Friday, April 30, 2010

Z is for Zebra... or is it?

Awesome news: Talli Roland is going to be publsihed!!! If you don't know her you are missing out one fantastic gal!!! Check her blog out now! Okay well after you read my post!

Justine had asked me to talk about Zebras, and since we are secret twins (so you can't tell anyone else!) I thought I would share with you that I think Zebra's ROCK!!! There you are Justine ;) Laura over at Wavy Lines also requested zebra considering it is her favorite animal, trust me I would know she has the coolest zebra picture on her blog!!

Okay so my word is really not Zebra in fact until yesterday morning I had no zero ideas of what I was going to write about, how I was going to wow you for the last letter in the alphabet, of course it had to be the hardest.

Lately I had been having some mediocre weeks, nothing was happening, life was dull and time was just passing me by. I hate when I don't look at life in a different light to get myself out of a funk. I needed a wake up call, that is when I was handed my word.


A much needed pep in my step. The word struck me like lightning, a jolt of excitement shot through me! I could finally feel the breath of fresh air I had been longing for all week.

So what did I do to put a little zest back in my life you ask... I bought rollerblades. Yup, one of my many plans to get the zest and spice back into my life. I used to be a very active person, ran cross country, outside all afternoon and then the electronics took over, all my favorite shows I couldn't possibly miss, my laptop calling my name and now even blogger has fallen into the mix. Which ultimately means I lost a lot of me time, well I'm taking me time back.

Rollerblading rocks, I felt free, like I could do anything. Running really isn't my thing anymore but rollerblading is something I can see getting into.

What other things do I have in store for a more zesty life??

1. Girls night this evening, margaritas and chit chat!
2. Movie day by myself
3. Cruising the library for some much needed book action
4. Me and Muse sitting out on the patio working on the internal conflict blogfest that The Alliterative Allomorph will be hosting May 12th (Oh yeah, I just pimped her blog!)

See? I have a plan, and hopefully now that I've got the zest for life back, and I've talked about zebras the pep in my step with continue!!

So what your zesty plans for the weekend??

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~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I love rollerblading!! My son has discovered my pair, realized they fit him, and has been bitten by the blading bug. The good news is I have a partner to skate with. The bad news is we're short a pair of skates. His birthday is in a couple weeks so I guess I know what to get him!

My sister and her two kids are coming today. That'll definitely zest up my weekend! They used to live here in Atlanta but moved to Florida last year. Can't wait until they get here!

Have a fab, zesty weekend -- and a fun girl's night out!

Christina Lee said...

I'm having a girls night tonight too--so cheers to you! I haven't done roller blades in YEARS. Awesome!

Alesa Warcan said...

Inline skates are wings!
I fly through the city everyday to and from work... And sometimes, smooth concrete basket ball courts call to me like a field of flowers to a butterfly, making me forget for an instant the distance devouring wing-beats of the albatross, and instead favor the dance of color and movement, a wonderful fluttering rainbow... that if fully worth getting in late to work for.

Matthew Rush said...

Wow, we like so love all the same bloggers. Why you say? Well ... it's because they're awesome.

Ahem, anyway, great post as usual. Actually I know Talli and Justine of course but I don't know Laura, I'm going to go follow her blog now because if you've suggested it it's got to be great.

I love your suggestions for a more Zestful life too!

And about the last blogger you mentioned:

Today's guest blogger is The Alliterative Allomorph!

Anonymous said...

This is your last post for the A-Z posts! :(
Anyway, I'm working all weekend.
I'll probably have a movie day by myself too.
Oh, I'm hanging out with Brenton tonight!


Summer said...

Well, I just got a text message that my cousin is coming in this weekend from NC, so that should be interesting...

JustineDell said...

Sweet! Zebras!!!! Thanks, Jen! Eventhough it's not your "official" topic, I'm so happy you included it. I'm doing cartwheels in my office. LoL ;-)

Errr...rollerblading. Not really my thing. Regular skates, yes. Rollerblading? Not so much. My feet, legs, and overall balance don't really line the inline thing. Don't ask me why. I blame it on gravity.

I have zero zesty plans for the weekend. Maybe I should come up with something awesome? Well, I should stick with finishing my 30 pages rewrite. The end it near ;-)

Have a good weekend!


Candyland said...

Ahh. I've been feeling the same way. I'd love to find a little zest right about now. And too bad we're not close enough for margaritas:)

Jaydee Morgan said...

Good for you with the rollerblades and getting your zest back!

I had me plans to golf this weekend but the weather won't oblige. Therefore, I will be working on my YA manuscript instead.

Have a great weekend and whoop it up on your girl's night out!

Laura Pauling said...

Just make sure you wear wrist guards! :)

My plans are to hang with some friends, attend my kids sports events and refill my muse after writing all week. :)

Joanne said...

Your girls' night sounds fun, enjoy! A long walk here, and definitely getting the garden ready for planting, cleaning it out, prepping the soil. Veggies and flowers go in in a couple more weeks :)

... Paige said...

that is a great word - zest - for beauty, love, hope zest for living!

Talli Roland said...

AH! Thanks so much Jen for the shout-out! You're such a sweetie!

It's a long weekend here (some May Day mullarky) and I need to get my dress on and dance around the pole (the MAY pole - I don't mean that in a smutty way!). Seriously, I have no big plans other than working myself up in a state about impending edits.

Have a great one!

Carolyn V. said...

That zebra picture is so cool!

Zest this weekend? Sneaking out for breakfast that I DON'T have to make! Mmmmm. =)

Mariah Irvin said...

Um... zesty weekend? How about studying for finals? I'm so close to being done with school I can barely wait any longer!

Have a great weekend!

Karen Walker said...

Zest is such a great word. I will be singing at a retirement community Saturday, then out for lunch with the gals to celebrate. Then driving up to Santa Fe with 3 gal pals to hear another gal pal sing in a a choir. Sunday I pack for my trip to Portland, OR. A weekend of zesty activities.

Portia said...

I love your zest idea! Wish I had something fun like that planned. For now, I may have to manufacture a feeling of zest for my homework and the article I must write before Monday a.m. ...

MissV said...

Awesome word choice! OMG, I want a pair of rollerblades now. I used to skate every day after school until supper time and then I'd go out again after supper. I haven't gone in years, what's wrong with me?

Margaritas? Have one for me! And have a fantastic weekend!

Laura Marcella said...

*Happy Dance* Zesty zebras are the best! Thanks for the shout-out! :)

You've inspired me to rollerblade again. I used to love rollerblading! I'm going to check out some consignment stores and thrift shops and try and find a nice used, ahem, previously-owned pair.

Something else zesty I'm doing this weekend is watching my 5-year-old nephew's Teeball game. Teeball kiddies know where the zest is at!

Have a great weekend, Jen!

Shannon said...

Love the post by the way, my plans for this weekend are to recuperate from this back glad to have met you through this challenge!

Crystal Cook said...

I love your positive attitude. Wait I've said that before? Well I'll say it again :)

Zest is the perfect word for the end of this challenge, and well zebras too. who doesn't love a stripey horse type creature?

My zesty plans? Tomorrow I will be coaching five 5 year old boys in a soccer game. Which will consist of trying to get them to stop chasing butterflies and run 'this way'


And I just got some AWESOME books from the library. SQUEE!!!

Diane J. said...

I love this! Glad you found your Zest. You've lit a fire under me to go find mine :)

Shelley Sly said...

This post made me really happy. :) It's so nice to see such an uplifting post. My zest for the weekend will be finally sitting down and writing again after a long absence due to vacation and work.

Palindrome said...

I'm aiming for some zesty writing action this weekend. Cleaning is needed but writing is more important. HA!

I'm going to write all the bday posts this weekend...or at least, half.

One of my besties is celebrating his departure from his 20s.

All in all, the weekend will fly by quickly and then it will be Monday.

Shannon said...

Sounds like you have a great weekend planned!

As for me, I'm finally returning to my neglected manuscript. A week away is far too long!

~Abby~ said...

Awesome!!! Zest is an awesome word!
Hmmm not much zest this weekend, but next weekend I'm going to King's Island (it's a theme park in Cinncinnati Ohio) for a band competition! And then of course we'll ride all of the rollercoasters and procede to throw up!
Hehe. x)
Have a zesty weekend!

Raquel Byrnes said...

Movie day by myself actually sounds relaxing and fun. I wouldn't have to share my candy!

magically ordinary said...

You did it A-Z! Congrats!

My zesty plans? Having friends over Saturday night! Can't wait.

Creepy Query Girl said...

Ok, I've been doing too much cooking. Whenever I see the word 'zest' I automatically think of lemons and oranges...'sigh'

Rebecca @ Diary of a Virgin Novelist said...

I am so excited for Talli! She totally deserves it.

As for this weekend's zest. Sadly, one of my BFFs is going through a break up. But luckily for me, that means she's coming on a last minute trip to visit me in NYC!

Angie Paxton said...

Finding out one of my blogger friends is getting published actually added a little zest to my day. How exciting for herA I think that's so great and so nineties that you're rollerblading. If I wasn't out to here pregnant I'd be tempted to try it out myself. As for my own weekend zest, my mom's group is having a Mom's Night Out and I am sooooo looking forward to it.

Karen Lange said...

Nothing super zesty in the plans, but that's okay. It's been super hectic here and I could use some peace and quiet:)
Have fun,

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Have a great weekend.
My zesty weekend involves babysitting my goddaughter tonight, spending the day with said goddaughter and her mum tomorrow, than writing etc on sunday. Oh, and sleeping. lol

Anonymous said...

Yay, congratulations on finishing from A to Z! :D

Sadly, my plans for the weekend involves copious amount of studying studying studying. But I'm trying to look at it in a zesty way. :)

P.S. I've tagged you in my latest post here.

T.J. Carson said...

Famous fRiday WINNER!

Al said...

My plans are just what they always are on a weekend.
Go somewhere, almost anywhere, with my camera in tow.

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

OMG, you brave soul. I tried rollerblading once. I think my butt is still bruised. Which is weird cuz I roller skated every weekend as a teen. You'd think I could have mastered rollerblading, but no.

I do love zebras though. ;)

Happy Weekend!

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

LOL. You crack me up :) Thanks for 'pimping' my blog ! hahaha. You're a sweet heart. Did you know that your blog is listed in my favourites list? Easy access with just one click! ;)

Ellie said...

Gorgeous photo, zebras are such a work of art! I love your Zesty plan; YOU make me think I need to shake things up a bit. I am suppose to be making stuff to take to a funky store in the Outer Banks, next week...try to pimp my creations.
I love your list, I may borrow a few...I think my Muse wants Mexican food..I look forward to reading everyone's creations in Alliterative Allomorph's blog! Good luck!!!

Clara said...

OMG that is the most fun list of labels I have ever seen on a post lol! Thanks for a great writting once again!

Jai Joshi said...

Great word for z, Jen. I had a very zesty week, myself!

I used to be really into the idea of rollerblading or rollerscating when I was a kid. But as I grow up I find that I like the idea of keeping my knees the way they are.


Anonymous said...

I love zebras :o))) Congrats on finishing the A-Z challenge. Its been so much fun XX

arlee bird said...

Weekend? Oh crap, I must have missed it. Okay so I'm a little behind on my blogs. It's been easy to get behind the past month--there was so much to read and still so much left.

Thank you so much for a great challenge. Glad you were with us til the end. Now it's back to the same old grind except non-alphabetical. You can still post a reflection if you want--the Linky is open til Wednesday I believe.
Hope you'll join us on May 17th for the 15 favorite albums post-- there'll be another Linky list open for that in a few days.

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