Monday, January 31, 2011

The roller coaster of writing and Winnerz

I did a big Oops. I forgot to mention the winners of the for the love of gifts giveaway. So let's not keep you waiting:

Leigh T. Moore & Talli Roland!!!!

I've notified them and I'll be sending their gifts out soon!!

I'm also being interviewed today at Alexia's! Be sure to stop and say hi!

So I hit send this wekened. My manuscript is now in email land and soon into an editor's hand (possibly more than one).

It's both terrifying and liberating.

It got me thinking. We are on one hell of a roller coaster. As writer's we put ourselves through a lot of emotion. At the beginning you write said novel. You get stuck. You complete manuscript. You celebrate. You realize agents will hate it if they see it now. So you revise. Several times. You then dream of being on the NY Times Bestseller list. You send your MS out. Feeling confident. You're rejected. You cry your eyes out. You resend (not as confident). They request a full. You cry as you celebrate. They say yes.

Just when you think you've done it that's only the beginning. The getting in part. Once you're in there is more work to be done. As a writer we prepare ourselves for this roller coaster as best as we know how.

We're in it for the long haul. United we stand as writers. So what part of the ride are you on?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Special Announcement!

Blue Willow Bookshop is at it again!!!

There is an upcoming author even for anyone in the Houston area and I really think you'd be a FOOL to miss this!!!

Lauren Oliver is in town for Delirium!

Thursday, February 3rd

7 p.m.

To meet the author and grab yourself a signed copy of Delirium just be sure to purchase a copy of Delirium at Blue Willow Bookshop!

They are the sweetest people around! For more upcoming author events just hit the Blue Willow tab on my blog!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

What people read...

People write them. People read them. And people question them.

How to be a reasonably Thing Teenage Girl (yeah, that's exacty what teen girls should be thinking about).

Strange Nervous Laughter (with a side of eggs).

What's your poo telling you? (Something all of us should be researching, I hate it's taken me this long).

Knitting with Dog Hair (seriously, I'm grossed out).

Cyber Sex for Dummies (glad that's cleared up, now I know they aren't one in the same).

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hot on Thursdays

Erica & Christy (visit the other entrants) had a fabulous blogfest and I had to join in. The rules were simple, share the mug you love to drink out of most. Here's the thing, I'm not one that regularly drinks hot cocoa, hot apple cider, or hot coffee. However, I am one that when the seasons come around (known as fall & winter people) I love to visit the apple orchards for the best cinnamon apple cider money can buy... and this is what it looks like.

Who needs a mug when you have an apple?! Thanks girls for the fabulous blogfest idea... and now, because I can't help myself, here are this weeks truths.

1. I find The Bachelor crazy addictive. Last week psycho Michelle wakes up with a black eye (I swear she did it to herself).
2. I finished my manuscript Monday. How did I celebrate? Baked cookies, watched the Bachelor and picked up Wake by Lisa McMann (classy isn't it?).
3. I'm a bad blogger. Apparently I am not able to write, read, and blog all at the same time. It makes me crazy. (I just realized I'm not super woman - I was disappointed).
4. I don't trust Dr. Drew. Anyone who visits The Bachelor and Teen Mom to give advice is a little shady (no offense Dr. Drew - you could be fo reals for all I know).
5. I fell into the trap of American Idol. Steven Tyler is ridiculous (and awesome). Jennifer Lopez seems a little too nice (not sure if it's a show or not), and Randy Jackson... why is he still around (oh thats right, they're still paying him).

Well it looks like TV was on the brainwaves this week. Care to add your thoughts?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge

Last April Arlee Bird set up a magnificent blogfest. I was so excited to hear the was planning to enjoy the fun once again! This time a few extras are going to help out to make this the best blogging challenge around!

Talli Roland, Alex Cavanaugh, Arlee Bird, and Myself.

It's simple. There are 26 letters in the alphabet. There are 26 days in April (if you take out Sundays). You would blog Monday - Saturday writing a blogpost with the appropriate letter for that day. April 1 - A, April 2 - B, etc., etc.

So you wanna join in the fun (you know you do)? Join the link and grab a badge because April is going to be the time of your life!!!

A-Z Blogging Challenge will take over the blog! As a blogfest participant in the past I know how easy it is to forget to sign up so I will be sure to give you all warning before the first post begins. So don't hesitate to sign up now! You don't want to miss this!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Killing characters (sort of)

Just want to share something very quickly: I've been a bad blogger. Though you see my posts I know you don't see my comments. I hope to be back after some intense editing. Just know I'm still here and miss you all!!!

Now onto killing characters...

I've been having trouble with my characters lately. It seems they've given up on me. I don't let it bother me. I cope. However I figured you might like to know the evil things I do to keep them from me.

When characters stop talking to you...

1. Create a fighting scene (something you character wouldn't like to be involved it. When they're whining they're talking. It's better than nothing).
2. Threaten to replace them (main characters don't fall easily to this one. That hasn't stopped me. If the main character isn't working they don't get the hot spot.)
3. Killing them off (again the main character will play you. The good thing is they're still talking. It works. The jokes on them.)
4. Give them caffiene (this is used after the not-so-positive approaches don't work. Shove a latte in their face they'll spill).
5. Allow time for good TV (your MC may want to watch Pretty Little Liars, don't deprive them).

So there you are. Next time your main character stops talking tell them Jen came up with awesome ideas. There's no way they'll defeat you.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Romancing the Romantic

Sondrae Bennett is a wonderful blogger and friend! Today she's here guest blogging on why she chose Romance! Her novel Arctic Winds has just been released!

Thanks so much for having me Jen!

I get a lot of questions about why I chose to write romance. The truth is I didn’t
choose romance, it chose me.

My fascination with the genre started at an early age. Strung out on pain killers after getting my wisdom teeth removed, my mom, probably tired of me complaining I was bored, handed me the book she had just finished. I still remember it to this day. In fact I think I still have it somewhere. It was a Nora Roberts romance, and I was hooked. I finished it in two days and demanded more. I gobbled down any romance I could find, falling in love with authors such as Julia Quinn, Johanna Lindsey, and Kathleen E. Woodiwiss.

There was nothing as magical as picking up a book and immersing myself in the story. I put myself in the place of the heroine. I saw the castles she rode up to and felt her fear as she was captured. I fell in love with the heroes, and cursed the day I reached the last page because I knew my adventure was over. At least until I picked up my next book and fell in love all over again.

It wasn’t until college that I started reading paranormals. I don’t know why it took me so long. I’d been reading fantasy and horror novels before discovering romance. So looking back, I’m surprised I didn’t merge the two together earlier. But once again, I was hooked.

When I first started writing, I was all over the place. I rarely finished what I started and honestly never intended it to be more than a hobby. At least, not until I saw a romance short story contest. The winner would be published as part of an anthology and I knew I had to try. I guess I’d always had the writing dream, I just never thought I could do it, so I’d hidden it away. But once I let myself believe it was possible, there was no going back.

I never did enter the contest. The story I started quickly outgrew the guidelines but I fell in love with my characters and with their story. I had to finish. What I started that day would later become the first draft of my book, ‘Arctic Winds’ and what I hope will be a long career writing the stories I always dreamed of. When I finished that first draft, I knew I had something special. I felt not just a desire, but a need to share the tale with other romance lovers.

I realize now why I was never able to finish my stories. It wasn’t until a contest forced me to sit down and write what I love, romance, that I was able to do it. It’s so important to write with passion and love. So when people ask me why I write romance, I tell them that I love falling in love.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Significant Other Blogfest!!!

Talli Roland and DL Hammons have really out done themselves this round with The significant other blog fest (make sure to check out the other entrants!). They were smart to ask us to ask someone special in our live's to share the light on what it's like to be married/related to a writer.

I'm so glad that my husband said yes. He's amazing, and this is why I love him.

The @$#% My Wife Says…

“You know how I told you…” This is the opening to a conversation that my wife is going to have with herself, that I am going to be privileged to listen to for the next 20 minutes. It doesn’t matter if I was present for the last idea she had, all that matters is we are deviating or building from the last conversation she had with a character in her head. These 20 minutes are a glimpse into her mind. This is when I am glad that I speak her language, “Jen”.

“Oh, nothing, I just had an idea…” Jen’s response to me when I ask what she is thinking when she looks like she is a thousand miles away. The next 15 minutes are spent in a monologue (occasional pauses for my “uh-huh” or “yeah” while she catches her breath) telling me about an idea as it is still growing. It’s a little (not a little, it is) all over the place. I usually get lost in the middle but she’ll get me caught up by the end. She goes from deep in thought to overly excited in matter of minutes.

“Sorry, I talked so much…” she ends nearly every conversation over 15 minutes this way. What she doesn’t know, even when I tell her, is I really enjoyed hearing what is going on in her mind. The conversations, and thoughts she has in her head aren’t a part of my life until she lets me in. The crazy dreams, the constant writing down of ideas, the emotional roller coaster I get all that, so I’m glad to be a part of the inner workings as well.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm not gonna lie

Who lies on truth thursdays?

This is the day to be true to thy self and not be responsible for the information shared. We are in the trust/safety circle.

1. I ate pizza every day last week. (Don't judge, cooking has never been my speciality and pizza is cheap).
2. I'm a lush addict. A new development. It's a store that sells bath bombs (who wouldn't want to shop there). Seriously. Visit a store nearest you, they will rock your bath time.
3. I love glassware. I'm weird (what's new). Small, medium, large, champage flutes, wine glasses, coffee cups. You name it, I own it. If I had more room I'd own more.
4. When I'm sad I love to watch The Princess Diaries. There is just something about watching Anne Hathway playing an 'ugly' girl getting the gift of a lifetime. I suppose I hope that on my bad days I'll become a princess (fat chance).
5. I love belini's (peach, to be exact). Thanks to blogger buddy Meredith I found a new favorite at Veneto Italian Grill in town.

Truth Thursdays is like my own form of crack. It allows me to vent my frustrations, share my truths, and be free of judgement. Now it's your turn to share the ugly. Go in... it feels good.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dreaming works

Author note: Two days ago I got a very special emailing of a publishing house requesting my full MS! I'm elated, overjoyed, ecstatic, and superstitious (as Jess now knows). I'm sure she will be sweet and keep my blonde moments private. After all what is said on gmail chat, stays on gmail chat.

Now to the post...

You're allowed to dream.

Some people tell you to be realistic but if you are ever feeling lost or stuck dreaming is the best way to cope. Here are ways to cope while in a rut. Who knows, this book could be the next Harry Potter (unlikely, but a good example for dreaming).

Fairytales can't always have happy endings. Everyone loves the original to Beauty & The Beast, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid but change is good. Open up that blank document and make your own fairytale.

A used idea isn't stealing. So what if you borrow your favorite authors story. Rome wasn't built in a day. Use a template (wizarding world) and add your own little twists (sparkly vampires) they can't say it isn't original.

Snooki isn't the only published idiot. No. I'm not calling you an idiot. In Snooki's case it pays to know people. Join a reality tv show, be a begger on the side of the road in LA, attend acting classes in New York. Be a Snooki - Get a book.

Help no one. The more time you spend helping people the better chances they're doing getting published. You're not here to give hand-outs, you're here to get them. Ask for interviews, make random calls to important people. Get your name out there, be a pain. It sells books.

Author Note: Readers views are open for discussion. These options may or may not be helpful in the publishing industry. Consult someone who knows more for real advice.

Author Note.Note: This was supposed to be funny (I know... apparently I'm a little low). Seriously don't take this information seriously. This is what I would call bad advice (half bad).

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Panini Please...

I'm going to Paris.


Yeah. In my head.

So I read Anna and the French Kiss.

If you haven't, do it now. Seriously. It's addicting. Captivating. Guaranteed to Rock.Your.World.

After reading it I craved three things.

Romance (check. My husband is amazing)
A trip to Paris (Travelocity in my future)
A freakin' Panini (the way Stephanie Perkins describes it has me on the next flight to Paris)

The romance is the only thing I'm getting this round. I was happy to see that I could visit Paris (for 2) for around 5K which isn't completely out of the question. As for the panini, that craving can be filled. It just won't be like Anna's.

Do you experience this? Reading a book so powerful you want to visit that place to continue to experience the moments (or make moments of your own)? Where are you dying to go?

Monday, January 17, 2011

rocking YOUR world

So I found something awesome. A serious dose of awesome. It's going to rock YOUR world (so keep reading).
Here's the thing. When I find awesome I have to share.

So... this is me sharing.

100 words or $100 Blog fest. Elena Solodow's (over at You're Write. Except when you're Rong) brilliant plan to get us writers to shed some major wordage for some major dough.

She's a kick ass blogger. Her personality and sarcasm (and kick ass vlogs) leaves me satisfied with every post. If you don't know her you need to change that and fast!

For now I leave you with my 100 words for the fun competition. Enjoy :)

I stood in front of the mirror, staring at myself, the train laid delicately along the wood flooring, the perfect shade of white, a splash of color with the sapphire ring and necklace, my hair made up of messy curls underneath the handmade veil, everything ruined so quickly, mascara running down my cheeks, bridesmaids in a panic and all the parents hollering back at who’s to blame; I find a bench right outside my dressing room, it wasn’t supposed to be like this, we were supposed to be married, instead he left me to clean up what was supposed to be our wedding day.

Friday, January 14, 2011

McMahon Madness!

Contest links down at the bottom today :)

Let's talk about Shannon McMahon a fabulous blogger (a badass far away friend) for several reasons. But I'm here to talk about one reason in particular...

Annonymous Critiques!

Fun facts about Shannon (cuz this will entice you even more to stop for a visit)...

1. Who is Shannon?
Ack! This sounds like an interview question! Last year during an interview I answered “use three words to describe you?” with, “direct, tenacious and…goofy.” Yup. I used GOOFY to describe myself during a job interview. Loyal? Hardworking? Pfft…who needs those adjectives when there’s “goofy.” /smack head.

I’m a California transplant living in Southern Maine with Michael, the love of my life. When not working, I’m either writing, consuming copious amounts of wine, experimenting in the kitchen, or exploring the area.

2. Give us one random and unnecessary fact about yourself.
I’m pretty sure some part of my brain is convinced that my life is a musical. I break into song, making them up as I go along. There’s the “I am so bored” song, the “have you seen my glasses” song, and “I love Michael more than chocolate” song. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if I could carry a tune.

3. Why did you come up with free critique sessions? Did you pose as Annonymous for one?
Not too long ago I handed my manuscript over to my new CP. The moment I sent her my pages, I became an absolute wreck. I fretted over my decision until self doubt poured a cup of coffee and made himself at home. What if my writing is too clunky? What if my dialog feels forced? What if my characters are flat? What if the story is boring? What if I’m just not good enough?

I beat myself up most of the day until I finally got an email from her, telling me that she absolutely loved it. I raised an eyebrow. Oh really now? Loved it, huh? Was she being honest? How could I be sure? What if she just didn’t want to hurt my feelings? What if she was just trying to be NICE?

Ha. Welcome to my neurotic mind.

I decided that if I felt this way about sharing my work, other writers must, too and BAM! The Anonymous Critique solution was born.
I haven’t submitted any of my own writing (yet).

4. What world of writing do you hail from (aka genre)?
Young Adult

Fun & Random Facts:

What you couldn't live without
1. Cable or Internet - Internet
2. Home phone or Cell phone - Home
3. Soda or Coffee - Coffee
4. Music or Television - Music

Sweet Tooth
1. Sweet or Salty- Both!
2. Favorite treat – Pretzel M&M’s
3. Best snack hour – 9:00pm

Who would win
1. Bear or Mountain Lion – Da bear
2. Dragon or Dinosaur – Dragons breathe fire. F-i-r-e!
3. Cat or Dog – Cat
4. Pirate or Ninja – Pirates. Wenches, gold, and rum = win

Book & TV Power
1. Fav Author - William Shakespeare
2. Fav Read - I can’t possibly pick one
3. Fav Character- Claudia from Interview with a Vampire
4. Fav TV Show - Survivor
5. Fav Actor/Actress - Hugh Jackman

Isn't she awesome?! Like seriously?! Go and enjoy her blog and the critiques!

cOnTeSt ReMiNdErS:
For the love of Gifts Giveaway - contest closes Jan 19th. Get your name in now!
A.B. Keuser - Serious awesome contest! Her book (cover to die for) up for grabs!
Cristina - Water for Elephants Giveaway!
Elena - $100 for 100 words blogfest (I haven't forgot! I still need to do mine! Ah!)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Truth Thursday's!

You know. That day where everyone tells the truth no matter how insane it is. Yes. I command you (okay so not really) but I hope that you feel we are in the circle of trust. What you say doesn't leave this blog (unless it's laugh out loud funny... then I tell my husband. But that's it. Okay so maybe my cats too).

Share something about yourself. Something that's only true today, was last week, or always has been.

1. I have a Tuesday outfit. Not a Monday, Wednesday - Sunday outfit schedule. Just a Tuesday. I can't explain it but when it's dirty I'm very upset. (long live Tuesday outfit day!)
2. I laugh in my sleep. You knew I was weird already don't start running and screaming away now (actually do that, makes for a better story). I have woken myself up from a severe case of the giggles.
3. I have trouble choosing what to eat for breakfast. It must drive my husband crazy, though he never says anything (he's sweet like that). One day it might be muffins, the next cinnamon toast. Regardless whatever it is I want we won't have. Guaranteed.
4. I like cheap fruit snacks. Kellogs and Betty Crocker step aside because Wal-mart is top dog in this neck of the woods (really it has to do with humidity... guess the cheap ones are harder to begin with so don't soften as quickly).
5. I wear leopard slippers around the house. I like how cozy they make me feel. (don't judge).

So... I shared... now it's your turn!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WiP Wednesday

This week is crazy over at Jules week! The fabulous Ashley is hosting an intersting blog crawl. Stop by Jules to see!

I haven't done these in forever (WiP Wednesday I mean)! I adore them! They are my favorite posts to read of others (confession: only when they're short - don't worry. I follow my own rules - this time).

So here is something from my latest 2011 piece - It's Untitled.

He kissed me, the soft touch of his lips left butterflies in my stomach. I kept my eyes closed. If I opened them everything would go back to normal. His fingers ran through my hair, I gasped. My eyes opened and he was gone.

The butterflies fluttered away. I was left with nothing but emptiness. Sitting up against the backboard pulling my legs together and wrapping my arms tightly around me. My salty tears fell across my cheeks. I wanted to forget Carson but it wasn't that easy.

There you have it... So what are you working on?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Twist

EPIC NEWS (clarification: This is Epic news for me. It should be for you too, but some might disagree - you can go elsewhere if that's the case)! Candyland is doing a special guest post over at my blog Jules and the Stars.


Four Words: Matt Brady & Candyland (& counts as a word)

So after you're done checking out Jules place you can decide which of these tickels your fancy (who says that?).

First Sentences
1. My sister Justine always believed that the best way to deal with your fear of the dark is to pretend it's really light.
2. An hour before Azalea's first ball began, she paced the ballroom floor, tracing her toes in a waltz.
3. I woke up in a dingy claw-foot bathtub in an unfamiliar pink-tiled bathroom.

Secret Reveal
1. Door #1
2. Door #2
3. Door #3

I hope you love these as much as I do. This week personally I loved all the beginning sentences (as did my cat who is currently laying on top of #3).

Monday, January 10, 2011

Too Much Love... Giveaway

Real Quick - I'm being featured over at Lisa Green's blog for Monday Madness! Check it out (after you check out this badass interview)!

Happy Monday! Today I’m helping out a fellow blogger of ours!!! Lisa Boswell! She has the blog In Pencil (it’s super cute – stop by). She and her husband Ben have written a self-published an e-book titled Too Much Love, Too Much Discipline: The Perfect Mix for Changing Your Defiant Child’s Behavior & Restoring Peace & Harmony to Your Life & Family.

She has decided to give away 5 copies of her book for a review and to provide hope to families. If you or someone you know could benefit this book please let me know you’d like a copy! I think this is beneficial for any type of parent.

1. What made you decide to write this book?

Before my husband, Ben, started medical school, he worked as a Behavioral Specialist (think Super Nanny with a master’s degree and more formal training) and a Child and Family Therapist. He helped hundreds of families change their children’s behavior using the method now available to all parents in Too Much Love, Too Much Discipline…It had long been his dream to put his method into a book, but it was hard to find the time. However, when his medical career took us to London in 2009, and my work opportunities proved to be limited, I picked up the project and completed his vision.

2. How did you and your husband decide to write the book together? Was it difficult?

It was difficult at first, but we eventually hit a nice stride. We bought a digital recording program and Ben would spend his weekends putting his ideas onto tapes. I would then take the tapes and transform them into the content of the book. At the end of the week, Ben would then review everything and recommend any changes that needed to be made.

3. What was your reasoning for choosing self-publishing?

The searing memory of TLC’s (the R&B group) Behind the Music special from back in the day. Seriously. If ever there was a cautionary tale for protecting what you create, it would be TLC’s well-known story of bankruptcy despite a chart-topping career…You need to smart about what you are willing to sign away, and our research showed that- John Grisham and JK Rowling aside- it’s often the retailer, publisher, and agent who often stand to make the most from a traditional publishing contract. Yet the game has changed in recent times, and large royalties are now a possibility for any author willing to go it alone (it’s not that hard, I promise- you can do it!) ….To quote the great chef and businessman Joe Bastianich, “Art without commerce is simply a hobby”.

4. Do you have plans to write more?

During many long revision sessions I swore this book would be our first and last. Yet I’m also a believer in never saying never.

Fun & Random Facts
Summer or Winter: Summer
Favorite Read: Anything by Augusten Burroughs
Favorite TV Show: Mad Men
Tea or Coffee: Coffee
Bear or Lion: I’m a Leo, so I have to go with lion.
Thank you, Jen, for allowing me this opportunity- who needs Oprah when I have you. Your kindness is inspiring.

Be sure to visit Lisa's fabulous blog! I cannot believe how awesome she is and what an amazing feet her and her husband have taken toward publishing. These two are an inspiration and well worth a visit! So drop your name below for a chance to win!!! I think it's so neat how she helped complete a story for all to read!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Signs you are Query Worthy

Well what do you think?! I worked really hard last night rearranging all my tabs, getting myself a snazzy new banner and pimping out the overall blog! Must Haves shows you the 2011 debut authors and sequels coming out! And other funness! Seriously check it out! I worked hard and think it rocks.

Now to the real deal... the blog post.

Signs you are Query Worthy.

1. You wake up and decide you want to be a writer.
2. You tell your friends.
3. You decide to write a book.
4. You realize it sucks and hit delete.
5. You blog and find friends.
6. Your friends tell you to write again.
7. You write, it sucks.
8. Your friends tell you not to give up.
9. This time, you don't hit delete.
10. You revise.
11. Your revising skills are weak so you ship to willing friends.
12. They send it back.
13. You cry. All you can see is red ink.
14. You fix mistakes.
15. You blog. Your friends encourage you to keep going.
16. You revise again.
17. You research agents.
18. You send to critique buddies again.
19. You cry. All you can see is red ink.
20. You fix mistakes.
21. You made it to level two.
22. You write your query.
23. Repeat steps 6 - 20.
24. Send out query.
25. Get request rejected.
26. Cry and send out more.
27. Recieve Partial.
28. Wait.

Querying... never easy. Are you ready? Hows the process for you?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Habits die hard

So we're already in week one and my - blog M-W-F - deal isn't working out so well.

Apparently I'm more addicted than I was ever willing to admit. (Hey, it happens).

Truths (I hear it's one of your favorites):
1. In the Mind of a Celebrity Stalker (my current wip) has sort of turned me into a journaling celebrity freak. (See Jules and the Stars for example). You see, when I write her I can't stop. It's like it's me. Creeps me out sometimes.
2. New stories are floating around in my mind. Makes my real job harder to go to (that being said the bills keep me going).
3. Pretty Little Liars is my new addiction. I can't stay away.
4. Pizza Hut rocks. I haven't been able to eat Pizza Hut in awhile (one by my house sucked) but that's finally changed. Pan pizza come to mama.
5. My husband is my editor. He's a God. I always said I was good at English but I'm wondering if it was a lie.

Happy Truth Thursday! What are your truths. Spill.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Worthy Wednesday

Since I don't post here on Tuesday's any longer I thought it would be fun to still incorporate one of my favorite posts (tuesday twist).

Super simple, I choose books that either interest me (and I want to read them) or those I've read and loved.

I give you one sentence, you decide if you'd read it or not and then I reveal the secret at the end! So fun!!!

Let's get started!

First Sentence
1. Here is everything I know about France: Madeline and Amelie and Moulin Rouge.
2. Large Nonfat Four-shot Caffe Latte Cocky sex-deprived butthead guy drink.
3. Frankie Perino and I were lucky that day.

Secret Title
1. Secret Revealed
2. Secret Revealed
3. Secret Revealed

So I think all these are worthy of your reading time! What do you think?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Power to Inspire

I know I'm breaking my own blogging rules. I do not post here on Tuesdays or Thursdays anymore but I thought this would be a very good time to break it.

All of you (my blog buddies) have a special place in my heart but this girl takes the cake. I love her like a fat kid loves cake (but deeper).


She rocks my world (seriously).

Why do I love her?And why should you (don't worry... I'll tell you).

- Her random blog posts. (Feel me up Fridays is an absolute classic).
- Her deep love comments. (Always makes me smile. Our love runs deep).
- Her heart. She is the most giving person. (Joy2World. New Medicine. Me. she's like an angel - a sparkly one -).
- Her strength. Even when she's feeling weak and vulnerable she's there to help others feel better. Her courage and comfort is disgusting (in only good ways).

So today I'm sharing my love for Candyland. She's a fighter and I love her for it. She's a nut case and I adore her for it. She's New Medicine's number one fan and I can't hate her for it.

If you don't love Candyland you should start. I'll allow you to leave my blog (for a short period of time) to go say hello. It'll be worth it. I've always said her blog is like a drug and I stand by my statement. It's addiciting.

PS I also posted at Jules today. I have a new look. Check it out.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Writings on the wall

For those of you who haven’t followed me from the beginning. I began blogging January 20th, 2010 and this was one of the posts I had done.

It’s simple; I purchased a white board, hung it on my wall at home and wrote something from a different perspective. It was very helpful. Just pieces of my novels, poems, short stories, anything I wanted.

I’ve decided for the month of January I’ll be sharing the things I did at the beginning of blogging and writing. Sort of a tribute to the best year I’ve had in my life thus far. So let’s get started.

Writing’s on the wall
Lauren sat at the edge of her seat the anticipation sparkled in her eyes, a list of names glistened under the fluorescent light.

“What is this?” Lauren asked.

“Potential newcomers,” Tully replied slipping the letter directly in front of her.

Snagging the paper Lauren began to analyze the names, colors spilled all over the page, silvery blue fell across several of the names, some blood red and the rest an amber color. “What do they all mean?” she asked.

“Their place on the list,” Tully continued, “silvery blue means they’re still new, untouched, in a sense perfect. Amber represents they’ve phased, crossed over to our world and are finding their way, much like you did.” She said.

“And the red?” Lauren pushed.

Tully hesitated, “We’re unsure, we’ve never seen red.”

From my WIP: The Travelers.

What’s your favorite thing about Unedited? Anything you’d like me to keep or do more of? Spill it!