Thursday, August 9, 2012

The People vs. Sour Patch Kids

Do you all remember the time I said ‘Sour patch kids are a lot like writing, some moments are sweet, others sour, but all are delicious’?

Well insert life where writing sits and you have yourself some people who disagree. Right now on Facebook there is a debate happening - The People vs. Sour Patch Kids.

Too many lives have already been compromised and the fighting must stop.

These adorable little runts are wreaking havoc across the nation. They’ve managed to ruin weddings, dinner parties, not to mention they love hijacking boats, and especially going kitty-back-riding. Are you seeing the chaos?
What say you? Do you stand for these little minions ruining people’s lives or do you have something to say about this epidemic.

Take your stance!
Are you for… or are you against?

Tell me your experience with Sour Patch Kids and two lucky winners will walk away with a t-shirt and a bag of candy.
THINK YOU’VE GOT A CASE? Upload photos or videos showing damages caused by a Sour Patch Kid… HERE!!!!!

FOR THOSE WITH WRITERS BLOCK OR PLAYING THE PROCRASTINATION GAME VISIT HERE. Like the page, trust me... on days you don't feel like being productive the cases will keep your mind negative free with all the giggle fits that are sure to come.

And remember... no matter how bad things get keep a few sour patch kids around, they provide good entertainment.