Saturday, April 24, 2010

Awards... Tag your it!!!

I was tagged last week by the lovely and hysterical Kimberly Franklin. The rules in this fab game are to answer 5 questions, 5 times, and then tag 5 other bloggers. I know you guys are so excited to hear more about ME, ME, ME, so I'll get right to it.

Question 1: Where were you five years ago?

1. Living in an apartment where people were being injured by knife
2. Working for EDS: Pro Activ Solution (I know pathetic right)
3. Just moved in with hubs
4. Owned two dogs... not being a dog person this was a bad idea.
5. Living in a state with lots and lots of snow

Question 2: Where would you like to be five years from now?

1. Eating ice cream
2. Published!!!
3. Having a baby
4. Taking another kick ass vacation
5. Owning a home

Question 3: What is (was) on your to-do list today?

1. Taking my mom's dogs out
2. Watching rented movies from blockbuster
3. Ordering Chinese food!!!
4. A load of laundry
5. Cuddling with hubs

Question 4: What five snacks do you enjoy?

1. Cinnamon Rolls (yes they're a snack!)
2. sour patch kids
3. ice cream
4. gummy bears
5. rice krispie bars!!

Question 5: What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?

1. Travel (too many places to name)
2. Donate time and money to local orphanages and adoption agencies
3. Own a nice home with a pool in the backyard (ambitious I know! LOL)
4. Flip houses
5. Write

(silly I know, I'll do all of these regardless being a billionaire would just make it happen faster!!!)

Here are the 5 fun peeps I chose!!!

1. Amy Saia
2. Jaydee Morgan
3. Justine Dell
4. Christina Lee
5. KarenG


Angie over at Answering the What If gave me the sweet blogger award!
1. TerryLynn Johnson
2. Saumya
3. Michelle Teacress

Charmaine over at Wagging Tales has given me three awards!!! The Lovely Blogger Award, the Sunshine award and Sweet Blogger Award!

1. Emily White
2. Sandy Shin
3. Alexandra Crocodile

1. Mary Aalgaard
2. Kittie Howard
3. The Alliterative Allomorph

1. Nathalie
2. Karen Walker
3. Joanne

Saumya awarded me the Blogger Buddie Award

Everyone who visits my blog is my buddy, so for those of you have yet to receive this award please take it!!! However I will showcase a few of my buddies just to make sure the love is getting spread around!
1. E. Elle
2. Lola Sharp
3. Talli Roland


TerryLynnJohnson said...

So glad you moved out of the place with the stabbings! Geesh!
Liked reading your other lists. Cool blog.
And thanks for the award!

Kelly@ JustWrite said...

Wow, congrats on all those awards! And I loved reading those things about you!!

Amanda J. said...

Congrats on all the awards!! And I'm glad you never got knifed... you didn't, did you?!

Also, <3 your snacks! :D

Karen Lange said...

Congrats to you and the new winners too:) Fun post!

Tess said...

what fun!

and, I lived in an apt like that when my hubby was going through graduate school. tires slashed for no reason ... and don't even THINK about walking out to the parking lot after 8pm.

ah, good times...;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the awards, and thank you for the Lovely Blogger Award. *huggles* <3

Rice krispie bars! I love those. So yummy. :D

Eva said...

Congrats on the awards! I see we have two things in common, our love for ice cream, and eating chinese food today :)

Jaydee Morgan said...

Yep - I liked hearing about you :)

Congrats on your awards - you certainly deserve them. And thanks for the tag

Kendra said...

Congrats on all the awards.!! (:

Joanne said...

Congrats on a Whole Latte Awards today, and thanks so much for passing the Sweet Blogger Award my way :)

Jen said...

TerryLynn - Me too! It used to be so safe! Well deserved award :)

Kelly - Awe thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Amanda J. - No thank god!!!!! That would have been awful!

Karen - Thank you!

Tess - I don't blame you I would have either!

Sandy - You're welcome! Love them don't you!!

Eva - Yay for Chinese food!!

Jen said...

Jaydee - You're so sweet! Welcome, I figured you'd be awesome at it!!

Kendra - Thanks!

Joanne - Well deserved! I always love your blog and your visits!

Kimberly Franklin said...

Love your answers! Sour Patch Kids and Rice Krispy bars are the best! Ever!! I hope you have a great weekend! :)

Bish Denham said...

Oh girl! Look at all those awards!
Love those questions and answers.

Theresa Milstein said...

Stabbings and snow? I'm glad you got out too.

And if I get all that money, I'm traveling and writing as well!

India Drummond said...

Mmmm.. I love cinnamon rolls! Best snack ever!

Kristin Rae said...

Oh I WISH I could snack on cinnamon rolls!!!

Congrats on the awards!

Jackee said...

Congrats on the awards and it was good to get to know more about you.

Aubrie said...

Yummy sour patch kids! I always eat them when I go to the movies.

You sound happier now than 5 years ago! And your goals for the next five are great.

KarenG said...

Jen you are so funny!! I laughed the most at what you said about being a billionaire! Thanks for the award!!

-marta said...

sour patch kids are THEE BEST. :D

KarenG said...

You have an award at my blog :)

T.J. Carson said...

Wow you go girl! You are racking up those suckers (the awards I mean) haha. And all your answers on #3 were brilliant!!!!! Rice Krispies are BOSS, charitable work is very admirable (i would be doing the same), ha and who doesn't want a kickass vay-cay??? L O V E your answers!

Susan Fields said...

Congrats on your awards, and thanks for the links! I hope that big house with a pool is in your future!

Christina Lee said...

LOVED reading this--yeah to sour patch kids! And THANKS for pasing it to me--it'll be so fun to do!!

Alexandra Crocodile said...

I'm sure I posted a comment here to say thanks for the awards, but I can't find it, so obviously IƦ'm going mad:) But THANK YOU for the award! You made my day:)

Emily White said...

Wow! Look at all those pretty things. Congratulations! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, buddie!

Angie Paxton said...

Congrats on all the awards! I hope that five years finds you exactly where you want to be doing exactly what you want to do!

DL Hammons said...

Fun fact...and awardage...what a great combination! Congrats to you and your recipients!! :)

Kittie Howard said...

Congrats on your awards! You're a dynamite gal, Jen! And thanks for my award!