LOT!!!! Yay! I love the blog love... even more I love giving away the blog love, so here we go!


AWESOMESAUCE AWARD GIVEN BY AMBER TIDD MURPHY (She is seriously awesome, no wonder she got the award first!)


1. KAREN AMANDA HOOPER - Eternal Moonshine of a Day Dreaming Mind
2. MEGAN REBEKAH - Megan Rebekah Blogs and Writes
3. CANDYLAND - The Misadventures of Candyland (I'm sure she already has a gazillion, but that's only because she's super awesome!!)


BLOGGER BUDDY AWARD GIVEN BY JAI JOSHI (She's such a great girl, if you haven't visited her blog you're truly missing out!)


1. JUSTINE DELL - Justine Dell
2. LAURA MARCELLA - Wavy Lines
3. T.J. Carson - T.J. Carsons Writing Endeavors


SUPER COMMENTOR AWARD GIVEN BY SARAHJAYNE SMYTHE (Every day is a new adventure with her and I consider her such a cool and awesome blog buddy!!)

I have so many people I want to give this too!!! You all mean so much to me with the sweet comments you send my way!!! I have a a link on my sidebar called Those who love me lots... if your name is on it, you my friend just caught yourself an awesome award!!



I'm going to cheat once again, anyone who comments on my blog deserves this award and if I could re-gift to Candyland I would! So this award is for everyone, but to showcase some of the funtastic people out there I'll pass it out to a few...


Other exciting news!!!!

T.J. Carson hosts an awesome contest on Fridays! The rules are simple:

1) You must comment your response on THIS post.
2) I need you to name what person/place/thing (NOUN) you want to BE.
3) You need to list 3 reasons why you want to be this NOUN.
4) Write a brief paragraph about what you would do if you were this NOUN for a day (5-10 sentences).

I was awarded her FAMOUS FRIDAY WINNER along with two others Laura Marcella and Susan Fields! I was ecstatic and I am proud to show off something that will be hanging on my blog soon enough!!!

A shout out to Sandy Shinn she tagged me for the dream man... I have not forgotten, but chosing this isn't easy, this will take work and dedication so I hope to have it up by next Sunday!!! Just didn't want you thinking I had forgotten!

**I loved the comments everyone gave me on my cool video yesterday, I'm thinking I might do a weekly one, keep it nerdy and comical of course! Let me know your thoughts!**

BTW sorry for shoving so much into one post but I see everyone's awesome blog backgrounds and changing colors in their posts, please feel free to give me tips on changing colors on my posts, I'm not looking to change the whole thing, I love the gray, I just want your names to POP when I'm giving out awards!!


~Abby~ said...

Yay I get the panda one! :)
Thanks!!! Pandas are my favorite animals, haha!

Jen said...

Heck yes you do!!! You awesome commentor you!!! Thanks for being so cool!

Theresa Milstein said...

You've been busy collecting awards! Congrats! Congratulations to everyone who got one from you as well.

Laura Marcella said...

Congrats on your awards, and thank you so much for passing one on to me!!! Happy Sunday, blogger buddy!

Candyland said...

You're so freakin' awesome! Thank you soooo much for the award:)

I think we should all do a weekly animated video, bc they're fun.

And I'm not sure re: the contest, so I'll submit my answers here (is that wrong?!!I'm such a dork)

1) I want to be chocolate
2) Because I'd be sweet, always tan, and you'd never get enough
3) IF I were chocolate, I'd make sure not to sit in the sun. If it were hot, I'd stick myself in the freezer to solidify. Then I'd cuddle up with my hubby (dark chocolate) and baby (white chocolate) and we'd make fondue. Friends could come over and dip their fruit in our chocolate swirls. Then they'd be sweet, too.

Talli Roland said...

I think it's safe to say that we love you... A LOT! Congrats on all the awards! :) And congrats to those who've received them!

Jen said...

Theresa - I have... I can never get them all out!! I love it!

Laura - Happy Sunday!!

Candyland - I copy and pasted your entry over on TJ Carsons blog!!! Yes we must do a weekly video, you jumped the gun I was going to share it was on the list of my weekly posts!!!

Talli - Awe thanks, I feel the love!!

Bish Denham said...

Wow, thanks Jen! I love the panda!

Anonymous said...

Yay, congratulations on the awards, Jen! And I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your dream man!

I'm not sure if you meant to change the layout, or just the font color within each post. If it's the latter, it's pretty simple. If you're typing your post in HTML, you can do this:
Just the color name:

<*font color="blue">blue<*/font> (delete the *)

If you know the html # of the color:

<*font color="#0000FF">#0000FF<*/font> (delete the *)

Or, if you're composing your post using the updated editor, using the "Compose" tab when typing, changing font colors is pretty simple. Just highlight the text you want to change color and click on this icon. A drop down with a myriad of colors will appear.

Hope that helps!

Candyland said...

Yeah. Like I said, <---dork. Thanks:)

Crystal Cook said...

Yes, you are definitely loved :):)

Congrats, and thanks!

Jen said...

Bish - Cute isn't it!!

Sandy - THANK YOU!!! I'm so excited to do it now! Guess tomorrow will be my first chance, lol!

Candyland - Check my post tomorrow!! Then tell me if you're in or not!

Crystal - Awe thanks Crystal!!! Congrats!

Amanda J. said...

Woo! Congrats on all the awards! I bet you're feeling loved. :)

Karen Lange said...


Eva said...

Congrats on all the awards! And the video yesterday was great, you should keep those coming :)

Jaydee Morgan said...

Congrats on all your awards - your mantle must be getting full! And thanks for the pass along :)

T.J. Carson said...

Awwww thanks for the award! That is 2 days in a row that you have brightened my day after I come home from work :) I love reading your blog everyday and your comments are always enthusiastic! LOVING THE LOVE OVER HERE!!!!!!

Ah score! and Again thanks for the shout-out and referral! My numbers are coming up! :D

JustineDell said...

Yay! Thanks for the award, Jen! Your'e awesome!


Michelle said...

Congrats on your award! And what a sweet thing to pass along fabulousness to your readers!

Kimberly Franklin said...

Thanks for thinking I'm Too Cool for School!! ;)

It makes me smile. Have a great Sunday!!! :)

T.J. Carson said...

Dear lovely Jen,

TAG! You are it. Check my blog to hear the rules of this game.

Me ;)

Susan Fields said...

Congrats on your awards, and thanks for the links!

Lisa and Laura said...

Congrats all around!

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Thanks so much Jen! :) you're sweet xoxo

Carolyn V. said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on the awards. =)

Anonymous said...

Congrats darling,
You deserve them!


Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Woot! I'm a few days late but thank you so much!

You're pretty awesome yourself there, lady. ;)

And I'm sharing the spot with such spectacular girls. Double woot!