Thursday, September 5, 2013

Craplandia - I know you've missed me... at least I hope someone is still reading

So Unedited has been empty for sometime.

Though I love this space and cherished all whom I've met, the recent visitors (both old and new) prefer to read about writing. Though I adore talking about writing I don't want it to define me on the blogs.

I have learned and taught a lot about writing and grow more each and every day.

For those who would still like to witness the weird I've started a blog on Wordpress expressing just that - All of me.

I'd love for you to stop by Craplandia to say hello.

Don't feel pressured to visit, stay, or even grab a cup of tea to go. There is no pressure, I just want everyone to know that though I will still leave this blog open it won't be a constant part of me.

Writing is still alive, my words still need to be heard, at this moment Unedited just isn't calling my name to share advice with you.

Let the struggle continue for all of us and I look forward to celebrating the triumphs everyone reaches.

So hop on over to Craplandia if you wish.