Monday, February 8, 2010

it's raining awards!!!!!

Okay well Monday is over... well work wise, and on my way home from grabbing some frozen yogurt it started to rain! I have only lived in Houston for about 3 years and I must tell you, I have never experienced a down pour in Iowa like they are in Houston... so I am loving the awards I have gotten, it gives me a little more cheer today!!!!

I have been given the Circle of Friends Award by Kimberly Conway, check out her blog, she is brilliant!!!!

I have been given the Honest Scrap Award by Christine at Christine's Journey I love reading her blog, she is fantastic!!!

I have to now list 10 honest things about myself... they are a bit strange, and some just fun but they are me!!

1. Sex & The City DVD set and movie I love to watch over and over again
2. I wish I could own all seasons of Criminal Minds, but I'll have to stick with the first two.
3. Big Bang Theory is a fun comedy on Monday nights that makes the week complete!
4. I do not like condiments, yes that means I don't like ketchup and french fries
5. I don't like to re-use a tooth brush more than two weeks in a row
6. I like relaxed structure
7. I wish I didn't have to work and could devote all my time to writing
8. I wish I was able to conceive a child
9. I love showing off my apartment, it is the best one I lived in
10.I love showing my husband off to friends and family, because he is amazing and should be adored by all!!!

And last but certainly not least I have been given the Happy Award by Stef at 52 Weeks of Wordage reading her blog makes me super happy! Check her blog out!!!

I am too wiped out about sharing honest things with myself, and since I have already filled out 10 happy things about myself I choose to cheat and skip this!!! Though I stick by the fact that I love cinnamon rolls, and any chance I can mention those I will!!!

Thank you very much to those of you who thought I deserved these awards!!! They are super sweet!!!!

I would love to give these awards to a ton of people, but I have chosen three to give these awards too!!!

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS AWARD: Bish at Random Thoughts
HONEST SCRAP AWARD: Sherry at Flipping pages for all pages
HAPPY AWARD: Rebecca Lynn at New Kid on the Writers Block

I also plan on cheating again... I just wanted to showcase those blogs, but if you do not have these awards I know that all of my followers, and peeps that I follow are fantastic!!! So the award is well deserved! So congrats to everyone for their awards!!!


Kimberly Franklin said...

I love, love, love Sex and the City. I'm counting down the days till the movie premiers: 109 days! : )

Also, The Carrie Diaries comes out in March and I can't wait for that! : )

Congrats on your awards. I loved finding out more about you. (I LOVE KETCHUP!!!)

Kristin Rae said...

Congrats on the awards! Good to learn more about you :)

Michelle Gregory said...

congrats on the awards. yay! more blogs for me to check out.

Jess said...

Cool! I'm with you on #1, 3, and 7!!!!! :)

Faith Pray said...

Congrats on your awards! It's nice to learn more about you! I like the toothbrush comment. I think you can learn a lot about someone from their toothbrush habits. Your #8 answer is the most honest answer ever. I have been there - and will never forget how it feels, having had that same wish for six years, till we spent all our savings on fancy doctors and ended up with three. There's hope!

Robyn said...

aw congrats! all the '!'s~ you sound so happy! yay!

I agree with you about the condements, with the exception on ketchup. But even then not very much of that. gooey things in my food is odd.
Relaxed structure is brilliant~ Especially when someone else is creating the structure part, and I can just lay around until I actually have to get up.


pixelhazard said...

You lucky thing :) acolades are pretty yay

Bish Denham said...

Wow, thanks Jennifer for passing on the Circle of Friends Award to me. I'm honored.

Dawn Simon said...

Congrats on the awards!

I like reading people's answers to the Honest Scrap Award. What a fun way to get to know bloggy friends. It's sweet that you're proud of your hubby and your apartment--especially the hubby. I'm proud of mine, too. :)