Thursday, April 15, 2010

M is for McGriddle

Contests - This Friday Lola will be selection the winners for her wonderful Wolf Pack contest if you haven't checked it out you are insane but not to late!! Go check it out now you will not regret it at all!

Gosh I'm hungry and a good way to start the day off is with breakfast... now how do I make that an M word? Well welcome to McDonald's where you can order a McGriddle they are super delicious... however if you are budget conscious this morning you can also just buy a simple muffin I have chocolate chip today :)

Okay now to the real post!!! Actual word: Moments

We all have them and they count for everything. Never let a moment pass you by, though this concept may seem simple at times during other times it isn't.

My husband and I are going through the trial of working separate hours I work days and he works nights it's tough... we've never done it for this long. We don't see one another at all Monday thru Friday except fast asleep in bed it becomes wearing on conversations because they only consist of job hunting and the latest interview I hope this is over soon however since I can't dwell on how long it will take I need to live only in the moments... the good moments. We just went to Los Angeles and though we had split the hotel and such (quite the ordeal in itself) we still had several moments just him and I where the world seemed to disappear with all of it's worries.

So to share some moments

The dance floor that evening was filled everyone laughing and the bride and groom had only eyes for one another. I stared at my husband and as he looked back into my eyes I could see the love he had for me it was even deeper than the day we were wed and my heart melted... this is a moment.

I talk to him daily though we may not see one another we still share our thoughts, hopes and dreams for the future and that keeps our drive going until we can cuddle with one another... this is a moment

Love letters... not many have them but my husband and I first interacted with one another starting with a yellow pad of paper and pen we have since then incorporated into our daily lives writing one another in a notebook to show us that we still love one another fully (all my old bloggers know what I'm referring too, those who don't you can look here You'll find that my husband truly is the greatest)... this is a moment

Those were moments of love, here are moments pertaining to a more creative side

Notebook and pen in hand, your mind racing with endless amounts of possibilities the first words on the paper ignite your passion until you've already written over a thousand words when you will soon be able to call yourself a writer... this is a moment

Tears fall down your cheek as you write the last words to complete you first draft, the feeling is something that only writers can understand the joy, pain and frustration that were put into this book your heart and soul deep within in the pages... this is a moment

The day you check the mail and someone has requested a full copy of your MS, you've gotten an agent or published... this is a moment

What are your moments?


Lola Sharp said...

Reading your lovely post this morning, complete with yummy looking food, is a wonderful moment. :o)

Thanks for the shout out. (I hope you win!)

Here's to love moments with our husbands!


JustineDell said...

Awh, your moments with you husband almost made me cry. They are so sweet.

As a writer I have plenty of moments, much like the ones you mentioned already. There are no words to even describe those moments.

I have one moment that I love and cherish everyday - when my daughter looks at me and says "I love you mommy."


Christina Lee said...

LOVE the moments you mentioned. I had one jsut yesterday when I swear and extra chapter that I never even envisioned just wrote itself! I marvelled at it ;-)

Kittie Howard said...

I looooved your moments. During many years of our marriage, my husband traveled a lot, long trips overseas. The Moment you described on the dance floor is soooo perfect...Moments like that kept our hearts racing (hormones, too)...and, these years later, when friends got divorced because they, basically, tired of each other, we still have those special Moments, even tho he doesn't travel now. I guess what I'm saying is that your twisted schedule and challenges will make you stronger, deepen what's important.

Jen said...

Lola - You're more than welcome!!! Cheers to the moments!!

Justine - Awe you are so super sweet!! There are no words to truly describe those moments but I am glad as writers we understand one another!!

Christina - That's an awesome moment!!!

Kittie - Awe I'm glad to see you made it through all the rough patches and I watch people around me constantly getting divorced because they ran into something too fast and it's such a shame! I have an amazing man and I couldn't imagine a life without him!

Creepy Query Girl said...

The moment my first daughter came into the world- I became a parent for the first time.

When I looked into my husband's eyes the day we eloped and realized 'he's my blood now- my family'

And yes, how it felt to finish the last line of the last paragraph of the last chapter of my book and realize 'I just wrote a frick'in book!'

Jen said...

Creepy Query Girl - I bet your daughter joining the world was unforgettable! Your comment about your husband made me tear up that is so sweet! I guess I'm in a sappy mood today!! Haha I had the same feeling!! HOLY CRAP I WROTE A BOOK I cried and my husband was confused about it all... it truly is only a moment a writer would understand!

Amy Saia said...

Beautiful, beautiful post. Who could have put things in such a way? No one. Only you Jen. I'm so glad to have you as a friend!

Jen said...

Amy - You are the sweetest ever! I am blessed to you have you as a friend as well!! I really appreciate the sweet comments!

Piedmont Writer said...

THIS is a moment. When one person shares her heart and soul on a blog and makes others cry (me).

Thank you for sharing.

Matthew Rush said...

What beautiful little snippets Jen, thanks for sharing.

These are really touching and remind me to take stock in the little things.

My girlfriend works nights in a restaurant and the only time the kids and I get with her are on her Monday's off. I can relate.

MT said...

Dang, I can't think of any moments because at this moment my stomach is growling and I want that McGriddle.

Summer said...

Evan and I have been writing each other little notes and letters since we first started dating. I've tried to save all of them, but sometimes one will turn up in a very unexpected place, and I'll have a chance to smile and feel the love all over again. One of these days I'm going to round them all up and put them in a scrapbook.

And you're right; when you're facing separation issues like this, the only thing you can do is live in the moment. That's something I try to remember every day, and I appreciate your gentle reminders. :-)

PS: I heart egg and cheese McGriddles.

Bish Denham said...

Beautiful. Hubby and I are together all the time. Finding moments apart can be just as important and finding moments to be together. I wouldn't trade one, not one, for anything in the world.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Lovely post! I keep letters. I have letters my husband wrote me before we were married (boy are they old). Letters from my relatives in England...I left England when I was 8 and didn't get enough time with them...Notes from friends and from my daughter who's now 14. I have them grouped and tied with ribbon in a beautiful box. You made me smile thinking about them...THANK YOU! Have a lovely day. :)

Jen said...

Piedmont - You're a doll! Thank you for being such a sweetheart!

Matthew - Yes you can relate for sure!

MT - Sorry!! Go get yourself one!! LOL

Summer - A scrapbook is a great idea!!! I love egg & bacon ones!! YUM!

Bish - That's really nice! I hope to be there one day where we make time apart with one another! Hopefully it's sooner rather than later!!

Sharon - How neat!! England notes sounds really neat as well! I wish I would have kept all my notes throughout the years but I hate having things lying around... however those are very precious moments to keep!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

When the words of a metaphor I've been working on for at least half an hour finally come to me. When the paragraph sings the way I had hoped it would. When I have that eureka moment.

When my husband snuggles with me while we read in bed. :)

Southpaw said...

Simply beautiful.

Ann said...

A phone call from my son, ending with an I love you mom. That is my moment.

The muffin looks mouthwatering. Time for a tea break!

Shannon said...

Great post, a muffin sounds great about now! I have many wonderful moments to think back on, thanks for the reminder!

Jen said...

Stina - Aren't those the best moments?!

Southpaw - Thank you!

Ann - I bet that means the world!! Tea break for sure!!

Shannon - I'm ready for lunch now!! Yes there are so many wonderful moments!

Crystal Cook said...

Jen, this is a beautiful post :) Thanks for the reminder to cherish moments. I love all of them you shared :)

McGriddles are pure deliciousness!!

my moment? hmmmm. . . holding my baby for the first time, each one of them.

TheEnchantedLocket said...

Beautiful words. :) Such a nice read to start my day. My moment: Holding my kiddos for the first time. I remember the nurse laying my girls (twins!) on my chest and the emotions just overwhelmed me. Love, happiness, fear, excitement, panic, etc. Same thing with my son, only less of the panic and fear and more of the appreciation and happiness.

Thank you for the thoughtful post. And thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. :)

Carolyn V. said...

Jen, I love - love - love this post! Your moments are wonderful. I'm sorry you two are going through a hard time, but I'm so glad to hear how strong your relationship is. That means a lot. Excellent post!

beth said...

Oh that is beautiful! I love how you focused in on the little things for your moments.

(and mmmmmmm McGriddles!)

-marta said...

awh, adorable post!

aand starting it off with mcgriddles really really made me hungry D:

Jen said...

Crystal - They are super yummy! Oh how fun holding your little ones would be!!

TheEnchantedLocket - Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving lovely comments as well!! Wow twins that's amazing!!

Carolyn V. - We are slowly making it through some days are better than others today is okay!!! We're hanging in there!!

Beth - I do my best but sometimes I do feel defeated! I just try and lie my way out of feeling that way. LOL

Marta - Sorry!! I'm glad I just ate lunch so now they look less appetizing!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post. It made me teary. I love writing love letters, sending lovely e-mails, and blogging.
The muffins made me hungry!!! :)
Your post has made my day. I feel loved..


Elana Johnson said...

Wow, what great moments. For me, it's when I had my daughter. She was a c-section baby, and they let me see her before whisking her away (unlike my son, who I couldn't see or hold). It was precious, having her and then bringing her home. What a moment.

Thanks for sharing yours.

Jen said...

Tywo - Awe you are too sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed it! You're loved!!

Elana - I'm glad you got to hold her and experience that even if it's only for the one!! Two beautiful children two different experiences!!

Talli Roland said...

Aw, beautiful moments, Jen.

My moments? There are so many, both big and small... and it warms my heart now thinking them through. Thank you! :)

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Wonderful post you shared with us today. Love moments with husband are the best.
A moment I had with my man last year - when we finished our circumnavigation of Manitoulin Island. It was our goal that we accomplished together after almost dying several times, and it felt so sweet.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Great. Now I'm hungry and weepy! *sigh* But it was a beautiful post, so I forgive you. :-)

Tess said...

yes, such lovely thoughts here today. our lives are just those tiny moments strung together. if we wait for big, dramatic,fancy things ... we miss those true building blocks of our relationships.

well said

Kirsten Lesko said...

What a beautiful post. I love the photo with the couple & the red umbrella.

Many of my special moments involve my son. He is 4 already and seems like he is growing up faster and faster. I tell him all the time, "When you're 42, I'm still going to remember exactly how this moment feels." The other night he made me soup from a recipe he learned at school (with my help). THAT was moment.

sarahjayne smythe said...

This post had me a McGriddle. I love Mickey D's. And the rest of the post was lovely. Moments indeed. :)

Emilia Plater said...

AH, that McGriddle picture... it'll be the death of me :) Such a beautiful post. I tend not to cry, but the first draft one made me emotional!! haha. "something that only writers understand..." you got it, dude.

Nathalie said...

Such a touching post. I really wish for you two that this time of working and living kind of seperate lifes is over soon. It is always difficult, but I think you both and the relationship grow with it.
Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment.

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I think I had a moment today. Ack! I have to run. I can't explain yet. I have to wait until I post tomorrow.

(I've already said too much.)


Jen said...

Talli - You're more than welcome! I am glad to see you have a ton to think about!!

TerryLynn - Husband moments are the best in the world! I look forward to Saturday with mine!

Shannon - Hopefull you got yourself something good to eat!!

Tess - Right on the money! I used to focus on only the big things and then I realized the more I wait the more I miss the small moments, and those are the best!

Kristen - How sweet!!! I love little kids they are the cutest and it's good to remember the small moments when they're younger!

Sarahjayne - Haha food on the brain!!!

Emilia - I'm glad I wasn't the only one with my first draft! I was a mess!!

Nathalie - Thank you! You're so sweet!! I'm hoping for the same!

Amber - Eeek!! Girl you have a lot going on and I'll be on your blog stalking you waiting for a new post!!

Mary Aalgaard said...

I try to remind myself to stop in the moment and take a mental picture. I have four sons and they are growing up and someday away.

Jai Joshi said...

I just loved learning about your husband and the notes you write each other. That's the sweetest thing. Definitely a moment.


Susan Fields said...

Sitting down to eat dinner with all five family members present - that's a good moment.

I love your post and your wonderful moments with your husband. I'm glad you got to spend some quality time together in Los Angeles. said...

cute red umbrella pic :)
thanks for the comment and yes i agree i think the more girls THINK about losing weight, the more we think about food we cant eat, and the more we END UP eating. LOL . it's all pschological maybe.
anyways thanks for your comment !:)

Natalie said...

What lovely moments Jen.

I have a memory of when my husband (before he was my husband) and I were saying good-bye for the summer and my heart felt like it would break. It was the moment I knew I loved him and I would someday marry him.

The moment my agent called out of the blue to offer representation was pretty cool too.

Catt said...

For me, I'll sometimes forget a really good moment over time, but once in a while they just shoot throw my mind like a shooting star and I'm immediately remember. Love it when that happens =D

Amazing post, totally made my day (after running practically the whole day, this was extremely awesome).

Anonymous said...

This post is beautiful with food, romance, and writing.

My moment was when I heard about my book deal. It was something I worked hard and long for.

Ellie said...

So sweet, all the moments you shared!
Very touching~

Anonymous said...

I love your moments :o)

I often think of a wee treat I would like (food) and as if by magic my man will walk in from work with my special little treat tucked in his bag. It amazes me every time. :o) We are soulmates

Amparo Ortiz said...

Lovely post!

Let me reward you by giving you an award!!! Check it out at my blog! Congrats, girlie!