Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What a Gem, Pearl is.

Pearl is breathtakingly beautiful and Jo Knowles is a knock-out.

The cover is perfection. A pearl is so perfectly imperfect. The object itself has part drama, mystery, and romance, much like this beautifully woven novel.

Knowles tales have me rushing from page to page to finish the story. The grip she has on you holds even past the novel. The characters are so pure, rich, and original they are easy to relate too. The ultimate gift to a reader, a story that seals its envelope and doesn't release you from it's binding even after you've finished.

This book reminds us what it means to keep a secret, the trouble that finds us and the painful truths all when it comes to love. A story about love, loss, and the ultimate gift of friendship. With the complicated characters like Pearl (aka Bean) and Henry's moms this tale will hit home for several teens who have or are currently struggle with the same heartache and frustration of what it means to have to grow up to fast.

I urge all teen book clubs, librarians, bookstores, to make this a part of your reading material. It will keep teens captivated and engaged. If you have yet to read this novel I only ask that you put it at the top of your list.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pieces that move you

I love when a film or book moves you so deeply you feel the need to talk about it to everyone you know.

Each time I feel that sort of sensation it renews the passion and honor for having the ability to have such a creative mind.

The bad never seems so rough.

The ugly side of revision seems worth it.

The criticism from those who don't quite understand our path don't stab our hearts as much.

That feeling of brilliance is something we hold onto for as long as we can because when it ends we calm down and feel a little less brilliant.

I thank everyone who has ever written a book, screenplay, poem, etc. You've touched someones life more than you could eve know. We thank you for your brilliance and yell ENCORE waiting for your next piece to woo us.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sweet-tastic Celebration


Beth and Kelly put together such a SWEET-TACULAR idea and I'm glad I had time to participate!


Don't worry, you'll love me for it...

It's about to be all BOOKED UP in HERE!

First Up - ME (I'm a cheap date, my e-books will run you 99 cents to a mere $2.99)

Snowbound Hearts (it'll warm your heart through the Spring and Summer months)

Valentine Delights (It's not too late to grab a secret admirer)

When Love Aligns (A little bit of love and spice is great during all seasons)

Second Up - For the Love of My Peeps! (This is where I go insane naming and listing off all the amazing writers I adore. I am refraining from using any cover art because I'd like to not be sued by people. (I learned on Beverly Hills Housewives friends do in fact sue friends)...

Author note: I realize my buddies would never do this but if I bombard you with cover art you'll never make it to all the wonderful links I have planned for you. And seeing as I'm incapable of choosing just ONE book, I'll be SHARING SEVERAL!!!

Talli Roland - The Pollyanna Plan, Build a Man, The Hating Game (some are a series and are just as delectable as any standalone). She's a must read for an author. You will not regret her work!!

Susan Elizabeth Phillips - It Had to be You, Match Me if You Can, The Heart is Mine (her companion novels are INSANELY good).

Justine Dell - All American Girl and Recaptured Dreams (You aren't reading anything by her? SHAME ON YOU! Get started!)

Leigh Talbort Moore - The Truth About Faking, The Truth About Letting Go (THIS GIRL IS INSANE! To say I'm obsessed with her would be a huge understatement. Go, like now...)

Amy Hatvany - Best Kept Secret, Outside the Lines, The Language of Sisters (She's amazing, her writing is spectacular. She is worth spending $100 on one book - she's affordable, calm down).

Jennifer Shirk - Georgie on His Mind (She has a ton of ridiculously good tales and I love her personality!!)

Janet Evanovich - Love in a Nutshell (I'm late to this girls party but she is so worth a read! I am in love with her novels and devouring them left and right!!!)

Nora Roberts - The Bride Quartet Series (Total knockout!)

Beth Fred - The Marlow Girls Series (She's our host and an awesome and thrilling writer!)

Kelly Hashway - Love All (Our second host! I haven't read her yet but she's now on my radar!)

Tracie Bainster - Blame it On the Fame, In Need of Therapy (She is amazing!!! If you want to chat with her she can also be found on thursdays on twitter at #chicklitchat)

That's enough of my babbling. Spend time reading bios, excerpts and more delicious pieces from these wonderful people!!! Oh, and to properly hop around the blogs in this fest, go HERE!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Let's Talk Sweet

I am a sucker for a great blogfest or blog hop. It's been at least a year since I last joined one (my how time flies) but I've decided to partake in a delicious tasty idea by Beth and Kelly!


They keep it SUPER simple. It's so easy to join and I know you all have had a love story or two that you've liked (OR IF YOU'D LIKE TO PIMP YOUR OWN, that'd be fine as well!!)

Facts you'll want to know...

When the awesome goes down: MARCH 6TH
Talk about: Your favorite sweet treat, your favorite memory involving a sweet, OR a sweet love story you enjoyed.

See how easy that is?? So stop by, SIGN UP, and join us on March 6th for a super fun, super sweet DAY!