Wednesday, March 31, 2010

needing a guide

So as you all know I've been hard at work on my current wip and it has mystery and magic involved. Now not Harry Potter style however it does have a certain edge to it, My characters have an ability they are born with, they can't pick up extra magical skills unless they are the Head of House and there is one for each House, they are chosen upon their many talents. I only tell you this to better explain my post as a whole. I am needing a book or a guide to help me through their magical abilities.

There are so many unknowns in my MC's life. She of course has been kidnapped and left for dead however as the story evolves she comes to know she is given a gift at the cost of being very badly hurt. This is kind of where I was going with the super power post the other day, she had to pay a price and she isn't done paying them. The problem is the more my MC and my novel evolved the more I dove into this alternate universe, the Traveler's world. There are so many unknowns about this place which in order for my MC to actually find her way she is going to need to know the ins and outs of this place. So I began to brainstorm on what would help me better understand the world I had created. It hit me like a mack truck (okay well a bit overdramatic but you get my point... plus I've always wanted to say that!) It hit me I need to write the guide book that I give my MC on how the system works, it needs to be accessible to her and only her and since I'm the one solving the puzzle I should probably have all the pieces. So last night I began to write the Travelers Guide that will help my MC overcome the questions I couldn't answer.

So for your story does your MC need a guide book to move throughout a different world? Do they need a guide book of any sorts?

What helps you dig deeper and understand your MC's path or your MC better?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

bad habits

Recently I showcased a few snippets from my current WIP Finding Me. I loved all the feedback I received! It's always so nice to get some much needed encouragment on something you spend so much time on! Now I've heard this each time I've showcased my writing and it's comma usage. Not to worry I've known this for awhile but never said it out loud, today I'm going too! I'm a comma whore! Everywhere I look I've placed a comma whether needed or not it's something I haven't been able to get rid of!

If you took a look at my first draft it would drive you crazy how many commas I use on one page, it even drives me crazy! Why do I use them? To create a pause, a pause that would be there with or without a comma.

It had me thinking the other day, what bad habits have you formed while writing? Have you since corrected the problem, or do you still find yourself overusing commas? Of course your habit is probably different than mine. I make no excuse for my terrible usage of commas I only share that I do plan on fixing it, however it will be something that happens while I'm in the revision process there is currently no sense in trying to fix something that is already to big for me to handle at the moment!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

winners among other things...

Happy Monday!

Birthday - Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes!!! The weekend was great, I got had a lot of fun and got plenty of fantastic outfits!!! I took a picture of one so you could see how cute it is! My husband was fantastic and took me out to the cheesecake factory on Saturday evening, the food was great and the conversation was amazing as always!

Writing - I was able to get a great chunk of writing done yesterday!!! Another 2,000 words down! I am quickly approaching 70K and I'm pretty sure within the next week or two I will be finished with my first draft, I'm very excited!!!!

Winners - The votes are in... the points have been added!!! I'm very excited about announcing the winners! One who just the other day told me she never won was selected!!! So without further ado I give you the winners


Congratulations to the winners!!! Sarahjayne & Kimberly please either leave your email address below or shoot me an email at jenniferdaiker(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll send the gift card over!!! Crystal you should be receiving an email shortly!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

not so much of anything

Good Morning Bloggers! I think you will understand the title as you read through this post. Sorry I missed you yesterday but the festivities for my birthday spectacular weekend had already begun! Shopping is a sport and must not be taking lightly, it takes preperation to get ready for something with so many options. Luckily I walked away with several items and I am satisfied with the day of shopping with my mom!!! We had an awesome time!

As for writing well that didn't happen as easily, Friday & Saturday no writing happened, however I have learned that the weekends I don't write anything and the weekdays I write a boat load, it isn't because of lack of inspiration it's only because I have tons of plans on the weekends, and since I don't see my hubby for 5 days I imagine I kind of miss him, okay so I miss him a lot! However I am up this morning before he is and as soon as this post is complete I am going to be writing full force!!!

A few things before I go:

Tomorrow I choose the winners for the 3 Amazon gift card winners!!! Please if you haven't signed up it's so easy to do just check it out here!!!

Also if you love hot boys... which I know all of you do!!!! Check out Kim's Boyfriend Book over at Under the Umbrella... TRUST ME YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Oh and just incase I hadn't mentioned it, the lovely Summer of at ...and this time concentrate has finished her FIRST DRAFT (lucky!)... CONGRATULATIONS! So she decided to throw a super fun contest, if you haven't checked it out please do here!!!!

Real writing posts to come next week, don't worry I do not plan on disappointing! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!! How's your writing coming along? Do you have big plans for the rest of the weekend?

Friday, March 26, 2010

holy toledo batman!

Just so you know this Friday I had a very great post ready to go about bad habits and then POOF all these awards showed up!!! So before I am accused of hoarding the awards I decided today we'd just have another fun day!! Enjoy!

Kimberly Franklin awarded me the Blogger Buddie Award! She is super awesome and if you have yet to check her blog out you should be ashamed of yourselves!!! FOLLOWER HER NOW... no pressure!

1.Nicole over at One Significant Moment at a Time is fabulous!!! An awesome Buddie for sure!!! You must visit her blog!
2.Shelley at Stories in the Ordinary is an awesome friend!! I love her!
3.Kimberly Franklin is always commenting on my stuff... it's kind of annoying! (just kidding nothin' but love!)
4.Carolyn V. is an amazing blogger and I am fortunate to call her my buddie!

Shelley awarded me the fabulous Supportive Commentor Award! Shelley is the sweetest, another must follow blog!

1.Jai Josh is an awesome commentor!!!
2.Summer is one of my favorite bloggers!!!
3.Sarahjayne over at Writing in the Wilderness always leaves me sweet words!
4.Tywo at the Purple Fairy says nothing but lovely things!
5.Crystal over at write because you must is the sweetest ever!!!
6.Shannon O'Donnell over at Book Dreaming is amazing! If you haven't checked out her blog you must!!!

Summer awarded me the Soulmmate Award!!! She totally rocks my socks off!!! I love reading her blog!

This award originated with Christi Goddard at A Torch in the Tempest and is one part gift, one part social experiment! Fun!

The rules:
1. Choose five followers/commenters that 'get' you
2. Write something fake (preferably not too mean) about them
3. Link to them, and link back to this post to comment your receipt of the award.

From Christi,

"This is by no means a popularity thing. It was hard to choose five people, but I still love everyone. But from reading the blogs of these followers, I think we share a common vibe of strangeness. That isn't a rule requirement for who they choose, of course. Maybe they choose five people that 'get' the mystery behind public shaving, for example."

Without further ado, here are some things you may not know about the following people:

1.Carolyn V. & I went to vegas and relived The Hangover
2.Kristin and I recently started a band, she's the lead guitarist and I'm the drummer
3.Lisa & Laura are belly dancers by day and ninja's by night
4.Christine won the competition for whitewater rafting last year in colorado. Prize: $10 gift card to Starbucks!
5.Summer recently had a guest spot on Criminal Minds. Dr. Reed had a serious crush on her. Damn Summer you're a lucky girl!

Yes I realize I linked the person who linked me but I couldn't help myself she's too fun!!

Crystal Awarded me the Prolific Blogger Award, The Scribbler Award and Silver Lining Award!!! Look at this girl handing out awards left and right!!! Also receiving them obviously! See I think this shows how fabulous she is! Check her out!

1.Michelle over at Southern City Mysteries totally rocks!
2.Amber never has a dull moment! Especially with her TMI Thursdays!!!
3.Talli Roland has such a fun blog!
4.Natalie at the Sound of Rain always has an awesome blog!!!

1.Little bird at Finding Neverland always writes something inspiring! I love her!
2.Candice over at Sufferings from Writer's Blog is a new follower of mine but I already adore her!
3.Amy Saia is fabulous!
4.DL Hammons is an awesome blogger! Always insightful!

1.Portia Sisco has an amazing blog that I love visiting frequently!
2.Stina at Seeing Creative has a beautiful blog!
3.TerryLynn always has a fun blog!! Her puppy pictures rock!
4.Kittie over at The Block has some fun stories!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

As requested...

Okay so to all of those who wanted to see my new look here are the before and after pictures!!!! More pictures will be posted next week after I have gotten myself a new wardrobe purchased!!!

Here is the Old Me:

And the New Me:

Hope you like it!!! If you do not I suggest you say nothing, since I'm currently on a fabulous high and I'm sure any of my wonderful friends will beat you up!!!

truth thursdays!

It's time again... where I dish out the truth about me! Keep in mind I have become lazy as the week has progressed but tomorrow I hope to shock you with my brilliance!!! Okay so maybe not, but I'm trying to remain hopeful!

1. I love watching traffic pass by when I sit out on my balcony

2. I love listening and watching trains pass by

3. I cut my hair off last night to create the "new me" and I'm already loving the new me!

4. Sometimes I wish co-workers didn't have to sit so close to one another, some I find annoying.

5. I love watching baseball and basketball in their stadiums, but I hate watching any sports on TV (excluding the Olympics)

6. Finding me is pages away from completion of the first draft!!!

7. Truth Thursdays I find is very stress-relieving!

So share with me your truths! I wish I had better one's but this happened on a whim when I realized I hadn't prepared a good post for today!

When you get a minute be sure to check out the contests on my sidebar!!! I have one up there for 3 $10 Amazon Giftcards! Get your name in now! Also drop by and give Summer some love for just finishing her first draft of her current WIP!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

we all have a super power

Super powers... who doesn't want them! An awesome gift you are born with, the ability to do something above the ordinary. Of course as writers we already possess a super power, but one is never enough right!?

My MC has a power, in fact the whole book is based on the ability she and others have. The ability to travel, now this is no ordinary gift but is any power ordinary? She finds that the power she is given comes at a price, a price not many are willing to pay, a price she's not even sure she is willing to pay. Here's the deal though she was born into it so she really doesn't have a choice, she can pretend it doesn't exist and become a roamer but that is a lonely and unused life, a path that many choose but she knows it's the wrong path.

It got me thinking about writing, we have these awesome gifts, these powers to write however at times it comes at a price, seeing family less, not hanging out with friends, letting the dishes and laundry go for just a few extra days to get just a few extra thousand words down on paper, however without writing we are really just roamers like my MC, an unhappy unused life so it only make sense that the path we must choose is the path of powers and we just have to learn to seperate our time wisely.

So along with the power of writing what other power or gift would you love to possess? Would you pay a price?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

who doesn't love new

So last night I decided that I was going to write, I had decided this the moment I had woken up, however due to the fact that I had to endure another monday work day that seemed impossible for my morning schedule, so I of course blogged in the morning, worked my eight hours dreaming of the time I would have to write, attending an afternoon doctor appointment (again dreaming of the time I would write) and finally arrived home at 5:30pm. Now of course there are responisibilities one must take care of before writing, such as feeding that cats (or dogs), checking the mail and putting the days papers, lunches and books away. I was lucky enough to check the mail and find The Body Finder!!! I'd been waiting for my copy and finally it had arrived! I'm elated and can't wait to start it! I also received my first birthday gift of the week, a nice $50 gift card from my hubby's parents! They are sweethearts! So there you go... a little bit about me, however now to the point of this post.

Who doesn't love new? Today I am referring to new spots for writing. All of us get stuck in a rut or get a bad case of writers block that we can't seem to get rid of, it can be daunting and terrible to get rid of, however I think I have devised a plan to run from writers block!!! That is to change locations, instead of staying in my house, knowing I'll have to clean (which I did after my writing session... yes I was busy last night!) and eat dinner (also after writing... and cleaning!) pay attention to my cats, watch TV, or have internet access I for once changed scenery and location for real! I have a lovely apartment complex and it has a gorgeous courtyard equipped with very nice tables and chairs, I made myself comfortable and started writing, no internet access at all, I thought it would be tough but the words flowed and I was thankful!!! 5,000 words later I had myself a very successful writing evening!!! I really enjoyed my new writing place and I think I might find myself visiting that location very often, plenty of dogs playing in the yard, and people out for their afternoon jog, it's peaceful and I loved it!

So I ask you, how did writing go last night? Do you ever find yourself in a rut or a bad case of writers block? Does a change of pace or a change of location seem to get you rid of it?

Monday, March 22, 2010

300 & Birthday Contest!!!!


Amazing is it not?! 300 Followers.... You are loved! I couldn't have believed that I would have this many people loving my blog after just two months! You are amazing and I am glad to have you all in this wonderful rollercoaster with me!!!

Also it is my birthday on the 29th! I love that I have finally found a place where all us writers can band together and help one another, and I love that I can also share my birthday celebration with you!!

In honor of this great following I have decided to host a fun fabulous contest!!! And for Summer and all the rest of you who were interested in some sexy Spartans you will have noticed that I added them in... because what's a contest without a hunky sidekick!!! Whatever look you prefer!

I've decided to do a proper giveaway!!! I will be giving away 3 $10 gift cards to!!!! You will get to buy the book of your choice that way! I was going to giveaway some books but I realized that deciding what one's to giveaway was more difficult than I thought! So 3 gift cards instead!!!

So all I ask of you is:

1. Follow me (Which I know all of you do!!!) New or Old: +2 entries
2. Blog about it (Just a small little shout out) +3 entries
3. Sidebar it (This is one of my favorites!!!) +5 entries
4. Tweet about it +3 entries
5. Comment +2(I am thinking something random!! Make it fun! First thing that comes to mind!)

Add up your entries at the end add it in your comment with your email address!!! If you forget the email address don't panic I'll still hunt you down!!! Contest ends March 29th so good luck to all!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh the possibilities

So unplugged week didn't exactly work, I never can seem to stay away!!!

This weekend was awesome for my imagination, everywhere I turned I was being inspired, which was especially nice since I am 50K into my novel and I'm working towards the end half of the novel! I am still going strong writing roughly 2,000 words a day!

A case of Writer's Block recently hit me, however it wasn't because I didn't have anything to write... it's because I had so many ideas in my head that I couldn't iron out, thanks to my wonderful husband things have officially changed!!! Last night I bounced ideas off of him and came to a great conclusion and I don't have to change a thing about my story (for the first draft of course) I just have to tweak my direction a bit! I love when it all works out!

I found this picture and it reminded me of my current WIP. I had a dream and ran with it, and now it has evolved into something even more than I could have ever imagined! This field represents the the field of possibilities, and one day I can't wait to share the real story with you!!!

So how did you come about your current WIP?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

what to say...

300 FOLLOWERS!!!! How amazing!!! Welcome to all you new bloggers who have decided to read my blog and thank you!!! Thank you to those who have stuck around listening to my crazed mind and haven't run away yet!!!!

I'm still deciding what to give away, gift cards, books, both. So I have decided who better to ask than you! So let me know what books you have been interested in and would love a copy of so that I can decide what is best to purchase for next weeks contest!

As you can see my mind is a little blank today, there isn't much going on for blogging purpose so rather than boring you I will be unplugged tomorrow unless something whimsical or clever comes to mind!!!

How's your writing going?! What are your plans this weekend?! I hope both are going fantastic and continue to do so!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Boyfriend Book!!!

Happy Friday Fellow Bloggers!!!! I know all of you are really enjoying this boyfriend book so instead of talking lets show some pictures of some HOTTIES!!!!!!

I was tagged by Kimberly Franklin to build my own book boyfriend!

I must say you guys are really stepping these awards and tags up a notch! I loved the liar award and now the hottie tag assignment... oh how I love the blogger world!!!

1- Hair color and style - Umm Ryan Reynolds... Need I say more? I really don't have a preference, just as long as it fits the guy.

2 - Eye color and facial features - Look at those baby blues!! Now once again I'm not that picky but man oh man doesn't he just look yummy!! I love chiseled features... then again what girl doesn't!!!

3 - Height and body type - 5'8 and up (like them to be taller than me) and show me at least a six pack and I'm happy.

4 - Visible age - 20ish to 30ish, however I don't discrimnate against Richard Gere

5 - Human or other - Human for sure... then again a werewolve would be nice too!

6 - Paranormal skills - Flying, I would like to be whisked away to wonderful places with my wonderful hunk!!! I don't want to waste time on an airline, we should just fly everywhere!!

7 - Interests - Must love the beach, because he will have to remain shirtless throughout his entire life. Oh and of course ME!!!

8 - Habitat - Earth, if we want to be more specific I would have to say Hawaii or the carribean, I don't want to waste life where the seasons change, only where the drinks are always cold and the day is always warm!

9 - Special skills - Looking handsome without any work, oh wait I think they already do that!!!

10 - This one I have added... your favorite nerdy hunk!!! Must be Dr. Reed!!!

Now, to tag five lucky blog buddies to build a very own book boyfriend of their own.

Who to choose... There are so many who would be good at this... hmm...


Eva at Screaming Whispers

Tiffany at Tiffany Neal

Melissa at Chasing the Dream

Kristin over at Kristin Creative

Christine at Christine's Journey

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

truths revealed!!!!

Today's the day!!! It is finally here!!! The Truth is revealed! I really enjoyed this award, it was so fun and now you can all find out which one was is true!!!

1. I own three small vehicles - FALSE This was just a blatant lie, no truth behind it. I have two small cars, a ford focus and a Mazda 3, they are cute!!!

2. I speak fluent French - FALSE I do not speak French at all, not even poorly. I plan on learning and refuse to visit France until I do!

3. I've ran naked in the rain - FALSE This one sounds like a lot of fun though!! I might have to make this one true!!!

4. I had to hang blinds to go to Disney World - TRUE when I was younger around 15 my family and I drove to Omaha on the weekends and hung blinds for my grandpa's business and as a reward we visited Walt Disney World. A few of you were right!!! The trip was a lot of fun, but the hanging blinds after awhile wasn't so much. When you're a kid you want to go to Disney World, not work for it!!!!

5. I dyed my hair green for St. Patty's Day - FALSE This may be my sister's birthday but I am past dying my hair! Blond is the color I will stay.

6. I was the team mascot in High School - FALSE I wouldn't be caught dead in a Mascot outfit... not my thing!!!

7. I've ran in the New York Marathon - FALSE I would love to run in the New York City Marathon but first I need to get back into running!!!

So there you have it!!! I apologize for not getting around to all your wonderful blogs last night!!!! I went out with friends, my hubby's overnights make me lonely the girls wanted to go out! I also got home and the more and more I tried to work my way through the blogs the more and more I wanted to write instead, so we obviously know who won that batttle!!! Oh and by the way Summer... Spartans will be in the contest *steals idea* Now lets hope that I can reach 300 by the end of the month or my evil plan won't work!!! *Muah-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!*

What are your truths for the day?!

Review: Prada and Prejudice

Finally I have made it to Wednesday! I can now share with you the fabulous review of Prada and Prejudice! I know you have all been patiently waiting!

To impress the popular girls on a high school trip to London, klutzy Callie buys real Prada heels. But trying them on, she trips…conks her head…and wakes up in the year 1815!
There Callie meets Emily, who takes her in, mistaking her for a long-lost friend. As she spends time with Emily’s family, Callie warms to them—particularly to Emily’s cousin Alex, a hottie and a duke, if a tad arrogant.

But can Callie save Emily from a dire engagement, and win Alex’s heart, before her time in the past is up?

More Cabot than Ibbotson, Prada and Prejudice is a high-concept romantic comedy about finding friendship and love in the past in order to have happiness in the present.

My Opinion:
Mandy Hubbard Rocks!!! This book was light hearted and fun! You will wish you could be in 1815 with her!! Callie who is Rebecca... Confusing I know but you'll understand it when you read it!! Poor Callie uncool in the real world is trying to fit in with the cool kids and decide that Prada is the best way to go, as she purchased a fancy pair she tries them on only to fall and hit her head landing her in 1815. Emily thinks she's Rebecca a friend who was planning to visit, in desperation Callie pretends to be Rebecca in hopes to get herself back home. Callie finds 1815 is a far different time in the 21st century where being a Duke means everything. Callie is an awesome girl who saves the day when Emily is trapped in an engagement she doesn't want and she stands up to the Duke who doesn't realize rank isn't most important. I would read it again and again! The only part I didn't like was that she had to go back to her world in the 21st century where the boys aren't near as charming. That's the only complaint, but hey there is still a happy ending!!


MUST READ!!! Also a big thanks to all of your fantastic comments on Monday and Tuesdays snippets! I really appreciate the feedback and I'm proud to say that my current WIP is now at 40,000 words, which was my goal for the week! I also noticed that I had 283 followers! Holy Toledo you guys are amazing!!! I love you all, old & new! I think I might actually reach 300 by my birthday!!! In doing so I plan to host a 300/Birthday Bash Contest... so be on the look out, my birthday is the 29th so watch out for next weeks contest posting!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

teaser tuesday

A continuation of yesterdays writings on the wall! Read that post first!

I stand outside motionless, I know I should move and find out what is happening but none of it will make a difference, by the time the police get there he will be gone. He will have taken another victim and I once again will be two steps behind him. My heart still beating fast, making it hard to breathe, holding the tears back I take a deep breath and try and calm down. I don’t want to upset Hunter because I haven’t witnessed anything as of yet, but I know the feeling, I know what has happened before, and I know what is about to happen. I noticed since he me he has gotten a lot quicker in traveling which makes it that much harder for everyone else to capture him. I was the only one that knew where he was but I hadn’t mastered being two steps ahead of him, it was frustrating. I wanted to know how the hell I was supposed to catch someone who wasn‘t easy to find, luckily Hunter came out and saved me from myself, he ran towards me in a panic “Their on their way” I couldn’t believe they hadn’t questioned him, but after all the help he’s given them it also wasn’t that much of a surprise, I knew that eventually they would wonder how he knew so much, though he’d never be able to tell, and no one would believe him anyway, after all I was invisible to everyone else. "Are you okay?" I had just realized I hadn't responded to him and it did appear as if I was in a shocked state, though I knew differently, this wasn't the worst I had seen, and I also knew that it wasn't the worst that would come. "I'm fine, thanks for not questioning me" he nodded, I was relieved to have him no longer ask a million questions, I tired easily and all the questions were a bit overwhelming at times, I was glad he understood. I still had an issue though, I couldn't be done yet, I was tired and weak, I wanted this all to be over but I knew it was too soon, the killer hadn't given up yet, and I was unsure if you ever would... and if I would ever catch him.

Tomorrow's post: Prada and Prejudice review !!!
Thursdays post: My truth is revealed along with another award!!! If you haven't voted for my truth do so here!

Monday, March 15, 2010

writings on the wall

The path was familiar, limbs had fallen off the trees making the direction less clear, fog had swept over the entire area making it very difficult to know where one was, however I had been here, it was a place I had been before and was supposed to be. It was quiet, almost defeatning which made the place all the more eerie, I reminded myself I could not be hurt, he'd hurt me once but he couldn't hurt me further. I knew I needed to be here and that's when I felt it, I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, he was here, he was very close. As I continued to walk along the beaten path I started to hear him, his light footsteps and his heavy breathing. I was scared though I tried to remain calm, this was important, if he ever was going to be caught I needed to concentrate and find out where he was. I continued to walk, I could see lights ahead, it seemed we weren't far from a town and that's when I spotted him, only a few feet away from me. I knew the chances of saving the innocent victim were out of my reach but if I could find a name of the town he was about to enter Hunter could help me. As we walked I thought I saw a sign and instead of following him I knew I needed to have some sort of sign to go off, I ran to it, it was lit up so I didn't have to travel far, Lake City, I saw it, the words I desperately longed for, a place I could tell Hunter where he was at, I was sad because I knew the place and knew quite a few people in the town, I just hoped that the detective would be able to notify someone quickly enough to get out here, this man shouldn't go unnoticed but with everything as quiet as it is each evening that's asking a lot. I closes my eyes... Hunter... In seconds I stand by the river where I see Hunter laying underneath the stars, he's no longer startled by my presence, which is nice considering this could be happening more and more I look him in the eyes "Lake Citys, he's in Lake City" his stands to his feet and filled with determination he runs to the house. I hope something can be done.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

sunday funday

So I've been bad and hoarding awards again, and since Sunday isn't the best day for me to post my thoughts, what better way than to award some fabulous bloggers!!!!

Thanks to Summer over at ...and this time concentrate (who by the way totally rocks!!) for awarding me the Creative Writer Award!!! I must now tell 6 lies about myself and 1 truth (I'm sure this will be very difficult... NOT!) I look forward to seeing your guesses!!! Hopefully they aren't too terribly awful!

1. I own three small vehicles
2. I speak fluent French
3. I've ran naked in the rain
4. I had to hang blinds to go to Disney World
5. I dyed my hair green for St. Patty's Day
6. I was the team mascot in High School
7. I've ran in the New York Marathon

I am awarding this to the lovely Kimberly Franklin (I'm dying to see what she comes up with!!)
I decided that two people would be okay so I've also awarded this to Melissa over at Chasing the Dream!!

Thanks again to Beverly over at The Wormhole for awarding me The Prolific Blogger Award!!

A Prolific Blogger is one who is intellectually productive...keeping up an active blog that is filled with enjoyable content.

1. Every winner of the Prolific Blogger Award has to pass on this award to at least seven other deserving prolific bloggers. Spread some love!
2. Each Prolific Blogger must link to the blog from which he/she has received the award. (see above).
3. Every Prolific Blogger must link back to this post, which explains the origins and motivation for the award.
4. Every Prolific Blogger must visit this post and add his/her name in the Mr. Linky, so that we can get to know the other winners.

I award this to the following 7 amazing people!!!
1. Carolyn V. over at Checkerboard Squares!
2. Anne Riley
3. Laurel over at Laurel's Leaves
4. VR Barkowski
5. E. Elle over at the The Writer's Funhouse
6. Tracy over at A Blissful Life
7. Lisa over at Confessions of a writing mama

Shannon O'Donnell over at Book Dreaming for awarding me the From Me to You Award!!!

I'm awarding this to 3 wonderful people (If you noticed I'm being random today! My rules my way!!! Mu-ha-ha-ha!!!)

1. Samantha Rose over at Reading in Springtime.
2. Mary over at Play off the Page
3. Angela Corbett

I've recently started following these blogs and have enjoyed them!!!

The Silver Lining Award was given to me by the wonderful Carolyn V.

And the award goes too....

1. Rebecca over at New Kid on the Writer's Block
2. Erica over at Laugh.Write.Play
3. Lindsey over at Dangerous with a pen
4. Julie over at Silver Lining

I had to pass out a ton and I'm sorry for holding onto them for so long!!! Enjoy!!! Oh and please guess on my truth!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I chose to see Alice in Wonderland last night. I'd been eyeing it on television for weeks knowing that this would be the one I saw in theaters. Now call me crazy but I am not a fan of 3D, I don't like the way it makes me feel, which is a little dizzy and tummy sick at times, so I avoid it. Not to mention the benefits of not having to spend anywhere from $13.50-15.50 just to have those silly 3D Glasses! Seriously, why so much?!

Is this really necessary? I think I can honestly say if you've never seen or read Alice in Wonderland then I must say that you need to pick up a copy because that is crazy! So I'm going to let you search for the description because you should be picking up a copy pronto!!! Childhood favorite of course!

My Thoughts:
Brilliant! I know I kind of gave it all away didn't I? However I couldn't help myself, last night after it was all over I could have turned right back around and saw it again, Tim Burton truly out did himself. Now I will say that if you are a huge fan of Tim Burton there is a slight chance you'll be disappointed. This movie isn't as dark as his others, however at times it is still very creepy. Johnny Depp plays the wonderful Mad Hatter, and it couldn't have been better played, but after all it is Johnny Depp! Mia Wasikowska who plays Alice was so elegant and beautiful you simply couldn't take your eyes of her. With the cutest accent she was perfect for the role. Her curiousity was one of my favorites and her clothes were tremendous! She wore the same shade of blue throughout the movie but in several different forms of outfits, each unique and adorable. She was by far my favorite character in the film, her carefree, nononsense atttitude made me not want to leave the theater to even pee!!! The Red Queen was fantastic, with her oversized head, and certianly oversized personality it was kind of hard to dislike her but I had to for poor Alice's sake. The White Queen annoyed me a little and that is surely my taste but her light and airy personality wasn't what bothered me, it was her constant hands in the air trying to flow gracefully as she traveled from scene to scene, and she wore the darkest lipstick, I know I'm nit-picking here, but I can't say all good things! I was thankful that the crowd thoroughly enjoyed the movie, they remained quiet and no cell phone usage happened. I must say if there was really no noise and no light shining in your eyes Tim Burton truly made a great film.


Friday, March 12, 2010

FUN-tastic friday!!

Happy Happy Friday!!! I plan on seeing Alice in Wonderland tonight and enjoying some Don Julio's Mexican Food! Should be a pretty fun-tastic weekend! What are your plans?

Thanks to my wonderful husband I was able to get another 2,000 words added to my current WIP. I must say that it did not come easy, Wednesday evening I had somewhat of a breakdown explaining to him that the book was going nowhere, I had all these ideas in my head but I was unable to put them on paper, the novel was out of order and the story had changed a bit. All the excuses in the world and yet he took the time to listen to all of them, and remained calm. Something he's excellent at.

Are you a calm person?! Do you think it helps you in writing? I will tell you I'm the exact opposite of calm, which is why when I'm in the middle of freaking out I accomplish nothing. I also forget to breathe! Anyways my wonderful husband read my WIP all 30,000 words to help me out. He let me know what he thought, what he liked and disliked and if he liked the direction I was going. Luckily enough he said he was still very much intrigued and was able to get me back on the right page, and I've been ecstatic since!

So have you ever had any freakouts and thought you'd never make it out alive? Were you able to pick yourself back up? Or are you still stuck and need some help climbing out?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

truth thursdays!

Thanks to Lisa and Laura I've decided to steal their Tell the Truth Tuesday and post my own today! Why not Thursdays!!! So here goes nothing!!!

- Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows, and I have quite the crush on Dr. Reed (I know Summer would agree!!)

- I consider my Bravo Shows my Trash TV. I can't get enough of all the junk on that channel, countless hours are wasted (when I should be writing) watching Millionaire Matchmaker, Tabatha's Salon Takeover, The Real Housewives (All of them), etc.

- When my husband and I are at dinner and the menu is oversized we always comment that Chef Ramsey would not be proud. We watch Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares religiously.

- I'm that person who orders a soda at a coffee shop. I'm not a fan of coffee but love the atmosphere, and my cinnamon roll!

- I dislike when others lick their fingers (I know everyone does it... except me... and now my husband)

- I'm addicted to blogger! 8 days away has killed me, I feel like I've missed so much!!! So if I haven't commented on your recent posts you are not forgotten! I'll eventually get around to you!

***Also for all of you who are interested in Prada & Prejudice I'm half way through the book - and it's fabulous!!! - so I will be blogging about it for sure!!! Stay tuned!

So what are your truths?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

tough moment

Good Morning All! I appreciate all your thoughts on yesterdays Tuesday Twist... unfortunately I have slippery fingers and deleted the post, I'm sadened by it and now I know I need to watch what I'm messing with!! However for those of you who read them and commented I thank you. The third synopsis had actually been my current WIP and I appreciated the feedback and the fact that several of you wanted to purchase it!

For this morning, since it has been completely off, for more reasons than just slippery fingers I figured I'd keep it short. So here it goes...

I went to Barnes & Noble and bought three new books!

Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard
In The Woods by Tana French
(this is awful... I've forgotten the title so I'll let you know it later!!)

So there you have it... you can see the chaos this morning! However I will say that I'll be commenting on all of your beautiful blogs this evening, friend is officially out of town (though I'll miss him) and the hubby works overnights (I'll miss him a lot too!) which means I have a lot of free time, and you wonderful people will keep me busy!!! I also will be working on my current WIP and have a teaser for you next week!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

writings on the wall

Happy Monday!!!!

The Travelers

I saw him. I was standing in the school parking lot alone and he was surrounded by all his fellow teammates, but he noticed me. My heart had dropped and like an idiot I stood still. It was like a tug of war in my body, part of me wanted to stay but the other part wanted me to go. His friends all told him goodbye and that's when I knew it wasn't just a joke, he'd meant to look at me, he was still staring, I didn't want to look behind me, I didn't want to see that he was actually looking at someone else. He walked toward me, my heart began to pound, what did he want? I had hoped it wouldn't be to do homework because I would refuse to help him for being such a jerk, ok well I would have but that's besides the point. His hair tousled gave him the sexy surfer edge every girl couldn't help but woo over. I had hoped I wasn't one them, but it had happened all to quickly to avoid. His last steps resulted in standing extremely close into my personal space, but I didn't back away. We'd talked a few times but mostly about homework, I had always wanted more but Ashley Archer would never have let that happen. "Hey" he said it so nonchalantly, like we'd been friends for years, I had fallen for it an returned a "Hey" his way. What did he want I wondered? I mean I knew we'd stared at each other a little more lately but not much. Had he known I'd been watching him? I had tried to be discreet about it, but lately hadn't been to lucky. The last traveler I had watched ended up figuring it out. How did they know what I was? How could they spot me out of a crowd? Had they been watching me all along? Or did they have a list like I had?

Oh and for those who watched the Oscars last night... Hooray for Sandra Bullock! She is who I wanted to win the most, and her speech was amazing. Just another thing to add to the list of enjoying each moment she provides for entertainment!!! Did you watch? Who were you proud won? Whose dress was your favorite?!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

like, love, hate and a few others!

So I know I said I was going to stay unplugged but evidently I have formed an addiction with blogger, and my friends on blogger. What can I say I love you guys!!! So with all that love I decided to do the love, like, hate meme that Laurel over at Laurel's Leaves tagged me in!!

So, the rules of the meme are to post a list of things you like/love/hate, and then link to three bloggers who you admire! All you have to do is fill in your likes/loves/hates after the bolded words! :) Have fun!

I like helping others.

I like the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies, monkey bread and cinnamon rolls (not combined of course).

I like to wear snow boots.

I like to decorate my home for the holidays, even the made up ones (Valentines day).

I like to be creative.

I like to change, but only when I want to.

I like to sleep in the middle of the bed.

I like rain.

I like watching traffic and making stories up about the drivers.

I like amazing moments.

I like fall, as the leaves start to change colors. It's beautiful.

I like who I've become and where I'm headed.

I love that smell of new books.

Today was a great day for inspiration. Weather gorgeous, trees full and people geniunely happy. Nothing is better than a sunny day outside with people you love.

*NOTE: I don't like to hate anything, I prefer the word dislike, so picture dislike in the following hate category*

I hate that I'm impatient

I hate when my house is dirty.

I hate cruelty to animals.

I hate whiny attitudes.

I hate big groups, I tend to get overwhelmed.

I hate when I don't have control.

I hate tardiness (especially in friends).

I hate liars.

I (secretly) like to learn french before traveling to Paris.

I love to write, even if it's just a letter to a friend. The joy I get from writing is like nothing else I've ever felt before.

I pass now onto three other fun bloggers (I've chosen newer ones I started to follow):

Kendra over at Silky Bowties
Karen over at A Writers Ramblings
Charity over at A Writers Journey

Also a special thank you to Shannon Odonnell from Book Dreaming for giving me the From Me to You Award!

One more thank you to Beverly from The Wormhole gave me the Prolific Blogger Award!! I feel so honored!!

I will pass the From Me to You Award and the Prolific Blogger Award out in a few days... as you know I'm supposed to be unplugged but I can't seem to stay away from you wonderful peeps!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

saturday morning nothings

Good Morning fellow bloggers!!!

I plan on being unplugged this weekend! I'll be back to post next Monday and back to commenting on Wednesday! So if I haven't been to your blog inawhile don't panic... with friends in town that becomes diffictult. However next week my hubby starts overnights at his job (both of us don't want this) but we've decided to make the best it and I'll be spending a lot of time writing, blogging and watching trash tv!

Oops I talked a bit about myself today, not anything pertaining to writing, so I apologize for you listening to a conversation with myself (one of many, lol)

Also I can't believe I have been on the blogging world less than two months and 245 of you have decided to join the journey of writing with me! That is fantastic, you guys are brilliant and I thank you for your comments and the love I receive!

So everyone have a great weekend! I look forward to being on the blogging world next week!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

hex hall review

So I have decided to do my very first review and what better way then to showcase a new book and a new author. Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins I picked up on Tuesday and took the chance to enjoy a little magic!

Three years ago, Sophie Mercer discovered that she was a witch. It's gotten her into a few scrapes. Her non-gifted mother has been as supportive as possible, consulting Sophie's estranged father--an elusive European warlock--only when necessary. But when Sophie attracts too much human attention for a prom-night spell gone horribly wrong, it's her dad who decides her punishment: exile to Hex Hall, an isolated reform school for wayward Prodigium, a.k.a. witches, faeries, and shapeshifters.
By the end of her first day among fellow freak-teens, Sophie has quite a scorecard: three powerful enemies who look like supermodels, a futile crush on a gorgeous warlock, a creepy tagalong ghost, and a new roommate who happens to be the most hated person and only vampire on campus. Worse, Sophie soon learns that a mysterious predator has been attacking students, and her only friend is the number-one suspect.

As a series of blood-curdling mysteries starts to converge, Sophie prepares for the biggest threat of all: an ancient secret society determined to destroy all Prodigium, especially her.

My Opinion:
Sophie Mercer is clearly not your average teenager, with powers that go wrong she is forced to go to a school with misfits. What a brilliant and yet basic concept. Very well written, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I was drunk with magic and couldn't help but continue to read. Had I not had to work I would have finished it the day I got it, but I had to have a little self control. Rachel Hawkins is brilliant and I think if anyone wants an excellent read of magic, love and teenage problems this is certainly the book for you!!!

4 out of 5, the writing was great, you could feel her pain, though giving 5 would just seem cliche (plus I give ratings away loosely because anything I'd rate I tend to love!!!)I look forward to the next installment of the Hex Hall Series!

Next review will be Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Thursday, March 4, 2010

the joy of rewriting

Good Morning All!!!

So recently I have been working on Finding Me, and as you can see I made some excellent headway last week 30,000 words. I wanted to continue this streak but fell short, now I knew that my friend would be in town and my husband would be working the same hours as me (which is rare and wonderful) however I had expected to still take time to write, well the problem isn't my friend it's me. So I wrote these wonderful words and realized that part of the story wasn't working as well as I had hoped, in fact it wasn't working at all. I had "writers block" if you will, but it wasn't that I had nothing to write about, it was the fact that this piece needed to be fixed before I moved on.

Ugh dread came over me. Only reason is because I knew it had to be done, now don't get me wrong once I write it I know I'll feel better, but in the moment knowing that the only thing standing between me and continuing on my path of a good first draft is that little story in the middle. Well okay so it's not little, which is why I must change it now, it makes the whole story. No I do not plan on giving details, however maybe a little snippet or two will come in the following weeks.

So I took the plunge and started re-writing the portion we're talking about and it's flowing beautifully, it makes me feel great just writing it down. I knew then that I had made the right decision! So I ask you have you had to rewrite or revise anything recently? Is anything giving you a hard time?!

Oh and also if you haven't participated in the story I've started on my blog please take a look! It's a lot of fun! Click Here!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the writing game

Story time!!! At the bottom I've written a sentence, nothing super long, just something to get us started. I am asking all of you to add to the sentence to make a fantastic story! One of my friends had started it a month ago and I loved it and thought I'd take over. I will leave this up a week and then show the results next Wednesday! Hope you all enjoy!

Now for a few rules:

1. You may comment more than once but not one right after the other
2. Be Creative
3. Have fun

Sounds simple right?! Please take part in this, I know it will be a lot of fun, as it was the last time I participated!!!


She walked into the small coffee shop, the sign had said open however when she looked around there seemed to be no one. The lights dimmed and the air still, as she continued looking around she saw the waitress in the far corner, she nodded and found a seat in a nearby booth. The waitress stared, her bright green eyes pierced in her direction.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

are they here yet?

Books, Books, Books!!! I love a good book, and I know all of you do as well! I am patiently awaiting three books that I can't wait to get my hands on!!!

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
The Body Finder Kimberly Derting

Now I am super excited for all three of these and I would like to thank Sherry from Flipping Pages for All Ages for awarding me The Body Finder for a contest she had!! I am very excited to read the book and I plan to do a review on it when I am finished! Check out Sherry's blog if you haven't she is really awesome and always has the scoop on some great books!

Another book I would like to showcase is Loves Me, Loves Me Not it is a book compiled of 40 stories ranging in different styles of romance. I'm very excited to open this book, and this was another one that I won thanks to Jan Jones, I have been so lucky to win these books, and I am truly thankful to have my name drawn! Jan Jones has a fabulous blog so please check her out!

I have the copy of Loves Me, Loves Me Not, but I am patiently waiting *secretly stalking the mail-man* so I'm sure you will all know when I receive them because I'll be going bonkers over blogger!

And yesterday Kristin over at Kristin Creative had her birthday contest and I won a $10 Amazon gift card! What book to choose, what book to choose?!

FYI - A contest is being held over at Writing in the Wilderness for a $20 gift card to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or borders so check it out!

Are you waiting for any books?! What are they?

Monday, March 1, 2010

writings on the wall

Another Monday... another writings on the wall... decided to try a different genre. I didn't get very far with it, but decided to post it anyway. No editing has been done so I'm sure it's pretty rough, but at least you can see what I think when I write first hand!

Lela Kemp never planned for the worst which explained why her car wouldn't start and she was in the middle of nowhere without a phone. Her auburn curls completely frazzled looking and her face scrunched up in anger was making matters worse. She just realized she had no phone, and no on star, thanks to her mother convincing her it was for old fogies. Right now she felt like the unluckiest girl in the world. She looked around for any source of communication, under the seats, in her handbag, the glove compartment, there was nothing. She sat her head back against the seat and let out a deep sigh. "Why do I do this" she said allowed with such despair. She climbed out of the car, to what would normally be her delight the day was quiet and peaceful, only a few birds out chirping around the fields. She was deserted, and it didn't seem like anyone would be coming for quite sometime. She let out another sigh, she needed to be smart and decide what to do, however she looked at her attire and realized she wasn't exactly dressed for the part, she wore dark blue skinny jeans, paired with her favorite black boots and a a comfortable purple tank top. A little to dressed up for this predicament but she had no extra clothing so at this moment she would have to either wait or walk in what she was wearing. She grabbed her bag out of the passenger seat and started walking. The Mercedes was a gift she bought herself once she had moved to the big city, but what a gift it was turning out to be, it was had been quite the disaster lately, and there wasn't much she could do about it at this point. As she walked in her uncomfortable boots she reminded herself that this was part of the deal living in a big city, she was too visit her family as frequently as possible, and this part wasn't turning out as she had hoped.

Happy Monday! Happy Blogging!!!