Friday, July 29, 2011

For the perfect mood

What do you do to get in the mood to write?

I write chick lit (for those of you who didn’t know).

I like happy music… but I also love somber music. Here are a few of my choices while writing a story.

Wild Horses – Natasha Bedingfield

Comic Love, Dog Days are Over – Florence and the Machine

Animal & - Neon Trees

Anything by Adele, Kate Nash, Regina Spektor, or A Fine Frenzy

So there you have it, my secret weapons. A few songs to kick writers block out of the building. Or at least for something to listen to when I’m feeling the writer’s block.

Now many of you know when I’m really writing (big chunks) I also watch TV. I like something happening in the background. It’s a must. I may do nothing with it but it’s at least there.

What’s your method? Favorite songs you’d like to share?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Knowing the Truth

Hello All!!! It's Thursday so the truths shall come out!

1. I want an occasion to wear a little black dress. I see it all the time in the movies but I've never had the opportunity to have a reason to wear one. Shall I make one up?

2. My refrigerator is organized both inside and outside. I'm very much an organizer, different shelves hold certain items. Magnets on the outside have to be evenly (or at least creatively placed)... as does the menu and papers for the week.

3. I always keep a few books by my side table for when I need a kick in the pants. I can read the acknowledgements and remind myself all the people who are counting me (obvs not the people in the book but you get the point).

4. I love comedies and lately they've been rolling right in. Friends with Benefits, The Change-Up, and Horrible Bosses all had me laughing out loud. I love to laugh (I think you new that).

5. I have a jewelry box but rather than fill it with jewelery it is filled with hair clips. I have a ton of them and they're all fabulous.

So there are the hard, crazy, strange truths. Got anything you'd like to add?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book addict or Shoe addict...

Author Note: I am at Query Tracker today for the first time! I'm so excited to be a guest blogger for right now and would LOVE if you stopped by to say hello! It's a great post!

I have a VERY special guest today. Beth Harbison, author of Shoe Addicts Anonymous, Hope in a Jar, and many others has stopped in to answer some fun and wacky questions. You all know by now I ask the quirky questions… today is no exception.

Several questions I asked came from Beth’s book titles and descriptions! There are also just a few quirky fun ones. Getting to know the author has never been more fun! Beth fits in perfectly with her answers!!!


1. How many styles of shoes did you wear while writing Shoe Addict Anonymous? None. I write barefoot. I rarely have to put on Lady Clothes.
2. Besides putting Hope in a Jar if given a mason jar what would you fill it with? Xanax and champagne. Then I'd shake it up, watch the Mentos commercial-like reaction, then drink what was left.
3. What was your biggest childhood insecurity? Feeling too tall
4. How do you tackle stressful days? #2
5. If I were to peek into your refrigerator what would I find? Milk from the local dairy, cheese, eggs, veggies and fifty million condiments and sauces.

Fun & Random questions

1. Favorite pair of shoes - any Sanuks
2. Daiquiri or Martini -martini
3. Night out or Night in - In
4. Fireflies or Dragonflies - Fireflies5. Cowboy boots or Rain boots – rain boots....but, please, no rain!

Are you a shoe addict? What's your favorite pair? Isn't Beth fabulous!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Twists

Hello newbies! This is one of my favorite posts… I’ll share three sentences below and you tell me which one’s you would read based on the sentence! Then click the link to see what novel you chose! Share your thoughts!

The Sentences

1. The first time I met Josh, I thought he was a nice guy but a transient friend. (Note: For this one the second sentence won me over… but the rules are the first sentence. Boo).
2. I can be so, so quiet.
3. Starting middle school might feel like the scariest thing in the world to you right now.

The Secrets

1. Book #1
2. Book #2
3. Book #3
So what would you read? I chose differently this week. Ones a standalone, ones part of a series and the other is just plain random. Care to guess what's what before you click the links?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

Happy Monday! I'm being featured today over at Once Upon A Time where I discuss how I gained followers, my favorite part of blogging, and what I'm working on.

You want to know don't you??

Well then go and check it out!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I see a trend

This week seems to be querying week. Why stop now? I know some of you haven’t even made it to this process. That’s okay. I’m not there yet. I mean, I’ve been there once but now I’m a more knowledgeable querier ready to strike again.

How does one prepare?

Well I have to assume everyone is different but here is my secret recipe.

1. Write the story

2. Revise the story (twice before sending to crit partners)

3. Ask crit partners to be nice (but secretly have them rip it to shreds – nicely)

4. Revise again

Okay so that’s the beginning. While I’m in those steps I’ve got my query perfected (in an unrealistic world) and my synopsis is gold (this is even more unrealistic). In here is where I research.

QueryTracker & Agent Query are my go to places. When I find an agent that has a cool name (yes I start out like that), a neat website, and represents my genre I put them in my YES pile. For those I like but they have a flaw (in my system) I put them in the MAYBE. And for those who don’t rep my genre they are obviously in the NO.

I’ll research my YES pile first. I’ll use publishers marketplace to see what they’ve repped. How well they’ve done, and any other goodies I can find. I read their website, see what they represent, what the agent represents. Then I search for books they’ve written.

My MAYBE pile is to see if there was something I missed. If I love their personality they’re in. But you have to start somewhere with the list.

Not every agent needs a personal touch. They’re looking for the story. I have that; the personal touch is more for me. To show I’m interested and care. That it would be an honor to partner with them.

So… what’s your method?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

In which I could be viewed as a stalker

Since we’re on the query train and it seems to be continuing this week I figured I’d make all my truths writing and query related. I think you found out yesterday a lot of my TYPE A personality… my structure, so on and so forth. But here’s the rest.

1. I am not a procrastinator. Many of you email me throughout the day so you know this. I have to have a deadline or structure. Even if it’s sitting at home for the weekend. I must know in advance. Yeah… I’m that girl.

2. I twitter like there is no tomorrow. Yes. I watch agents. I see how their moods are. If their genre choice changes. I want that query ready to go in their hands at the right moment. Sometimes it works… sometimes it doesn’t.

3. Blogger is addicting. As are the agent blogs within them. I will read entry after entry on why you’re being rejected, to the perfect query letter. They have such knowledge (because naturally they know what you want). I may have not cared at the beginning but now it’s all I think about.

4. For the love of funny. I love agent blogs who are downright hysterical… Case in point: Getting past the gatekeeper. Her honesty and funnies keep me going back for more.

5. In which I dream. Yes I dream about being agented. I’m one of those BIG believers. The one’s where the agents loves you so much they fly to see you. Hey, it’s happened before. I can at least live through someone.

So what are your truths?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chick Lit is Not Dead

I have recently come across two awesome ladies that I’m addicted to. They have blog called CHICK LIT IS NOT DEAD. Yes. They’re made of awesome. With two novels out (The D Word & I’ll Have Who She’s Having) they’re a force to be reckoned with. I hope after this interview you’ll hope over and check out their blog and their books!

Today we’re talking about the blog AND about their books. Hang on to your cocktails ladies (and gents) because it’s going to be a fabulous ride – twitter style.

All about the blog.

1. Is it easy to blog with one another? Do you each take a day? Yes! The key is to pre-schedule!
2. What made you start this blog? We believed that Chick Lit would always have an audience.
3. How do you choose what to showcase? Simple: Authors & Books that we love.

All about the writing.

4. How do you write together? We write dual narratives-each of us chooses a character to write.
5. How did you two meet? In high school, when Lisa walked into English class wearing little red glasses and overalls.
6. What was your route to publishing? A long, windy road that included more queries than we care to mention!
7. If agented how long did it take you to get agented? No agent, we went on our own with the eBook!
8. What was your favorite to write? Why? Our first: IHWSH was a lot of fun-we had no idea what we were doing!
9. How did you come up with fabulous titles? Lisa is our go-to title person!

All about the random.

10. Cupcakes or cookies? Liz-cupcakes Lisa- cupcakes
11. Knight in shining armor or Bad boy? We loved dating bad boys but married knights in shining armor (Good advice to live by, btw)
12. Flats or High Heels? Liz-high heels Lisa-flats
13. Small dog or fluffy cat? Liz-small dog Lisa- neither. Big dog!
14. Small town or big City? Liz-big city Lisa- small town
15. Caffeine of choice… Liz-Green iced tea Lisa- venti bold w/ vanilla

Aren't they just fabulous! I'm addicted to their blog and you should be too!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

With querying comes rules

I’m currently in the stages of editing but with that comes the dreaded query and synopsis. Though I say dreaded it can be fun – at the beginning. You will experience SEVERAL revisions and even then someone can pick at it until there is nothing left.

Remember this – keep your voice. Do not lose yourself in the edits.

But I’m not here to talk about how to query (for tips see my right hand sidebar). I’m here to discuss the rules, guidelines, no-no’s.

There are so many.

Every agent is different and as a writer and prepare you must put your thinking skills to the test.

Does the agent prefer a more professional approach or do they like a side of creative?

Do they like you starting with a rhetorical question or would they rather have you just dive into the fun?

Did they ask for 5 pages or 50?

Do they except you to email the query or mail it?

So many things you have to ask yourself. Querying is daunting. You must take this seriously. Would you send your resume out in a mass email? No. (If you said yes I’m surprised you were hired…).

I’m an avid QueryTracker watcher. I love to see how agents are reacting. If they’re feeling anyone’s work of if it’s not hitting the mark. I change my tactics if the agent is offering tips or telling me their tired (yes I stalk them on twitter). It helps me gauge what I should write. After all this is much as luck as it is hard work.

Here is my recent problem.

People aren’t listening. I’m reading guidelines and in the comments someone says the agent emailed to ask for the first five pages. They were elated. Problem? That was part of their initial guidelines. The reader/writer wasn’t careful. Those are marks against you. Though their interested in your work you must be interested enough in them to do your research.

It makes it harder for others who follow rules to get in the door. The agent becomes tired. Stops asking for queries all together. It’s important to follow rules. In this case, they weren’t meant to be broken.

Do you follow the rules? How do you decide who to query?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Many Monday Things

I’m being featured on Mentor Mondays. It’s a serious dose of awesome. Check it out.

But first! Before you go! Today I've put my query on the blog for the Get An Agent Blogfest. That's right... I'm being bolder (than I'd like to be)... so share your thoughts below if you see anything missing or if you'd read it!

Dear Agent,

Harper Drake didn’t think dating could be so disastrous. As a popular radio host who’s always on the look-out for something to push her sky-high ratings even higher, she accepted the challenge of dating 30 guys in 30 days and signed a contract with her best friend/editor-in-chief of the hottest magazine in town - after all, it was her idea. And okay, maybe it wasn’t such a smart idea with her recent break-up, but things couldn’t get THAT bad, right?

Hoping to iron out her dating life, and maybe even find love before her rapidly approaching thirtieth birthday, Harper dives in. But when she begins to date an obsessed dog lover, a REAL mama’s boy, her ex - Cutie on 5th, and then finds herself genuinely interested in a guy she meets on a train, she realizes she’s in way over her head. Unfortunately, there’s no turning back. If Harper knows one thing for certain, it’s that dating has never been so complicated. If only Harper could love Cutie on 5th, accept his marriage proposal, and forget about Train Hottie, life would be so much easier…

My 114,000 word light women’s fiction (or chick lit), 30 GUYS IN 30 DAYS, explores the depths of dating and how complicated love can be. It would appeal to readers of Beth Harbison’s Shoe Addicts Anonymous and Emily Giffins Something Borrowed. As for me, I live in the wild (ahem, Houston) where I tell my husband & two cats stories and maintain a popular blog titled Unedited with 1500 followers. (Something about the agent here). I would be happy to send sample chapters or the full manuscript at your request.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Friday, July 15, 2011

HP Week - And so it's the end

Shh. I’m sleeping. Seriously. Unless you participated in the awesome last night then you have no idea the EPICNESS you missed out on.

If you went please spill the awesome. When I wake we will have a Potter conversation.

Here’s my advice: Make things right.

If you’re still clueless use the pictures below for guidance.

*images found on Google

*snuggles with hubby* *nestles herself under the covers*
See you next week.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

HP Week - Truths about Harry Potter

Okay so I’m not going to reveal anything special about Harry Potter, after all Thursdays are for me. I’m the one that shares the truths. That’s how I roll. So here are the truths of my addictions.

1. If I could be a fourth wheel with Ron, Harry, and Hermoine I would do so. In an instant. Leave my husband behind?? Hell, he’d expect it.

2. When stuck in traffic my husband and I express the need for apparation skills. That’s right… we would like to apparate and forgo sitting in our cars waiting for the two grain trucks who hit one another to move their asses.

3. Wanna be invisible? I do… for my secret detective skills I want the invisibility cloak dammit. Do you know how helpful that would be? Send on over JK Rowling I want to have the one and only.

4. I want wizarding powers. How is it that Molly Weasley can magically wash dishes and clean the house but can’t afford a nice one? Isn’t magic meant to be misused! Bring me on the pool and outdoor patio space baby… I’m looking to live large.

5. Forget regular candy I want some bertie’s bots and chocolate frogs. I want the love potion and maps of schools for easier skipping. Where was this when I was in school?
What do you want from the wizarding world? Good news is that though I can’t apparate I’ll still get to experience the world of Harry Potter as I take a PLANE (Yes… muggle transporation) to go to the Wizarding World come November. You know you’re jealous.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

HP Week - Why Snape is misunderstood

Fair warning my sparkly besties there are SPOILERS ahead. If you move forward, move with extreme caution. I will not warn you again.

This is your last chance.

I’m warning you.

The secrets will be revealed.

Snape kills Harry Potter.

*giggles erupt* *falls on the floor* *giggles* *picks self up halfway to the couch* *giggles more*

That’s what you get for not reading the book. No. I won’t apologize.

But seriously there are still potential SPOILERS ahead.

Enough messing around. Moving forward I should clarify something (I’m still not apologizing you should have read the book). If you read the books BEFORE the movies the beginning will seem shaky. Meaning most of you probably HATED Snape. I however watched the first movie and when I saw Alan Rickman it was all over for me (he's awesome).

He’s got a badass reputation. He favors Slytherin – especially Malfoy. He’s part of the Dark Lord’s team (or so one thinks), and hates EVERYTHING related to Harry Potter (unless we’re referring to his mother).

Why is he misunderstood then?

Because he’s badass. Every girl wants the bad boy and Snape fits the bill. He fell in love with the wrong girl. She didn’t love him. It’s a hard pill to swallow when your arch nemsis walks away with your girl and then produces a child all before they get themselves blown up. Not exactly the coolest. ESPECIALLY when you’re told that you have to PROTECT the boy from harm.

If I were Snape I would have asked “Is this a joke? Am I getting Punk’d?”

But no. He didn’t. Instead he watched Harry Potter (aka James) roam through the halls and protected him ONLY when ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Of course it gets a little fuzzy when Dumbledore dies (you should have watched PT 1 and you would have known already. Blame yourself). He turns to the dark side (sort of… I think I would have too to save myself – I could be a coward… I don’t know) but in the end you’ll find that he really was just misunderstood.

His life story says it all.

Boy starts off misunderstood. Falls in love. Gets denied. Goes on misunderstood. Gets a job at place where he’s misunderstood. Never gets the position he wants. Goes throughout life misunderstood. Has to teach the boy he hates. Still misunderstood. Has to kill someone he doesn’t want to. Ends up misunderstood.

Oh and then Harry names a kid after him.

See… Misunderstood. So what’s your take?

For all my other Snape lovers out there:
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Melissa Sarno
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HP Week - So you wanna be accepted

Are you curious about Pottermore? Well I’ve figured it out.

JK Rowling has been hiding the Wizarding world from us. Now she’s read to open the gates to just a few and let everyone else watch online (Big Brother style).

Are you an avid fan? Do you know the essentials needed for first years?

Best get on the train and head to Diagon Alley because if you want a shot on getting inside you’re going to need supplies. What? You think I’m wrong about Pottermore? Your loss. One less person I’ve got to fight for a spot in McGonagalls transfiguration class.

First, be yourself. She’s already met Harry, Hermione, and Ron. She doesn’t want you to paint a scar on your face, add some glasses, or wear hand-me down robes. That is NOT how you’re going to get inside.

I plan on making my dress robes bad ass. Put a little zebra on the inside? Hell yeah. On the outside it looks school efficient… on the inside, everyone will know you’re the life of the party.

Here’s a list of regular supplies (cuz I’m nice like that).

Three Sets of Plain Work Robes (Black)
One Plain Pointed Hat (Black) for day wear
One Pair of Protective Gloves (dragon hide or similar)
One Winter Cloak (Black, silver fastenings)
Please note that all student's clothes should carry name-tags.

The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1) by Miranda Goshawk
A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot
Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling
A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch
One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore
Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander
The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble

Other Equipment
1 Wand
1 Cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)
1 set of glass or crystal phials
1 telescope
1 set of brass scales
Students may also bring an Owl OR a Cat OR a Toad.

So… what are you going to do to get your foot in the door? How are you standing out?

I know they’ve got a spot:
Laurel Garver
Michael Di Gesu
Abby Minard
Melissa Sarno
Renae Mercado
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Monday, July 11, 2011

HP Week - In which I rhyme... or don't

The train stops at 9 ¾

The whistle sounds
The birds chirp
Children with their wands and robes board the train
This is the real adventure
Boats for first years to search the grounds
We’re grown now
This is the last stop
Where does one go from here
What will your wizard career be
Voldemort must be beaten first
Can Harry do it
Will he do it alone
The wind blows
The schools barricaded
Voldemort seeks vengeance
Harry seeks freedom
Wizards everywhere pray for victory
Does he have the ability to kill Voldemort
PART TWO tells the end
Are you ready?

Why did I write a poem? Short answer – because I’m an idiot. Real reason – it’s a blogfest over at Writing With Shelly that I thought was worth participating in (until I started writing it). Don’t worry I’m not entering into a poetry contest. I believe just like art it’s all subjective but this just sucks. I know. So be kind. Don’t disappear from my blog because of ONE BAD post.

REGARDLESS THIS IS HARRY POTTER WEEK! Ride on a Hypogriff or grab the nearest Thestral and ride into Hogwarts with us. With the release just around the corner everyone bring out their wizard ways and let’s make magic together.

Here are my Hogwarts besties (check out their Harry Potter posts – much better than mine today) – Michael Di Gesu, Laurel Garver, Renae Mercado, Colene Murphy, Abby Minard, AND Melissa Sarno. Join us on our journey through the end of Harry Potter.

Author note: this week is dedicated to Harry Potter – if you hadn’t noticed. Next week we’ll be back to normal. This week is all about the fan and her addiction.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Childrens Books? Thats questionable...

I work with awesome people. When I thought I didn't have anything fun planned for todays blog post they helped me out (last week) and brought in some fun books that had me laughing.

It's up to you to decide if you want to consider them children's books or not... but I'd say it's questionable.

My personal favorite: All my friends are dead (IT WAS HILARIOUS).

What's your favorite?

IN PROPER NEWS: Tera Lynn Childs will be at Blue Willow Bookshop this evening. I'm very excited. If you're in Houston you better come by. She's brilliant!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pen thiefs beware

Woohoo! Another installment of Truth Thursdays. I know, exciting stuff. You can't stay away. My honesty amazes you. I know. It hurts to be this awesome (not really, it's awesome).

Before you bask in my awesomeness I wanted to let you know I'm over at Laurel's Leaves doing a HARRY POTTER POST! Next week will be dedicated to HP but that's not before my latest article in the Thestral Gazette - Snape's Secret Admirer. Do check it out :)

1. There was a pen thief in the office (allegedly - I was the one accusing said someone). I couldn't find my lawyer pen (hey... sometimes the best pens are weird ones). Turns out the damn pen was in my sweater pocket the whole time. It just wanted me to find a new favorite - which I did.
2. What is in a name? When I'm struggling with character names I go old school. That's right my local phone books is where it's at. Who needs baby name websites (they take forever to load). My main problem - too many old people's names (sorry harvey).
3. I have a cookie obsession (it's worse than my cupcake one) I make one to many cookies (okay like six extra) claiming my husband might want some. I really make them all for myself (and yes... i eat all that I make).
4. I'm jealous of my cat. I'm also jealous of my husband. They have this cosmic connection. My cat will disown me to be close to my husband. They both get more time together than I get with either one of them. Boo. Boo.
5. I love hearing good news. People getting published. People getting agented. People being featured on websites. Yea. I love awesomeness.

What are you going to share today?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When One Night Isn't Enough

It's been too long but I've decided to have Wendy Marcus on my blog. A guest blog/twitter interview. Let the fun begin!

Hi Jen!

Thank you so much for hosting me on the 16th stop of my blog tour to promote my debut Harlequin Medical Romance, WHEN ONE NIGHT ISN’T ENOUGH.

Here we go!

1. Why Contemporary and Medical Romance? I like to read and write hot, fast-paced modern romance with believable characters. And medical because I write what I know.

2. Do you work in the medical field? Yes. I’m a nurse. Not practicing at present. And I swear I never had sex while on duty. Well…no. That didn’t count.

3. Did you choose agent route or small publishing house? Got my agent via Brenda Novak’s auction and my editor (Harlequin) through a contest. Same week. But also had tried for some small pubs.

4. Will your book be sold in stores in the US? Will be sold in stores in UK/Aus/NZ. (Please send pictures.) Online in the U.S. and France.

5. Why did you decide to go more online? Harlequin decided. Medical romance is sold only online in the US. Paperback and e-book. I love my Kindle!

6. How do you pick your character names? At first Jared was Ted. My first reader hated Ted. Ali – I liked the name. Then I Googled first/last combinations to avoid real names.

7. Any dating disasters? In 140 characters? I’ll just say: Drive in movie. Boones Farm Tickled Pink. Hot car. Open window. Garden hose. Angry parents.

8. Plans on promoting your novel? 30 stop blog tour. (TY for hosting me!) Bookmarks. Pens. Social networking. Donation of body parts if necessary. (JK)

9. How long have you been writing? Since nursery school. (I couldn’t resist. Sorry.) For publication? 4 years.

Fun & Random Questions

1. Beach or Lake – I love ocean waves and tranquil lakes but Jaws ruined me for swimming anywhere I can’t see below me. I pick pools! Preferably In the dark.

2. Bear or Lion – As an entrĂ©e? Rug? Accessory? Winter coat lining? I pick lion because I loved The Lion King.

3. Belle or Ariel (yes we’re talking fairytales) – Ariel! She wouldn’t be scared of Jaws, and she can work a pair of shells.

4. Kiss on the first date – Heck yeah! How else can I guarantee a second date? Sometimes my characters do a lot more than kiss ;)

5. Best read of 2010 – You’re killing me. Just one? Seriously? Maybe…Victoria Dahl’s A Little Bit Wild.

6. Caffeine of choice – Dark chocolate. I drink coffee rarely and only with a shot of Bailys in it.

7. Favorite food – Shellfish. Prepared by someone else. No snails or oysters – even with yummy sauces and French names.

8. Best date night - Candlelit dinner. Wine. Sex. Not necessarily in that order.

Now to catch all the fun! Here are some details!

Read an excerpt from WHEN ONE NIGHT ISN'T ENOUGH.

Want to buy it? YES YOU DO. Find it here:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Mills and Boon AUS

To continue the awesome:


So what's your experience with medical romance? Have you ever heard of them before? Have you ever read one? What did you think? Would you be willing to make mine your first? Do you watch medical drama on television? If so, what's your favorite show? One lucky commentor will win at copy of the 2in1 UK edition of my book which includes a complete novel by Janice Lynn!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Know your path

I've been reading around the blogosphere (I'm an avid lurker) about people having to make big decisions.

Do I go with self-publishing?

Am I meant to work with a small publisher?
Is agenthood right for me? Am I cut out for the big boys?

It is tough to know what works for you. Defeat sets in with all those rejections. You see your friends get agented but you get passed by. Does it mean you suck? Were you supposed to support those around you and forget your own dream?

NO way.

Some love agenthood (I hope to be there one day). A business partner whose been through the crazy hell of revisions and the publishing world. They're your back up. Some people want that. I know I do.

Some love self-publishing. It gives them there own schedule. Their own opportunties. It's a lot of work but those are a dedicated bunch of people. For that I remain impressed.

Some love a small publishing house. The interaction and support between all of them is endearing in perfect. The ability to have more of a connection with the publishing house rather than the agent.

We all have to find what's right for us. Number one thing - Go with your gut. Seriously. It's not lying to you. DO NOT RUSH because you want to be published. Analyze your novel, analyze who you are, analyze the end goal. Take the time to be right.

What's right for you?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Four Ways to Awesome

Happy Fourth! Yes today I'm enjoying a day off with family and friends. We're going to my Aunt's house where swimming, good food, and a whole lot of laughter will take place.

So  let's make this post simple!

I decided in lieu of the fourth I'd name four ways to awesome... feel free to add your own four or just keep adding to my list. (I'm cool with either one).

1. Be Yourself. Yeah that's right. We're not in High School anymore. No one judges you (okay they still do, now you don't give a crap). Be yourself it's what makes you badass. It also gains you real friends.

2. Cupcakes a must. If you want to keep friends always have a snack nearby. That's not friendship? What the heck do you know? Get off my blog. Food makes friendship better.

3. Share. Tell a crazy ass story to your friend. It makes them stick around longer. If they can last past your badass tales (not lies) they're a keeper.

4. Be funny. People like to laugh. If you can't bring it you don't belong. I'm just saying if you want to be awesome you gotta be funny. It's like a requirement.

That's how to be awesome. What are your ways to be awesome?

Friday, July 1, 2011

To be or not to be...

That is NOT the question. I really just wanted to see if you were paying attention to me. Which you are. Because you think I’m awesome. I know, I know. I’m sweet about it. I don’t let it go to my head.

Today is Fun Facts Friday.

No this is not going to be a regular segment. This is just me at a loss of ideas so we’re going to play it safe and learn some fun facts about writers… that’s right… I’m talking about you. But first we’ll dive in to some of our favorites – my favorites.

ME (I’m my own favorite)

I thought my husband (boyfriend at the time) had watched his friend get murdered and the gold necklace he wore around his neck was the only thing left behind when he passed. This went on for two years until I asked him about it. Turns out it was a dream I’d had and never thought otherwise. I never suspected my husband of being guilty I only felt bad that he didn’t trust me enough to talk about. – I should have known I’d be a writer.

When asked my favorite color I respond with Orange. The reason behind it is because I can never decide on red or yellow and when mixed together they create a great combination.

Emily Giffin

Never been on a roller coaster.

Calls her violin a fiddle.

Note - Okay so this was supposed to be much more exciting but after my frustrating stint with Google I ended up with myself (which wasn’t Googled) and Emily Giffin.

So now it’s your turn. Share fun facts about yourself and if you’re feeling daring about another author!!