Wednesday, February 17, 2010

success through the notebook

I wrote!!! I know most of you are saying "Duh, wasn't that what your blog was about?!" but all you regular blog readers know that I haven't exactly had the best week of writing, ran out of time, stressed, or making excuses, those are all valid reasons for why I didn't write (well they are valid in my book" however I am happy to say that walking away from my laptop for the evening and using the old school way of a notebook worked! I sat with no TV on, only the music I enjoy (currently 4 songs, yes I'm working on expanding!) and a pen and a notebook, and suddenly the words came. I wrote several different things, a piece of the collector, Emily which is another piece I am currently working on and then my latest little trial and error. I guess you could say that at the moment I'm just having a little fun! Anyway here is a piece that I have written (no it's not from the collector that's for later!)

The Single Gal

I sit mortified at the local coffee shop, I'm sure your wondering why, and I will explain in a moment. I ordered the usual, which is a cinnamon muffin and an ice cold Dr. Pepper - don't judge me coffee shops are great places to think - I go to pull a pen out of my purse and instead pull a tampon out. My face immediately turns beat read -trust me I know, I could feel it- and I quickly check to see if anyone has spotted my little mishap. Two High School students, bratty little teenage cheerleaders start chuckling, I've been caught, and by the last two people on the planet I wanted. Luckily they didn't stay long but they talked about me on their way out carrying their cute little red and pink laptops, disgusted by their apparent need for everything fabulous and the fact that they spotted my tampon I stuff my face with my muffin, though it eases the hurt a little I am still quite embarrassed at what I'd done. Happily enough there were only two other women in the coffee shop, both too consumed with themselves to notice anything else in the coffee shop. Whew, very close call but I know I'll recover with an evening of Ben & Jerry. Luckily no handsome men witnessed that public display of humiliation, not that it would have mattered , the ratty hair and miss-matched sweat pants and t-shirt would have made me want to crawl in a corner and die. I don't make a habit of wearing ridiculous clothing out of the house but the cinnamon muffin wouldn't stop calling my name, I rationalized that since it was across the parking lot I would be in and out and no one would notice. Suppose the tampon will now make me think twice.

So it's nothing special, just something a little silly I thought up... hope you all enjoy!!! Have any of you ever done anything super embarrassing that you only wished you could have crawled up into a ball and died?!


Summer said...

Cute vignette! I totally do that all the time. :-)

Kelly@ JustWrite said...

Just found your blog, and I really enjoy your posts! I actually had a similar tampon-experience. Except mine fell out of my locker my freshman year of high school, right in front of a group of senior boys! Yep, I wanted to die!

Loving your blog! :)

Kristi Faith said...

too many to mention!! Though I think the most memorable was when I was gushing about a guy and turned to find him behind me. **ARGH**

Aubrie said...

I say embarrassing things all the time. I'm still working on thinking before I speak!

Carolyn V. said...

Oh, very good! And embarrassing. =)

There are too many of my embarrassing moments to recall. It's sad really. =)

Faith Pray said...

Your determination to make time to write is inspiring! I need to follow your example. And your latest on "The Single Gal" has a good voice. You took us into her world and made us feel her mortification. Nice!

Ashley Stone said...

love it, I think we've had a tampon fall out of our purse at some point!!! haha

Jen said...

Thank you Kelly! That would have been a super embarrassing moment as a freshman for sure!!!

You're too sweet Faith Pray, thank you!

Kristi Faith I would have been mortified for sure!

I think your right Ashely, every woman has experienced this, lol!

Kimberly Franklin said...

Jen, that was so good. And yes, very embarrassing. I've done my fair share of embarrassing things before, so embarrassing that I can't repeat them. LOL. (Wow.. lets see how many times I can say embarrassing

I think I may need to get me one of those Notebooks!!!

Christine Danek said...

Very good! I think there is a blogfest coming up--Whoops blogfest or something--for embarassing moments. This would totally fit. I could visualize this and relate :) Great job!
Keep going!

Bish Denham said...

LOL! Brings back some memories I'd stuffed away in an old box.

Amna said...

embarrassing things happen to me ALL THE TIME.
I just want the ground to open me up and swallow me whole! XD

And, yay for writing success!

Melissa said...

Yep, I had that happen to me before. Oh the shame!!! Loved your story, by the way. Very nice voice:)

ali said...

ROFL and funny you should ask, because MY embarassing moment involves a ... you guessed it! A tampon.

Picture this: Eighth Grade. It's the 1980's. Girl in tight white jeans, complete with blue rounded-top comb in back pocket. It's the start of the school day and girl has come in, happily chatting with BFF, walking arm-in-arm down the hall while the boys all look and say hi and watch her pass by. *Girl has been voted "prettiest girl in school. Girl has a lot of live up to.*

Girl drops tampon from her much-too-small-and-much-too-tight hip Jordache jeans.

The whole world stops.

Slow motion horror ensues.

Quick-thinking teacher snatches up said tampon and pockets it.

Girl has been saved. Maybe.

Girl? me :)