Wednesday, April 28, 2010

X is for Xenophilius Lovegood

I was going to choose something like X-ray or x-ray vision but I was afraid everyone else would chose it and that wouldn't be any fun! So why not really rack my brain and think of something a little more creative, and what did I come up with?

Xenophilius Lovegood... do you know him? I doubt the first name would give it away, but the last name should be familiar to one Looney (Luna) Lovegood!

If you didn't already know, and if you couldn't tell from this post I love Harry Potter! I've read the books over a dozen times and I own the films and I've watched them several times in a row. I'm excited for the next to installments to come out in theaters so I can see how they will portray the books. They never are able to put 600+ pages into one film so I know there will be plenty of information missing, but regardless I'm excited and sad to see the end.

So I can't make this post all about Harry Potter, I do need to focus on the letter X so here is a little bit about Xenophilius Lovegood:

Nickname: Xeno
Occupation: Editor of the Quibbler (a magazine that is as quirky as he is!)
Wife: Died when Luna was 9 years old
Children: Luna Lovegood, one of Harry Potter's friends. Has strange beliefs just like her father.
House: Shaped like a rook, they live near Ottery St. Catchpole, very close to the Weasley's.
Encounters: Though strange and normally by himself he did have a run-in with the death eaters when his daughter was kidnapped. He tried to betray Harry Potter to save her but failed and was imprisoned in Azkaban for awhile.

So there you have it, there is a little bit about Xeno Lovegood!!!

Whose your favorite character from Harry Potter? What are your X words?


~Abby~ said...

Haha nice.
I would definately have trouble with yours!!!!!
I think the Song Challenge is easier, haha.
Um my fave from Harry Potter is Hermione.

Emily White said...

Hmmm...I'd have to say that my favorite character is Snape. He wasn't always, but he jumped to the top after I finished reading the last book.

I wish I knew more X words, but I did know exactly who you were talking about when I read the title of your post! Do I get points for that?

Doppelgänger said...

Brilliant. :D How I missed those chaps!

Jen said...

Abby - Well than it seems we have chosen the right Challenges, lol! Hermione is awesome!

Emily - You do get excellent points! X was hard for me and I figured everyone would have x-ray and I wanted to stand out! I couldn't do x-ray vision either because I just did a superpower post, so you see my dilemma, lol! Snape is my favorite as well!

Doppleganger - They're brilliant aren't they!

MissV said...

I like Harry Potter too. THANK GOD I didn't start the series before it was complete, though. Waiting a year between books (especially at the end) would have killed me! It was hard enough waiting the day or two to get to the book store.

Good job not going with the obvious xylophone or xray!

Doppelgänger said...

@Jen - Yes, indeed. :D

@MissV - Totally agree with you. :)) I started reading the series before it was complete, though, somewhere in the middle...and until I bought the fifth book, man, it was murder. :))

Jen said...

MissV - I was lucky enough to have been in the same boat as you! I too would have died at the thought of having to wait months to read the next part of the series. The hubs and I read them one right after the other and now I'm hooked for life!

Doppleganger - I could only imagine! I would have died having to wait so long, I understood how several people felt because they were truly a lot of fun!

Doppelgänger said...

I must confess that the apogee of my interest in Harry Potter books was right at the start, when I first started buying them. Since I did not know what to make out of those books. :))

I mean, I didn't even know "Harry Potter" (as a concept or as a Universe) that much, but when I first saw the "Philosopher's Stone" in a library I was currently passing by with my mom, I immediately said: "I want this book!". :)) Although I only recognized by the "Harry Potter" name which I kept hearing of since two weeks prior.

Ah, memorieeeeeeeeeeeeees.....8-> :D

Jen said...

Memories are the best aren't they!!! Especially when pertaining to a book. Another story I really enjoyed that was a little different was The Truth Tellers Tale by Sharon Shinn, these two sisters had gifts they possessed, the story was amazing and one of my favorite books, every time I think of Harry Potter I think of Sharon Shinn's novel as well!

Doppelgänger said...

Sounds quite interesting. :-? I might even search for it and start reading it.

Jen said...

I thought so, it was a quick read and very entertaining to say the least! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I love Luna Lovejoy, especially in the movie. Isn't the final book being made into two movies? Did they change their minds?

Crystal Cook said...

I saw your post title and I KNEW, my girl was talking Harry!!!!

Love it, EXCELLENT x pick by the way :)

my favorite character, is Snape. I love, love, love book 7. That's all I'll say. And I love Alan Rickman :)

Crystal Cook said...

Hey, I just saw I'm on your list of those who love you lots!!!


Christina Lee said...

I was a fan of Ron's!
GREAT post!

Matthew Rush said...

Great choice for a topic Jen!

I felt so terribly bad for Xeno in that scene where he betrays Harry. Obviously what he did was pretty stinky considering how brave and awesome Harry (and Ron and Hermione) is but you really can't blame him considering what the DEs were doing to Luna.

Talli Roland said...

Great post! Was wondering what you were going to do be 'x'!

I'm not a Harry Potter gal. I don't mind it, but I don't know much about it. But my favourite 'x' word? Hm...xenophile: a person infatuated with foreign people and culture. Yup, that's me!:)

Guinevere said...

Well, you might not have thought of my word, X-rated, but I definitely did not think of Xenophilius Lovegood! lol.

My favorite Harry Potter character? Erm. Hermione. But I *like* HP, I don't LOVE HP like so many others do, so I'm not a HP expert.

Amy Saia said...

I cannot, for the life of me, think of any x words : ( I'd have to go look some up in the dictionary, and that's like cheating, isn't it?

Have you ever seen the Potter Puppet Pals on Youtube? They really make Snape hilarious. You gotta see it.

I like that your little side thingy for you WIp says that all your words are done and 100% complete. Awesome!

Jaydee Morgan said...

Love Harry as well and even this early, knew what the blog title meant (yeah me!)

I think my favorite character is Snape but don't ask me for any x-words (it's still far too early for that)

Summer said...

Oh, he was a good character. I liked him and Luna a lot.

But my favorite character is either Hagrid or the Weasley twins. :-)

Bish Denham said...

Good job on the letter X!Snape is a popular guy. I'm partial to him myself.

laurel said...

Neville Longbottom is one of my faves. And I just love how Rowling uses meaningful names--Neville means "new city" and he suffers for a long time on the bottom of the social food chain, though he proves to a true heir of Gryffindor!

Xenophilius means lover of the strange/stranger. Pretty fitting, huh?

Clara said...

My favourite character, to much of anyones surprise (actually, Not) is Harry´s godfather. Yes, I know everybody loves Sirius.

I love him more. lol!

Karen Walker said...

I love Hermione. If I'd participated in the challenge, I'd have written about Xena: Warrior PRincess. I loved that show.

Carolyn V. said...

X-ray is my favorite x word, because it's about the only one I know. =)

I really liked Snape. I don't know if he was my fav, but I loved his rich character. =)

Lexa said...

Good choice! My absolute favorite character from Harry Potter is Sirius Black. I was like in love with him and cried both in my home when I read and in the theatre when I saw his death. I was upset with JK Rowling for months.

Kendra said...

I am not going to even try to name someone from Harry Potter. I know, shame on me, but that stuff does not keep me interested. (Sorry, I know you like Harry Potter)

Theresa Milstein said...

I bet you're the only one to do this for X!

I'm a big fan too. Did you ever see my Harry Potter post?

LiLu said...

Anyone with the last name "Lovegood" is AOK in my book. ;-)

Jen said...

Stina - Still broken up into two movies!! I love Luna as well, her quirkiness rocks!

Crystal - Thanks I really tried hard to think of a good X and Xeno popped in my mind luckily!! You are one I love lots!!! Lots and Lots!!!

Christina - Ron makes me laugh, J.K. Rowling knows her characters! I hope to be that great one day!

Matthew - It was sad wasn't it?! I can't say I would have done anything differently, Luna had to be protected.

Talli - I love your X word, I should have asked you earlier!! However I hope I still didn't disappoint, this one was a lot of fuN!

Guinevere - Hermione is so cute how she's a know-it-all. I used to find it annoying, now I find it endearing. Like or Love I'm glad you shared your thoughts!

Amy - It probably is cheating but I wouldn't have told anyone, this challenge was hard enough! X had given me problems from the beginning but I'm glad I prevailed! I have seen the potter puppets and I laughed!!

Jaydee - I'm so glad!! I love other Harry Potter fans! I love posts that make me smile just from the title!

Summer - The Weasley twins are so awesome! I wish I worked in their joke shop! Hagrid is the sweetest half giant ever!

Bish - Thanks! Snape is great, though he was bad at the beginning I still secretly liked him!

Laurel - Wasn't she creative?! That must have taken such thought and time, she really devoted herself to the book and I loved that. Neville was really neat and I love the definition of all of their names!

Clara - Sirius was awesome, I balled my eyes out when he died. Stupid Bellatrix!!!

Karen - I don't know a lot about Xena but she was my fallback!!

Carolyn - I thought everyone would use that, I guess I don't give my blog buddies enough credit because I've yet to see it!!! I was originally going to use that one though!! Hehe!

Lexa - Sirius was really cool, I wish he could have been in Harry's life a little longer! I was upset when Hedwig fell too, I'm like "Come on!!! Why the owl?! Seriously everyone has to die?" so I know the feeling!

Kendra - Hey not everyone enjoys it, but I do!! I can't get enough of what an amazing world she created!

Theresa - Read and commented on that fabulous post!!! Pumpkin juice & butter beer?! That place truly out did themselves!

Jen said...

LiLu - Couldn't agree more!

Jai Joshi said...

I soon as I read Lovegood and I placed the reference. I love Luna and her dear old dad!

I'm a major Harry Potter fan too and I'm looking forward to the next two films.I can't wait to see how they show the ending!


Jen said...

Jai - I'm hoping it is an epic ending, there were some pieces I disliked about the movies leading up to 7, however with it being in two parts I'm hoping that means they are taking this seriously! I'm looking forward to the Seven Potters scene!!

Elana Johnson said...

What a unique post. I remember Luna's dad, but not this in depth. My favorite character from HP is Harry himself.

And I love the name Xander -- and that's an X word!

Jen said...

Elana -I have re-read the story so many times that I think I know a lot of the characters in depth, and I am thankful since this post was hard enough!!! Xander is an aweosme name and you're right it's a word for sure!

Lola Sharp said...

Wowza Jen! Good X word. :o) Well played.

Ann said...

Nice work with 'X'

Laura Marcella said...

I love Harry Potter! I re-read them every year over Christmas and the new year. I tell myself I'm going to take my time and read slowly, but that never happens! Even though I know how the books end I can't put them down and finish them all in two weeks.

I don't care for the movies, though. I hate when they add scenes that weren't in the books. I wish the screenwriters could just include one of Rowling's brilliant scenes not add their own terrible ones!

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Hmm, I'd say Hermione. Got to love a girl who doesn't apologise for enjoying education.
As for an X word, I'm stuck :(

Alissa said...

Animal lover that I am, Hagrid is my favorite Harry Potter character.

As for x words? Well, there just aren't enough of them, in my opinion.

Andrea Allison said...

I'm probably one of few people who has never seen any of the Harry Potter movies much less read any of the books. Just couldn't find my inner HP addict.

Kimberly Franklin said...

Ron Weasley is my favorite!!! I love him. I'll admit though, I've never read the series but just seen the movies. I got all of the books for Christmas, though. And I can't wait to read them!! :)

Palindrome said...

I don't really have a favorite. I love them all so much. And it changes with each rereading and rewatching.

Mariah Irvin said...

When Luna was first introduced to the series, I wanted to move to London so I could be her in the movies. She is awesome!

You're almost done with the alphabet! Go you!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Harry Potter!

My favorite character is a toss-up between Hermione Granger and Severus Snape, both brilliantly smart. I want to be Hermione when I grow up, and if he weren't such a misanthrope, I think I could come to have a crush on Snape. :)

Jen said...

Lola - Thanks!!! It took some thinking!

Ann - Thank you :)

Laura - I'm the exact same way, they are so good that you become so engrossed you can't even think of putting it down!!

Lindsay - She is great isn't she!! Don't worry I was too, I was lucky that my brain gave me a lifeline, lol

Alissa - Great choice! Hagrid is quite the animal lover himself isn't he!

Andrea - Maybe we could convert you!!!

Kimberly - I'm happy to hear that you own them at least! I can also tell you that I watched the movies before I read the books and though it was tough I'm glad I pushed through because they are so much better than the movie!

Palindrome - A new connection with each read, that's really neat!

Mariah - Awe how cool would that have been!!! Luna is so quirky and sweet, so hard not to love!! I know thank goodness, I'm beginning to run out of brain power! Two days left!!

Jen said...

Sandy - I'll admit I kind of had a crush on Snape as well!! Guess it's that bad boy image that can't be mistaken!

Alyson said...

I love the trio! I couldn't choose between Harry, Ron or Hermione. Way to be creative with the X word!

Eva said...

I liked Ron from Harry Potter, but I only ever got through the first book so I'm a bad person to ask :)

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Luna was always one of my favorite characters from the books, but in the films she is definitely my favorite. I love her ethereal voice, funky wardrobe choices, and quiet wisdom.

When I read the chapter (can't remember which book...The Deathly Hollows, maybe?) that takes place in Xeno and Luna's house, the house was so well-described that I wished I lived there.

I'd like to live in the Burrows, too!

Jen said...

Alyson - Thank you!!! The trio will always rock! I'd love to have that great of friends!

Eva - Hey you chose a great character, Ron is pretty awesome!

Nicole - Luna was always super quirky and sweet!! It was Deathly Hallows, and they did explain it so well, I actually could picture the huge portraits Luna had upstairs in her room that spelled out friends!! Super cute! Oh I'd love to sit with Molly Weasley with a cup of tea!

Creepy Query Girl said...

Yes, I knew who it was. I'm total fan and I don't care what anyone says- JK Rowling is my hero! Good post:)

India Drummond said...

I loved Mad-Eye Moody!

Michelle said...

Love the Lovegoods! Rowling's characters are so quirky and interesting that it's hard not to be sucked in.
The movies are not nearly as good as the books, but I'm still looking forward to their release since it's all we have left anymore.

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this yesterday? I love HP books... not such a huge fan of the movies, but they've grown on me. I started reading the books right after the 3rd one was released... read straight through the first 3 and then had to wait for the 4th and the rest. My favorite character is Hermione and I love Lupin as well. I'll have to read the Truth Tellers Tale.

R. M. Iyer said...

After blogging together for an entire month, I discover you after the A to Z Blog Challenge is officially over!!!

I discovered virtual communities and made virtual friends through Harry Potter, and have waited with bated breath for each of the last three books - the pleasure is in the waiting.

Luna is one of my favourite characters- would love to have her don't care a damn attitude.

~ Rayna