Thursday, June 30, 2011

Give it to me cupcake...

So here is the newest installment of Truth Thursdays… lets dig in.

I love talking in a British accent around the house. Back home I’d use it all around town but ever since I started working with a few Brits I no longer feel comfortable in doing so.

I’ve gone to two sneak previews – Friends with Benefits & The Help and can I just say I feel more important each time I go. It’s like I’m at a press junket and people want to know what I think. Not to mention I get to see GREAT movies a month before they’re released. You have to admit, that’s pretty bad ass.

I fear my posts throughout the week are too long. Do you feel that I’ve been long-winded? Or am I just going nuts because my commenting rounds have been weak?

I love post-its. They’re my best friend inside and outside the office. The more colorful the happier I am. This week’s color – hot pink.

I’m a twitterholic. With all the happenings on twitter it’s so much faster to comment, say hello, have convos it’s hard not to fall victim to the awesomeness. Having surpassed 1,000 followers last week I’m still over the moon. I can’t believe that many find me interesting (okay so it’s probably only 5 of you and the others just wanted their numbers higher. But you 5 still rock).

So dish… you know you want that cupcake.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How do you crit?

We’re all different and that usually means we do things differently as well. I’ve been wondering how fellow writers choose their critique buddies and how they personally critique.

Do you choose a group of your same genre or are you one to break out of the mold and try something fresh and new?

Do you read a chapter before deciding if you’ll connect with the characters before making the connection with the author?

Are you light hearted and supportive when you tear a person’s work a part?

Are you one who gives a very honest critique and sometimes can be displayed as rude and hurtful?

I personally don’t have a critique group set in stone. Though I’ve tried to fit in to several groups I’ve never quite meshed. I love all of them but I just never felt the connection with their stories like I’d hoped. It was then I realized I’d chosen them for the wrong reasons.

I’d chosen them because they were my friends. I loved them. We loved each other. We got along so naturally so would our work. Though I loved everything I’ve read from all of them I never felt like I fit.

That was until just the other day. A secret someone – I will not name unless they want me too – came into my life (She’s been around we just finally connected) who writes the same stuff I write. Together we clicked. We’ve read one another’s work and fallen in love. I love reading all of hers and I’m constantly dying for more. She’s the first time I felt like I belonged.

So I guess for me it really was about the connection with the story AND it’s writer. For me it was about sitting in the same genre. Someone who can understand the ins and outs for what you’re up against. Though I’ve written three YA novels my love is for chick lit. I want someone to read my work that loves it as much as I do.

So… tell me your story!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How do you read?

I love to read, as do most writers I’ve met. In fact every author I’ve come across when asked “What advice would you give to writers” their response is always “To read as much as you can.” They do mention other things as well but the main one is to read.

We all get busy. I personally have a full time job, a blog to tend to, and writing that does happen daily. I also know plenty of you have children.

So something always goes. I have become addicted to blogging so I’ll find that between my writing and reading time I really have to split it up. I have to give up commenting during some months just to get enough time to do EVERYTHING that I love. It makes me sad but I know all of us understand these hiccups and eventually we always bounce back.

Lucky for me there is Audiobooks. This fabulous way to listen to a book while working. This may not work for everyone but seeing as my responsibilities at work happen to be typing at work (data entry) I’m able to listen and retain all of what I’m listening too. It’s my new drug.

Best part? My library has an array of audiobooks I’m able to check out while sitting at work. That’s right! Anything I desire a click away and all I need is my library card number. Who would have thought it’d be that simple.

I now am once again able to enjoy all the wonderful things in life that I enjoy most! So, how do you read?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Treatment Plan

So for those of you who don’t know I’m going will be undergoing jaw surgery within the next year or two. I found out last week but I’m working out my treatment plan for now to see what it all entails. I’m both terrified and excited. Terrified because it’s my jaw we’re talking about. Excited because the headaches and jaw pain I’ve had for years could be eliminated.

But I’m not here to talk about my jaw. This pertains to writing… as does most of what I post does.

When writing we all follow our own personal treatment plan. What works best for us, the path we choose, and when to take a break from all the chaos.

I’ll outline. It’s a slim outline but nonetheless a guide to help me when I get stuck.

I’ll write my first draft. For me this is simple. I can knock out words in days. Fast novel written – 7 days (60K), longest written – 20 days (118K).

Here is where it gets tricky. This is where my treatment plan comes into play. Revisionland. I second guess myself constantly. There is no winning for me. I must take a deep breath and continue to push myself. I give myself goals.

2 weeks to read through novel. This gives me a chance to elaborate on anything I might have missed or completely reword and reconstruct sentences.

2 weeks to check grammar and run-ons. I know what I’m bad at so running through my novel once more before sending it off to beta readers is a must.

4 weeks with two beta readers. Only two. These are the two who know there stuff. They can correct my grammar. Show me the telling vs showing I missed. Things of that nature.

2 weeks to correct and revise from beta readers.

4 weeks for chick lit lovers. They are those who don’t write chick lit but adore reading it. For them I allow 4 weeks to devour my book and give me any last minute things to consider.

2 weeks to make changes if necessary.

So there you have it. My treatment plan when writing a novel. Now of course most of these don’t last that long. Even though it’s my personal goal I still strive for excellence before the due date.

What’s your treatment plan?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Everybody wins in my world - unless you suck

I don’t know how many times each of you stops by. When you choose to comment or when you choose to lurk. Either way I’m thankful. Though I’m sure you will notice by now that titles have changed on each blog post. All last month I was on such a time crunch with writing that I stuck to a regular blog schedule and did them a MONTH in advance. Now I’m a week in advance and it still feels good to be ahead of schedule.

The week ahead just allows me to be more creative.

Today’s post is fun (as I try to make all my other posts as well).

Below are some fun little writing things I found online. They gave me a little chuckle.

Be more or less specific.

Don’t be redundant; don’t use more words than necessary; it’s highly superfluous.

Comparisons are as bad as clich├ęs

Copy from one, it’s plagiarism; copy from two, it’s research.

I write to escape… to escape poverty.

Writing is a lonely job, unless you’re a drinker, in which case you always have a friend within reach.

When I was a little girl, they called me a liar, but now that I am grown up, they call me a writer.

Have any of your own?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Does that mean I get a cupcake.

Each week I share meaningless facts about myself. I assume you care because regardless whether you comment or lurk I know you’re there (no I’m not psychic it’s called stats people – if I knew how to read them).

So here I am spilling my guts again and what’s my reward? Nothing. Unless you count your truths – which I like. I want something more (yes this is me being greedy).

So I’ve decided that for every truth you share you are being sent a virtual cupcake. I’ll be rewarding myself with a real cupcake (I don’t want to have to worry about shipping – sorry). This means I’ll have to spend an extra half hour during the week swimming laps – we’ll see if it’s worth it.

So enough wasting time, let’s earn us some cupcakes.

1. I love Oakleys. My husband did it. Sunglasses are a new addiction of mine. The funkier the better. I like to live life on the edge – show people I’m cool. Sunglasses does it – trust me, I’m the expert.

2. Answering phones results in puking. That’s right I have a phobia of talking on the phone – in front of co-workers = even more embarrassing issues. It’s that big of a phobia (unless it’s an agent, then I’ll be puking for an entirely different reason).

3. I love reading queries. I’ll Google queries and see if I can’t pull something creative out of my hat to incorporate in my own. It’s just neat to see all the different story ideas out there. If I did it for a living I’d probably not find it so fun (after all I’m only reading the ones that sold).

4. I love So You Think You Can Dance. I know I can’t dance (no thinking about it) but that doesn’t mean I don’t attempt while watching the show (by waving my hands in the air – any jumps and I’ll be in the hospital).

5. I love meeting new people. Not everyone is super friendly but I do my best to say hello (even though they think I’m the weird one. Which I probably am. At least I’m not rude).
So now it’s turn to earn your cupcakes… give it your best shot.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's in it for you.

I get emails all the time (and I love them). My peeps who noticed I’ve been distant (thanks the writing bug) and those who are new and either want a friend or want blogging advice. All emails are welcome in fact they’re encouraged.

However sometimes I get weird ones.

You all know I love to promote some awesome people on this here blog. Elana Johnson, Lisa & Laura Roecker, Candyland, Rose Cooper… Umm I think you get the point. Some published others aren’t but the joy is in the smiles I put on their faces and the smiles they put on mine.

Most people send emails telling me how sweet they think I am (and secretly I want to ship off several dozens of cupcakes in thanks). Just the other day I got the opposite email.

What’s in it for you?

It was a valid question. I suppose it could have been viewed as several different ways but it had me wondering how I’d answer it. So I figured I might as well share it here!

Here’s the answer: I blog what I want. Much like I write what I want to read.

I choose all the fabulous people on my blog very carefully. I have been known to say no. It isn’t because I don’t like someone it’s because it takes a lot of time to prepare a post and sometimes I’m too busy. However every time I have someone on my blog it’s because I love them and want to support then just like I hope one day everyone will want to support me when I’m looking to do some shameless promotion. If they don’t that’s okay too. I do it because I want to. It’s that simple.

How do you feel about sharing the love of bloggers and authors you adore?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Your mom liked them.

How would I know if your mom liked them? Silly kids always visiting for silly things (you must realize that’s why I love you).

Let’s put this mom thing to the test. Yes I don’t have anything useful to write about so this is what you get (cuz it’s what’s on my brain).

My mom loved my manuscript (even though she hasn’t read it) why doesn’t an agent?

She tells me that I have the best characters. It’s better than JK Rowling’s works (not realizing I write women’s fiction – that and she hasn’t read it).

Says publishing houses are missing the big picture because I’m not published yet.

Aren’t mom’s great? They always know what to say (sort of).

Right now I’m in the querying game for my celebrity journal entries for Jules (also known as In the Mind of a Celebrity Stalker). It’s been tough. I’m learning a lot (not really) while querying (except that I can rack up a lot of rejections).

After spending too many agonizing hours on gmail, facebook, twitter, blogger, and query tracker I took a break. I stopped and analyzed my sanity (yes it’s important).

In doing so I wrote a new book (30 Guys in 30 Days) so far my peeps are giving me great feedback (they freaking love it) so it’s on to revisions. With my cupcake basket full and my happy face on (most of the time) I’m skipping into a field of flowers (aka revision land) and ready to make this bad boy sparkle (or girl – since boys don’t sparkle – unless you’re a vampire).

What has your mother lied about recently? What form of torture do you prefer online?

Author note: This is a dramatization. My mom was not harmed in the making of this post – nor did I ask for her insight. She doesn’t read my work – I let my husband do that (chick lit all the way baby, now that's love).

Monday, June 20, 2011

What Sells.

So I found that I’m an expert (in nothing). So I’m going to share my knowledge (in something I know nothing about).

What Sells.

Girls with red hair (who has fins) she falls in love with a prince (who doesn’t have fins). Somewhere in there she combs her hair with a fork (silly mermaid).

A boy with natural disaster/storm scars (like lightning bolts) and manages to stay alive. Make sure to add weird names for everything and make it in a new world (an amusement park will be named after it – trust me, you want that).

A girl who has vampire babies and isn’t even old enough to know how to parent. Oh, she also dates the worst kind of bad guy (the vampire).

Kids fighting for their lives – literally. No matter how you put a spin these children are being chosen to die by leaders. Yeah, they’re going make a movie about it. I’m going watch it. Cause the books rocked. (side note: name them weird names that gets you brownie points).

I should note that every book I mentioned I loved. You just know haters are gonna hate and this is probably what they’d say (or not) like I said at the beginning, I am not an expert.

Write what you feel. Your voice will carry you through to fun times.

So can you guess the stories? Care to give your own a shout-out?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Genre Hoping - When it feels right

What do you write?

There are so many genre's to choose from how does one go about choosing the best one for them?

I write many different novels. I write for both adult and young adult and it all comes down to what my mood feels like when it's time to sit at my computer and write words down. I've completed five novels, three were young adult fantasy and two were chick lit novels. I love them all but when it comes to querying how do you know which one is right for you? What one are you willing to put out in the line of fire for your agent search?

Answer: Go with your gut.

I'm currently writing another chick lit novel and I truly believe it was my calling. Not to say down the road I won't focus all my attention on young adult. After all Sophie Jordan wrote several Historical Romances before diving into the young adult pool and writing Firelight (which is brilliant).

What I'm saying is... you don't have to choose. Do it all and do it all well. Go with your gut. If Tuesday you feel like writing a romance then dammit write a romance. In the end your voice will come through and you'll make your final decision on what route you want to go. If you don't? Well then you can be a genre hopper for years to come. If we love you already it won't matter the style of book you write.

Do you genre hop? What do you fancy?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In which I don't lie

So Truth Thursday's is a fun even where people are not allowed to lie on my blog. Seeing as the title Truth Thursday's is a little boring and over done I thought it best to just speak the truth.

1. I don't think dreaming can be harmful butwhile I'm working on my newest novel I like to pretend I'll be as hot as some of the authors in which genre I'm partaking in. For instance I've been stalking Claire Cook, Emily Giffin, and a few others on Twitter. (tell me I am not alone).

2. I love hearing agent stories. Those writers who've snagged their agents and the crazy awesome relationship they have. Last week Lauren DeStefano who wrote Wither (a must-read) shared on twitter that on launch day she emailed her agent and asked "Is this really happening?" to which her agent responded "Who is this?"... Yep, I want that.

3. I flew alone at the beginning of the month. It was both terrifying and exhilirating. I also get sick on planes (that is not terrifying or exhilirating, it's really just plain gross). I did get a great story idea though - so I should thank the drunk girl who talked only of how the bar would not serve her claiming they were out of Jack Daniels, to which she explained she a bartender (over and over again) and had two eyes so she could see the bottle. In those instances you want to say "Put down the bottle." Thank you for making my airport security time enjoyable.

4. Steak n Shake serves breakfast! If you want good breakfast, have a steak n shake near you, and you don't want to wait in line you must go here. IHOP doesn't stand a chance with them around. I love that it's inexpensive and the staff is attentive. I also love pancakes (seriously... i love pancakes).

5. I wonder if there is a place for those who are addicted to cupcakes (it's a troubling addiction). If so I should probably find this secret society and join. Problem is I don't think it'd be much like AA. I think they'd want you to devour more cupcakes. Maybe I should re-think giving up cupcakes or joining a secret society (at least for now).

What are your truths?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Writing and it's progression

When I first started writing it was all about getting the words on the blank page. Feeling each moment even if the two scenes didn't go together.

Now I realize a year and a half into calling myself a writer that it takes more than a bunch of words jumbled on a sheet of paper. You really are a story teller and you want to write a book that's never been written. You have spent hours in the sacks devouring books and yet something was still missing. The heroine wasn't experiencing what you were and there was no hero sweeping her off her feet.

So you changed it.

You made the story fit your feelings. Fit the mold that you created. The situations that you've thought about. The interesting dilemma's the teenagers face when they're given a gift but they view it as a curse. Everything in writing matters. From the color of one's shoes to where they eat lunch. Each action has a meaning. Every moment has a purpose. It also never hurts to have two people falling in love either!

So where are you at in the writing world? Are you still figuring out what a plot is? Sending your beautiful words out on submission?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Being Bold and Taking Chances

So today there will be no linkage for books to add to the TBR pile. I will just be sharing three of my first lines for novels I'm working on. This is where I decided to be bold (and possibly stupid) all while taking a chance.

I know a lot of you love the dark, paranormal, sci-fi, dystopian style novels (yes I realize those are all different), however today I'm sharing three of my OWN first sentences and I'll warn you... They aren't dark, paranormal, sci-fi dystopian style novels. They're chick lit. Which still can be fun... and since you heart me (don't lie, I know you do) you'll read them because you like to support me (shameless plug for when I'm published of course).

So let's not waste me selling myself away for the following three sentences.


1. Why couldn't I just love Phillip?
2. Housewives must meet the following requirements: Cooking - Shit, first requirement and already I was in over my head.
3. Everyone thought I was a whore.


1. 30 Guys in 30 Days
2. The Beginner Housewife
3. Job Hop to Hunk Hop

So there you have it. A little piece of me. Feel free to share what you would read based on the first sentences or share a sentence of your own!

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm Jen and I'm an addict

So this Monday morning is somewhat of a truth day. I am an addict when it comes to writing. I know this happens to many writers, until of course writer's block hits.

However this is not a negative post it is a positive one so let's not get of track.

I love being an addict. When that idea pops into your head and flows on the pages you can't help but fall in love with writing. Each word that's written is better than the last and the character has molded into something even more magical than you expected.

It's magical. I think every writer is an artist. Turning a blank page into something amazing is a gift and for those who are currently in the stages of writing, revising, querying, or where you are I want you to remember that you are great.

You are good enough to be published. You are good enough to be agented. You are good enough to write another.

So get addicted to writing and stay addicted to writing, because once you start, you'll never be able to stop.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Plot it Out

With the weekend around the corner I figured I'd share a little plot fun... or at least how to plot for those who are having trouble. I do a lot of my writing and revising on the weekends, I know not every blogger is the same but nonetheless below I'll share some tips on plotting and how to get the story going.

A story's plot is what happens in the story and the order it happens in.

Something that goes from point A to B.

Changes such as:

A physical event (Point A = Psycho killer is picking off everyone in town. Point B = police arrest the killer).
A decision (Point A = character wants to practice law like his father. Point B = character decides to be a ballet dancer).
A change in relationship (Point A = They hate each other. Point B = They fall in love).
A change in person (Point A = character is a selfish jerk. Point B = character has learned to be less of a selfish jerk.)
A change in the reader's understasnding of a situation. (Point A =  character appears to be a murderer. Point B = The reader realizes that character is actually innocent and made a false confession.)

What does your plot look like? What genre do you write? Any tips you found while working on your plot? What works for you?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Roller Derby Pen Habits

If you're confused this is Truth Thursdays. I just thought that Roller Derby Pen Habits would really entice every reader. If I'm wrong I apologize, then again if you're reading this there really is no need. Carry on.

So today we get to spill our secrets. It's the one I look most forward to throughout the week. The honesty you all drop in the comments makes me smile. I can't imagine a week without your secrets.

We are all in the circle of trust. Join us... it's safe.

1. I love beginning my day with Google. I wake hoping they'll teach me something new. When I see the primary colors I'm disappointed for it's the images and designs that tell me it's someone's birthday or teaches me about someone who has accomplished something. If you're a gmail user or have a google account on your birthday they'll give you online cupcakes. You can't beat that.
2. I'm a new Roller Derby addict. It's seriously addicting. I don't know where they are all located at but if you want a night of adrenaline and a whole lot of fun look it up. The hardest part - choosing my favorite team.
3. Thanks to the Roller Derby I know want to go roller skating. My sisters, friends, and I used to go to the skating rink on Friday nights. Oh yeah, I was that awesome.
4. I have a weird pen habit. When I find one I like I'll take it every where with me. When I lose it you'd think I lost my phone. My current favorite - A light blue Personal Injury Trial Lawyer edition.
5. I have a weekend purse thanks to my husband. During the week my messenger bag is filled with food, books, and 'needs' but on the weekend it's overkill. Lucky for me I have an adorable little summer bag that has the essentials at all time and the only thing I switch out is a wallet. Genius.

So spill... would you go to the Roller Derby? Have you ever been roller skating or have a weird pen habit. I'm all ears.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Soap Dreams

Today the fabulous Stephanie Haefner stopped by for her blog tour to talk about Firsts! She's already written a fun read A Bitch Named Karma but her newest novel is Soap Dreams. So here she is!


I have fond memories of my first kiss, first slow dance, things.... ;) I think most women tend to hold onto those sweet memories. As writers, we pull them out when we need romantic inspiration. Many times I have reminisced about my youth while crafting stories. And even if the memories aren't so awesome or sweet, they're great for inspiration too. But maybe inspiration for death scenes or something. Yeah, I have some exes who will someday die or be maimed in one of my books!

Who doesn't enjoy thinking of a simpler time...lazy summer days and warm nights, the excitement of a new love interest, when everything was so fresh? The flutters of a first look, a first touch. The thrill of hearing through the grapevine that he liked you, and the rush when you found out the rumor was actually true.

In my newest release, Soap Dreams, my main character, Robyn, has no choice but to think about her ex, who was her first everything. After a decade, he's back, front and center in her life, and she's isn't exactly pushing him away. Memories of their youth keep flashing before her eyes. How easy it is to lose yourself in something like that!

The title Soap Dreams came from Robyn's ex, who is now a fabulous soap opera star. And he's trying to get her to come work for the show too. Crafting romantic stories had always been a passion for her, but it was pushed aside when her teenage sweetheart crushed her dreams of happily ever after. But now everything is different, and maybe her dreams will actually come true.

Thanks so much for having me today!! Jen, you are the best!! (Stephanie is an absolute gem! If you aren't following her you should be and I can speak from experience that her writing is fantastic!)

The Giveaway:
All commenters from every post on my blog tour will be entered in a fabulous grand prize drawing for a signed copy of A Bitch Named Karma and digital copies of both Paradise Cove and Soap Dreams!! Please leave your email address!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Fun

I'm still doing the usual Tuesday Twist but today I've decided to embrace the Fun in the Sun vibe and enjoy some fun summer reads!

First Sentences
1. I was squeaky clean and my hair conditioned for at least two of the suggested three minutes when the water went cold.
2. I say, "I can't believe you're really here."
3. Charlotte had already picked the lettuces and set them, along with bunches of asparagus tied with twine and the mason jars of fresh-faced pansies, out on the table in a shaded spot at the end of the drive.

Secret Titles
1. Title Revealed
2. Title Revealed
3. Title Revealed

So what would you read? My favorite of the day was #3!

Monday, June 6, 2011

See Jane Write

Ever since I started the querying process I've become addicted to learning about the entire writing process.

After receiving feedback from a few friends and publishing houses I thought it would be nice to start reading up on things I could use to improve my writing.

There is nothing wrong with the way I write. I love my stories, my ideas, my gift. There is also nothing wrong with perfecting your craft. Every great writer continues to learn. They have editors to help them throughout the process but they all started at the beginning. Right where a lot of us are.

On Writing by Stephen King was the first dose of awesome I received in the writing world. If anyone is new to writing and has yet to read it get your hands on it now. It's that good!

I hear others talk about their favorite writing books and I always make a note to write them down for later. I'm sure glad I did as well, it really pays off when I'm in a learning mood.

See Jane Write by Sarah Mlynowski and Farrin Jacobs was the last one I devoured. Designed for those who love to read and write Chick Lit. Though I've written a chick lit novel already I knew it wouldn't hurt to learn a little bit more. After all they say to learn something new every day... this book definitely offered that!

For me I'm not proud to announce that I can consider myself a plotter. I've spent the last few weeks just getting to know my characters and everything I'm about to put them through. I have to admit it gets me very excited and I already know it'll help with revisions. I'm not as scared as I used to be plotting, I no longer have the fear of writers block. See Jane Write really taught me a lot.

So what are your favorite writing novels? What one's have helped you?

Next on my list -The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Did it start at Childhood?

Before I start reading a good book, I love to turn to the author’s bio and acknowledgements. It allows me to see what drove them to write a fabulous book and who all they thanked – which is never easy since we all know how much help we use along the way.

Some people find their passion at an early age, their imaginations carrying them to bring a notepad and write everything down.

Others soak up the information for years. Never knowing that’s where they’ll end up but when asked the inevitable question ‘When did you start writing’ they’ll reply with ‘a year’ but secretly they’ll know it was since childhood.

We are also driven to write different things. Some of travel, life, animals, others simply make believe. Some also write just because they ran out of books to read.

So what category do you fall under? Why did you start writing?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Truth Thursdays

I hope you guys enjoy these? Sometimes I really struggle with coming up with truths. I really need to keep a truth notebook around my house for random days so that days when it escapes me I have back-ups. Alas we shall move forward where I embarrass myself (or not) in sharing my truths.

1. I've never flown by myself. This weekend I will. I'm terrified.
2. I love small cereal boxes for breakfast. I can't eat as soon as I get up so they're portable and that makes me happy.
3. I want to purchase a fake window to put on my desk. You know the one's that blow up and have a picture window with grass and a tree. It'll be better than the white walls.
4. All co-workers are strange. One who takes excessive smoke breaks, one who re-wears his newly purchased shirt every day (not sure if it's washed), one that calls you 'money' even though you don't have any idea what it means. Yeah, we all have them.
5. I like listening to random radio stations. I'll google a different city and pretend I'm there while listening from 6-10am. Thank you Chicago, North Carolina, and New York for your radio hosts. They keep me smiling.

What are your truths?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To catch a reader

What makes someone pick up a book and keep reading it?

Yes cover art is important, after all, our eyes can't get past the dislike of something. EVEN if it's being talked about a lot. That is the first thing that catches our eye.

Then there's the first few pages, the key point in which you need to grab the reader. Engage them. Captivate them.

How easy is that?

When I first started writing I had no idea what to do. I started this blog and thought that it would push me to write a book. It worked. It also allowed me to realize how out of reality I was. Ideas are great but it's what you do with them is most important.

Voice is key. How do you obtain it?


I found the easiest thing for me was to read A LOT. I started with Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and if you've blogged with me from the get go you'll know she is my favorite romance author ever!

I mimicked her writing style, I just wanted to get words out on paper. It took me weeks to write something solid and even then it still didn't feel like my own. Page by page I continued to write and slowly I started using my own voice, Susan Elizabeth Phillips soon disappeared and it was just me and what I wanted. I felt the words, the characters, the life I'd created.

If you're engaged in the story, chances are that your readers will be too.

How did you gain your voice?