Thursday, June 20, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

Moving On

I've been distant from the blogosphere but it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it. Not wondering how my peeps are doing and the wonderful things they're accomplishing. Some things just come in our lives that are bigger and need to be handled first. I hate when that happens.

This morning is one of those moments and I feel the best way to handle it is, well, to right about the situation.

Friends come and go. I've had several throughout my life and each one has blessed me in some unique way to where they're always memorable and have a place in my heart. I've always been a huge believer in that you have several friends that come and go and you have few who stay forever. This past week I lost what I thought to be a forever friend.

The argument, or lack of an argument has me dumbfounded when I was given the news by this person. I had apologized for the behavior, agreeing that I may have been slightly out of line but no more than usual. I took their feelings into account and they chose, in the end, to not accept my apology and decline being friends from that moment on.

We've never fought like this. What's sad, is I don't even think it's a fight. I don't understand what made this said person change their mind about me entirely. I've been the same way for five years. Why now would I be considered anything different? My personality was something they'd always love and in two seconds it worked against me.

I write this as just a way to let go of the emotions I'm harboring. I am saddened that they no longer want to continue what I thought would have been a blossoming friendship, but also know they need to decide what's best for them and at the moment I am not it.

Moving on is hard. Especially when the feelings sit so fresh in our hearts. This will be a person I hope can feel they are able to come back and be friends again.