Thursday, September 30, 2010

How do YOU choose?

We all have choices...

What stall to select in the restroom.

What we'd like to eat for breakfast in the morning.

What trash magazine to read while waiting in line at the grocery store.

What genre to write in.

How do you decide?

Did you just know you wanted to write Adult or Young Adult all along? There was no question about it, the story just fluttered through your window and inside your brain and viola, it was written in stone?

Is there a fairy that visits you at night and leaves the answer underneath your pillow?

Do you ever find yourself testing out the other genre's before you find the one you like best. Like deciding what to eat for breakfast, when you can't decide you choose both bacon and sausage?

I love to write Young Adult, but I do also have Adult in my idea book as well. I write them all, fantasy, horror, you name it I like to dabble in it, try new things, step outside the box, after all they're my worlds, my creations... it's kind of my rules. What about you?

BTW - I was unable to comment on everyone's blogs the past few days... just know I'm around and I will make it to your blog! I also will soon have some very fun and exciting news to share!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two Cents and Winner

Why make you wait...

The Winner of Princess for Hire is...

Hannah C. Howard

I'll be emailing you shortly for your address.

Today's blog post: Interested in your Two Cents

We've officially reached fall, the trees are changing colors, the weather is cooling off (for some of us, cool weather in houston means 90 rather than 100).

When the weather changes do your book choices change?

In SUMMER do you choose the light fun reads?

In SPRING do you search for new beginnings? While the weather heats up are you looking for a new you, a new book to inspire?

In FALL do you look for the cool down novel, a little suspense, maybe some horror?

In WINTER do you choose those icy thrillers?

I know we have a ton that we are waiting for, longing for, those books we die for the minute they hit the shelves, but after that how do you choose?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How YOU Title

The hunt for the perfect title.

It's hard.

You start our basic: Untitled, Sucky First Draft, {insert character name} Story

Then you write the damn thing (okay maybe half of it).

Realizing something better has come along, something worth changing it to: best book ever, the title that's going to stick, Less Sucky first draft

Writing more (if not the whole thing) you realize the title still isn't working so re-name again, this time taking it seriously, possibly a little too seriously, coming up with what you think is the title that will stick, the epic finale: The Grand Finale, {Insert Authors name} Best Novel Ever, NY Times says its the best EVER.

Then you submit your work (okay so obviously this is WAY in the future... you still need to revise, but you think that the title ALONE will BLOW these agents away)


You get it back and they say you titled your novel: Jen's Most Amazing Novel, Even Better than Harry Potter, and when that super awesome agent looks inside (because they're obviously insane) they see it's a story about serial killers, not magic or even meant for young adults.

Needless to say you're rejected and back to square one.

Look on the bright side, maybe the title is the least of your worries.

Can you relate?

Go on, tell me how you get your perfect title, and what steps you take.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm not addicted...

Dear Exclamation points,

You're my life.
I LOVE you.
You make me happy.
You let others know I'm happy.
Sometimes a little too happy.
Even the bloggers know I LOVE you, like really LOVE you.
We need to take a break.
I know, I know, it makes YOU happy when I use you.
But this nonsense must stop.
I'll always love you.
I just need to use my words.
I am a writer.
I have to give it a try.
Don't worry, you won't be forgotten.
I'll eventually use you again.
For now, just know I LOVE you.

Love, Jen

Do you have any weaknesses when blogging? PS If you haven't entered the giveaway for Princess for Hire, head over now. I'll choose the winner Wednesday.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Great Blogging Experiment

Yay!!!! The Great Blogging Experiment has finally arrived! Wow today is going to be a super fun today!!!

Elana, Alex and I are excited to have had such a great turn out for this fabulous experiment! I look forward to reading all of your entries and seeing how different all of them are!

I hope you brought your personalities today... it's time to shine!

Writing Compelling Characters.

A tough sell, I mean you want to think you have THE most AMAZING character that ever lived, but not everyone can have Harry Potter (not to mention in your story he probably wouldn't fit in.

The main ingredient is your character's VOICE without it your reader will bore and leave the book at the nightstand underneath the rest of the novels that will NEVER be read.

Just a few other things to help keep your characters interesting. Here.We.Go

1. It's like Peanut Butter & Jelly - Your readers have to have a connection.
2. Guys Wanted - Geeks, Jocks, Guitarists, doesn't matter who they are, just make them hot!
3. Personality - Strong, independent, broken. Everyone needs fixing, the more obstacles the better. Let's just watch the insanity, we want borderline crazy, not toppling off the cliff crazy.
4. Cool names - The more rockin' the name, the longer I stick around.
5. Vampires - Always works as a fall back, again, just make them hot!

I'm off to check the others out!! See you there! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Truth Thursdays!

Back again! Another installment! You know they're my favorite!!!

So let's get started... why waste time!

1. The Great Blogging Experiment happens tomorrow (you should stop by) and it's going to be huge. I mean bigger than big, like bigger than Brangelina and Pam Anderson's breasts combined. Too much? Think not.

2. Lisi Harrison visiting Blue Willow... crazy teen fun! She dressed to impress with black and pink to match her adorable novel Monster High, the girls went crazy over her! Asking such excellent questions. It really makes you realize how intellegent young adults are!

3. I'm a caffiene addict. It's ridiculous, Saturday I went five hours without any soda (not by choice... apparently coffee shops sell more coffee than soda... I mean what's up with that?) anywho, I thought I might actually die. I didn't (obviously, but I thought I would).

4. My home cookie (yes I said cookie) Rose Cooper has some creative crap up her sleeve! She's finally folded and allowed her main character Sofia to have her own blog, with rules of course. Adults, teens, and tweens are all welcome and should scoot their tush on over, a huge giveaway is happening, you could become a character in her next novel Gossip from the Boys Room!

5. My new blog buddy Serena is having an adorable blog fest. It's all about location! She gives you a list of places, you choose one and on October 1st you'll draw, writer or whatever you desire to describe this place. Let your imagination run wild, then you will see how off you are!!! Too fun right?

6. Yes I added an extra... so sue me. I just wanted to tell you we are approaching October. The best month of the year (and it's not because of my birthday... my b-day is in March) It's the month I was engaged and married, it's my husbands birthday and it's Halloween! We also attend the Texas Ren Fest which never disappoints! What's not to love!

So what are your truths?!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life As A Princess

Happy Wednesday!

So last week I told you I was giving away a signed copy of Sophie Jordan's Firelight! Well today I chose the winner!!! That lucky person is...

Laura Marcella

Congrats! You can thank my husband, he was my random number guy! I'll be emailing you to snag your information!

So onto something super special! I decided to email Lindsey Leavitt to tell her how fabulous I thought her novel Princess for Hire was, she was so excited that she said she'd love to give away a SIGNED COPY! Isn't that sweet?!

So I decided to ask her a few interview questions in lieu of the celebration!

1.If you could sub for a princess anywhere in the world where would it be?

Bora Bora. My goal in life is to live in a screen saver. And let's not get into the lack of Bora Bora princesses. I'd be fine as apuppet monarch. A puppet monarch who lives in one of those cool huts on the lagoon and wears a tiara just for show.

2.Ever crushed on a boy that didn't like you but you never bothered to accept it?

Remember his name?MOST of my crushes in my younger years did not recipricate my feelings. Unrequited love was a theme for most of junior high. So were The Bangs of Big, which might have had something to do with my one-sided adorations. But I was happy with these crushes. They were safe... ideas. Good practice before I got into the dating/kissing drama (and okay, so there was this one boy John. I nicknamed him Bob so I could write about him on my notebook so he wouldn't know. Then I tried to make John jealous with Bob, but the real boyfriend and the imaginary inevitably didn't like me)

3.What's the worst job you had growing up?

I worked for five weeks as a physical therapy tech for a practice run by my now-father-in-law. He was a great boss, yes, but I had to massage hairy backs and some of the patients had hygiene issues and... suffice it to say, health care was not my field.

4.Any interesting experiences at book signings, yours or someone else's you've gone to?

I had a pretty poorly attended book signing that began with three little old ladies sitting in front row for my reader. Other customers came and went, but these three stuck it out all night. We talked for a good hour, and in the end one asked, "So wait, this is a CHILDREN'S book?" They admitted that they came because the cover was pink, and asked if it was still okay if they read the book (um, yes please?). They ended up buying one for each of their granddaughters, but I'll always have that experience to reflect upon should I start to Diva Out.

Fun & Random Questions
Cloud Princess or Mermaid Princess: Mermaid. Sashimi is yum. What substance do cloud princesses have, anyway?
Lip gloss or Lipstick: Lip gloss! I'm an addict.
Beach or Mountains: Mountain beaches? Like in Hawaii.
Pizza Outfit Girl or Pet Shop Girl: Um, wow. You ask the hard questions. Pizza. I love smelling like garlic.
Favorite Food: Whatever I am eating. Presently: carrot cake.
Favorite Book: To Kill a Mockingbird or East of Eden.
Favorite TV Show: Modern Family is my most recent favorite, but I love me some Bravo reality TV
Favorite Writing Snack: Diet Coke and lindt dark chocolate.

So now, for the giveaway! If you'd like to win a signed copy from Lindsey leave me a nice little comment below and you'll be entered! Brownie points are always welcome for tweeting, sidebar love, facebook love, you know the deal. Winner will be chosen next Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Since you stopped by, why don't you grab yourself cupcake... I don't know, maybe one with...

Sprinkles? They're my favorite!

So today I decided to bring back Tuesday Twist, with another twist! For those of you who are unaware of a normal tuesday twist I choose three novels and share ONLY their synopsis, you then choose which one you liked the best, and below the titles are revealed.

Today I wanted to do something even more different. I've selected five novels that I will share the first sentences of, you from there will choose which one's you thought were most inticing.

I want to see if a first sentence really can reel someone in!

1. Gazing out the quiet lake, I know the risk was worth it.
2. I'm choking. I can't breathe. The air as thick as cream and smells like peanut oil. (I know that's three... so sue me!)
3. I wake up barefoot, standing on cold slate tiles.
4. "Finito!" I screamed, not caring if the entire building heard me.
5. The fourteen hour drive from Beverly Hills, California, to Salem, Oregon, had been total Gitmo.

Below I've listed the secret titles! Normally I share them right over this post, but today you'll have to visit the links to find the secret books!!!

1. Secret
2. Secret
3. Secret
4. Secret
5. Secret

Everything is linked back to my favorite bookshop Blue Willow! So share your thoughts, which one's reeled you in?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Character Chaos

Before I start this awesome post, something huge is happening this friday that YOU need to be a part of. The Great Blogging Experiement! If you don't know about, hop over now! If you want to be apart of it, hop over now! We are all getting together to blog about the same topic, to show everyone on the blog, our personalities is what makes the post different. Prove us right! Join Elana, Alex and I in all of the fun! GO NOW!

Last week was one fabulous mess! The in-laws were awesome, book signings galore, time with the hubs, but I missed all of you! I'm working my way around the blog this week to make up for lost time! Thanks for still sticking around!

I'm back to writing!!! And my characters are out for blood, they are battling each other. Battling for attention that is. I love and hate when this happens. So many stories ot be told and not enough hands for me to type them all at, so they must be patient!

Miss Violet Sheppard won this battle, and I look forward to sharing the news when I've completed the first draft. Already at the 10k mark! Thanks to a morning at The Daily Brew.

This one requires a little more attention, and with that comes research. I know nothing about fashion but by the time I'm done I'll be able to name several different designers, where all the fashion weeks happen, and what happens when Violet Sheppard is taken away from all that she knows and love and is forced to face public school (nightmare!) and teach a less popular girl it's not all about popularity, when even Violet doesn't believe it.

Lots of chaos this week. Any character chaos in your neck of the woods?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ways to Annoy People & Winner!!!

Yay! Today is the announcement on the winner for Gossip From The Girls Room!!! I hate to make people wait so I'll just shell it out to the world!!!

The Winner is...

Drum roll please...


I'll be emailing you shortly with details!

I wanted everyone to know that both Rose and I voted on our top selections and we had several favorites! Even though you didn't win Rose and I thought it would be nice to share our other favorites!

Pat Torres
Jennie Bailey

We loved yours too and I wish I had enough money to buy you all a copy, unfortunately I don't so a shout-out will have to do!

Onward with today's post!

101 Ways to Annoy People. I can't list all 101, afterall I did just speak last week on watching your word count for each post, but I figured twenty would give you a great idea of annoying someone!

1. Practice making fax and modem noises.

2. In the memo field of all your checks, write "for sensual massage."

3. Specify that your drive-through order is "to go."

4. Learn Morse code, and have conversations with friends in public consisting entirely of "Beeeep Bip Bip Beeep Bip..."

5. If you have a glass eye, tap on it occasionally with your pen while talking to others.

6. Amuse yourself for endless hours by hooking a camcorder to your TV and then pointing it at the screen.

I'm still trying to get out of vacation mode and back to blogging! Should happen soon, but right now I NEED to get some writing done!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Truth Thursdays

Oh.My.Gosh. I've missed Truth Thursdays so MUCH!!! I should never have gotten rid of this!!! Ever!!! This is too good!

So let's get started... why talk about the awesomeness when I can live it.

1. Plain Jane Moments - The perfect burger (meat, pickles, onions, and bun) when I want to live life on the edge I add bacon. I know, I'm a bad ass.

2. Old Addictions - I'm addicted to Susan Elizabeth Phillips novels. She is amazing and I would love to snag an interview (SEP if you're reading, hit me up!). I've read all that the library has offered and I'm currently making my own library filled with SEP books, so if you haven't read her please DO! And if you want to help with my infatuation.. ahem, collection I wouldn't say no.

3. New Addictions - Jersey Shore. Don't knock it till you try it. The Situation will have you wrapped around his finger so quickly you won't ever be able to look back. This cast could all stand to take some courses in counseling and get some real mental help. Seriously these kids are messed up, but for all the right trashy reasons. If you're missing out, you should start recording... NOW.

4. Sneaky Moments - I've become amazing at listening and chatting with people (okay stalking and eavesdropping). I never know I could be so good, it seems that even though people like to have 'private' conversations, sometimes they forget other people are still sitting nearby... then again maybe my invisibility cloak actually works. And they said that Harry Potter had the only real one... what do they know.

5. Moments of Awesome - People like to talk to me. Within fifiteen minutes I can tell you pretty much anything about the person next to me. Is that an ability we have as writers? People like us and want to talk to us... my next question would then be why? Why, when you've warned them you're a writer do they proceed to tell you their life stories. Don't they know that it could be used against them? Makes me wonder... should we be lawyers?

So what are your truths for the week? Any moments of sneakiness, stalking, awesomeness, plain jane? Do tell. I'm interested.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Signed w/Love

Woohoo!!! Today is a very special giveaway!!! I had the pleasure of going to the signing at Blue Willow Bookshop for the fabulous Sophie Jordan!!!! (BTW - For those looking for the Gossip Winner I will select the winner on Friday! I haven't forgotten, having guests just put blogging on the back burner!)

Guess what I brought back?

A signed copy!!!!

Wanna see?

It says "To An Awesome Blogger!" Super sweet right?!

Here is my signed copy!

She made mine extra special "With much love, to one of my first fans!" isn't she amazing! Just for me!

There are so many things I loved about Firelight, and it is a AWESOME to give away a signed copy!

Here are a few pictures from Blue Willow!

Sophie and I! Isn't she awesome!?

Sophie and my sister-in-law Shelby!!! So cute!

Blog Buddy Meredith and I!!!! Love her!!!

Sophie and Kim!

Here's how you enter:
Follow Me
Sidebar Me
Blog About Me
Tweet Me
Comment Love (Make it special)

I'll select the winner on next Wednesday September 22nd!!! Woohoo! Good Luck to ALL!! Also for those who are in Houston tonight is going to be HUGE!!!

Extra Author News: Blue Willow is hosting 7 amazing authors at 7PM TONIGHT! Click here for more details for the Smart Chicks Kick it Tour!! Here's who stopping by Kelley Armstrong, Holly Black, Sarah Rees Brennan, Cassandra Clare, Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, and Margie Stohl!

This Friday Lisi Harrison is stopping by to share all about Monster High! For details visit Blue Willow!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why are you doing this?

Jennie Bailey over at Garden Full of Lily had an awesome post and it made me want to do one in the same!!!

I sit down at the computer, attempting to write, lately Sadie's been avoiding me, mainly because I avoided her. Suppose she's trying to teach me a lesson.

"Come on Sadie, you have to talk to Veronica."

"No I don't, I hate her, she's evil. This wasn't how the plan was supposed to go Jen, I thought we talked about this?"

"We did, but to get Jase you have to defeat Veronica,"

"I can't just do like they do in the movies and blame it on a burn book someone else made?"

"Ooo a burn book, like Mean Girls? I like where you are going with this." (insert my overly sneaky laugh here)

"I see that look in your eye's Jen and I don't think I'm going to like the outcome."

"You will like the end result, trust me."

"Yeah but how exactly am I supposed to get there."

"You'll make a burn book, duh. You will make it look like someone else's."

"Oh like Chelsea and Amanda's?!" Sadie is suddenly excited now.

"Yup, and then it will backfire,"

"Yeah I definitely am NOT going to like this," she huffs "do I get the boy in the end?"

"Depends how much crap you're really willing to take."

Sometimes our characters don't like to get in trouble, then again as a writer we are supposed to stick our main characters in VERY compromising situations to keep the readers interested. Looks like Sadie and I will be having a lot arguments, in which I will inevitably win them all.

Do you put your MC in harms way? Do you find it easy or difficult? As you can see, I find it easy.

Monday, September 13, 2010

If You Give a Writer an Idea

Happy Monday Morning! Just wanna let you know this is my favorite blog post ever! Hope you like!! I thought of Lenny when I wrote it! If you don't follow Lenny, follow him now! He even made me a fun sparkle badge, go check it out!

I was thinking about If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff and it got me thinking. That happens a lot, so I decided to make my own story up, this time about a Writer... so this is what I have!!!

If You Give a Writer an Idea by Jennifer Daiker


If You Give a Writer an Idea.

They're going to ask for a pen.

When you give them a pen, they'll probably ask you for a sheet of paper.

When they have the pen and paper, they'll ask about the characters.

They'll want tons of details, more about the main character, villian, and all the major plot points.

When they begin the story, they'll get stuck.

They'll ask for some help.

When they receive help, they'll begin again.

They'll work through Chapter One and revise some of their ideas.

Once the chapter is completed, they'll move to chapter two.

Half way through they'll become hungry & tired and ask for a snack & nap.

They'll grab a small plate and grab a brownie, make themselves a glass of milk and crawl into bed.

They'll want a story to fall asleep to, they'll read whatever is on top of the TBR pile.

When they begin to read, they realize they aren't as tired as they thought. They'll want to get to work again.

Climbing out of bed, they walk back to the computer. Continuing each chapter. When they finish they'll want to tell the world and treat themselves.

They log onto blogger and sign in, telling the world (also jumping from twitter to facebook) that they completed yet another novel, and now will celebrate with a glass of chardonay (pick your poison).

They'll look back at their manuscript, as proud as can be.

They'll grab the glass of wine and remember the good times they had while writing the story.

They'll see the pen and paper, and when they see the pen and paper chances are they'll ask for a new idea.


So there you have it!!! I loved this book so much and feel so lucky to have found inspiration to go wild and make up my own story! I hope you enjoyed!!!

PS - I won't be commenting Monday or Tuesday! I still love comment love, and when I get back on Wednesday you'll be hearing from me :) It's the special fun giveaway announcement! Regular posting will take place!

How do you celebrate finishing a novel?

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Real Facts

I met blogger buddy Meredith last night for dinner!!! She is awesome! We are going to the Sophie Jordan book signing on Saturday and we'll have pictures for you then!!!

Last day of the TRIFECTA!!! Make sure to stop by Woohoo!!! It's Thursday!!!! Elana Johnson, Alex Cavanaugh's place for the last installment of this blogging experience!

Today is more about me than anything! How much time I spend blogging, my attitude towards blogging and how I build relationships.

Maybe this information will help you in your blogging experience! At least, I know that's what we are hoping for in the end result!

So how much time do I spend blogging?

Too Much. Next Question. Okay but in all seriousness I do spend a lot of time blogging. Sunday's (or in this case Saturday) I wrapped up two weeks worth of blog posts for myself, so throughout the week I'm able to pay more attention to all of YOU!

Throughout the week I take as many little moments as I can snag and blog. When I wake up I shower, pack my lunch, and blog. Who needs breakfast? Okay so I do, but that doesn't happen until I get to work... I spend about 30-45 minutes in the morning, EACH DAY, visiting as many blogs as I can. I'm unable to blog again until the evening after work, where I spend another 1-2 hours (or if the hubs is gone, A LOT MORE) blogging my butt off.

My attitude towards blogging?

Addiction. That's really the only way to describe it. I'm very addicted to blogger, to the point that it can become stressful. I have to remember that taking a day off is allowed, I started this blog for me, to help establish friends, support and an overall writing voice.

I wish I could comment on everyone's blog, every day, but even if I had no full-time job I wouldn't be able to do that, it's out of my reach... my type-A personality is still learning that lesson. It's a tough one to swallow. However I wouldn't change blogging for the world, I love dropping by everyone's blog to see what they've been up to, where they've been and what they're planning to accomplish. It's amazing, it's like a drug.

Building Relationships.

Commenting, supporting and caring. I comment if you comment (unless I'm swamped, I won't lie, I'm not always on my game), I support your giveaways, your causes and your overall writing ability. If you have a shout-out that needs to be given, I'm your girl. When you're down I want to be there to catch you before you fall, to tell you to put the pen done, leave the delete button alone, and don't put your MS on fire. You'll eventually love your book again, and no one wants to see you've deleted it and can't get back that mistake.

I email and answer questions when given. I support upcoming novels for those who are brand new to the writing world, and other authors I just adore. I find that building relationships is the easiest for me, I just wish I had more time to devote to all of you.

Final Thoughts.

So that is my blogging experience. Some days are good, some days are bad, but know that I always love the experience and what it's already taught me. I've never met a better group of people to be involved with and I thank Elana, Alex and ALL OF YOU for supporting me in my blogging and writing life, you are all an inspiration.

A Little Extra:
I hope each of you takes away a little something. Just remember that what Elana, Alex and I have written is just about OUR experiences, it doesn't mean it works for everyone, but if you can take a little something extra then you should!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Don't blog crap

Woohoo!!! It's Thursday!!!!

Be sure to check out my Gossip Giveaway!!

Elana Johnson, Alex Cavanaugh and I are at it again!!! Check out their point of views on WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT!

(Alex will post about this and our next topic tomorrow!!!)

Ever have that day where you wake up and you don't have ANYTHING to talk about?

Yeah, don't worry, we all have those days!!!

That's when I tap into my idea bucket. That's right, what I like to call my idea bucket, it's where I jot down things that I COULD blog about when I run out of things to say.

Right now in my bucket I have about 4 ideas sitting there. I write all my blogs on Sunday so that means throughout the week when I have ideas I don't use them, I house them just incase on Sunday I'm not full of ideas! It's good to have something to always fall back on!

However just incase you don't have an idea bucket like me (which I think you should strongly consider) here are some tips to help you get through your blogging schedule!

1. Fun ideas - Seriously... I cannot talk enough about FUN! I have a blogging schedule I go by when I run out of things... This is a guide for me when I've lost all blogging ability. It looks like this:
Writings on the wall - An experiment where I write standing up and share what I wrote.
Tuesday Twist - I find three books I'm interested in, share the synopsis with you and ask which one you would read WITHOUT knowing the title. At the end I reveal the title and author and see your response on what you thought.
Wednesday Writing - A post related to writing or inspiration, characters, outlining, quotes, anything I want.
Truth Thursdays - Sharing five things about myself that can sometimes be insanely weird.
Friday - Misc. day... talk about giveaways, life, writing, the world is my playground.
2. Look Out - Scope out what bloggers are talking about. It helps you gauge what's on people's mind and could give you some awesome inspiration from someone else's blog idea. Make sure if you steal their idea that you give them credit for it!
3. Writing - There are several processes to follow when writing a book, depending on what phase your end you can talk about it. Talk about your favorite process of writing. I love character collages so there are times I'll share pictures with you to show off what I've been working on!
4. Life & Love - Sometimes we need a break from writing, reading or talking about both. Share some interesting and fun facts about yourself... or if they're not interesting make them that way.

FOR INSTANCE: Right now I'm watching the Rachel Zoe project. That statement is not very fun at the moment... however I can jazz it up...

Currently I'm watching Rachel Zoe going giddy over Kate Hudson in London, while I'm dreaming of getting off my bum to take a shower and follow by making myself a full stack of pancakes. Still dreaming since I'm still blogging... will remain hungry for time being.

(SEE, I just jazzed it up!)

So when you think you're all blogged out, remember there is always something that you can make interesting, always a structure you can fall back on to make yourself an easy week, if not, start stalking the blogs for inspiration!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gossip Giveaway

Happy Freakin' Wednesday Folks!

Few things!
Crystal Cook is doing an amazing art giveaway! Her own work, you must see it!!!
Melissa is having a very fun Harry Potter Giveaway!
Talli Roland is having a spectacular blogsplash! Be sure to join!
Kim (my sister) took some fun "engagement" photos of me and my husband! Check them out and give her some blog love and support!!!


We've taken a break from the teaching's of things to know in the blogging world for a super awesome review & giveaway! Don't worry Elana, Alex will be back tomorrow & friday for more blogging advice!

It's going to be a Sunshiny Day... wanna know why?

Cause I'm sharing about Rose Cooper's debut novel Gossip From The Girl's Room!!!

Here's a synopsis:
Gossip from the Girls’ Room fills readers in on all there is to learn about middle school life at Middlebrooke, where Sofia has her very own blog and discusses all the juicy gossip that comes out of the Girls’ room; read along to find out just what happens when class is not in session.

In Sofia's words . . .
Mia St. Claire is only the most popular girl in all of Middlebrooke Middle School. For three very obvious reasons:
1. She's very rich.
2. She has tons of money.
3. She can buy anything and everything she wants. And she does.
I'm sure people like her for other reasons too, but none of those reasons are obvious enough for me to really know. Or care about, for that matter.

Here's my thoughts:
Sofia Becker is looking to be super popular with the! To get there she must find out things that other people don't know, and there is only one place to find that... the girls room.

She learns things uber-popular Mia, who she secretly despises, and later tries to befriend. Along with a few other secrets she finds she begins posting them to make her way to the top of the food chain.

Of course we all know that where you are at in Middle School and High School is where you'll stay, but Sofia's climb to the top is funny and sweet. Your typical Middle Schooler misplacing notebooks, losing & making up with friends, and working her hardest to be popular, you can't help but love this read!!!

In the end sometimes gossip will get you in trouble. Must read to see!

With fun words like Sunturday and awesome illustrations you'll be swept of your feet in awesomeness as this book takes you on one wild ride in Sofia's Middle School days.

So what better way then to have a giveaway! Up for grabs a Pre-ordered copy of Gossip From The Girls Room!

Here is how you enter:
Follow Me & Rose
Sidebar Us
Blog About Us
Comment - Now these are super special comments. You must leave one for both Rose and I. They must be SUPER creative and about the opposite person you post on. For Rose's blog the rumor must be more about me, and for My blog the rumor must be about Rose.

Rose's blog: Jen won Prom Queen after saving a cat from a burning building, but her boyfriend Billy broke up with her and decided to date Rose instead because he hated cats.

Jen's blog: Rose was invited to a pool party at Jimmy Parker's place but Jen stole all her clothes & bathing suit from the bathroom and Rose had to wear an ugly brown one piece instead.

Make sense?! So hop to it, comment on my blog and run over to Rose's and comment there. THIS IS MANDATORY, if you don't GOSSIP you won't be ENTERED.

How awful is that? I'm giving you permission to gossip about Rose and I... why wouldn't that be fun?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love's Comments and Sparkles

Day Two of this fabulous Trifecta! Make sure to stop by Elana Johnson, Alex Cavanaugh blogs for their point of views!!! (Alex will post tomorrow)

Today's topic...

Comments, and how to get them.

Whether you are new to the blogging world, or have been around for quite sometime, we all love comments.

You know that special time of day, you open up your inbox, ready for a Squee worthy moment, the sun radiating off the page, it hurts your eyes, you shy away (for just a moment) ready to celebrate the number of comments you received for that day, and when you finally adjust your eyes you see that trusty, number...



Wait, what?? What did I do wrong? Am I not good enough? Do they not like me? Did my mom forget to make her special brownies again?

Okay, okay, so this isn't ALL of you, some of you get several comments, some of you are perfectly happy with the number you receive, but just incase you're a little low for the liking I'll give you the best tips I know on how to snag those extra few comments.

1. Active Blogging - Structure is important in the blogging world. Your followers need to know when you'll stop by. If you only blog M-W-F then you want to let your followers know. Create a button that says how often you blog. I'm an every day (M-F) blogger (for those who are unsure!)
2. Fun & Interesting (with questions) - People don't always know what to say so it's easier to keep the conversation light but also leave a question so they have something to comment on. Unless you are a fan of "That's a great post" then keep doing what you're doing.
4. Comment - If you don't comment on their's, they won't visit. Make sure they are meaningful and heartfelt, the shorter and more universal, the less likely they'll believe you actually read their blog post.
5. Be Nice - both on your blog and on those you take time to comment. If you're rude no one will want to visit. Even while critiquing one's work, be respectful.
6. A little extra - For me personally I like when I can have people comment on my blog and in return I can send them a response back via email, to ensure they got it. Not everyone who comments on my blog has an email attached. That is just a little extra of mine, it's a nicer way to connect with someone and in the end they could become your follower. Something to think about it. I know it helps me know who to follow!

PS, after you've been blogging for awhile you'll realize the more comments you have the more overwhelmed you feel. Not everyday can I reach all of those who comment on my blog, but they're the first place I go to, it's important that they know I was there, I read and I enjoyed! I do my best not to feel guilty, some days it's just to big to conquer.

And there are a few of you who take a different approach, for instance Candyland has her blog drugged (no, seriously) there is something in her blog that makes you drawn to it. I personally prefer a more legal approach, I leave sparkle dust on all my comments and it brings you back to me :) Muahahaha!!!

Let's hope the next time you see your inbox it's filled with more love!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Blog Trifecta - Come Follow Me!!

Hello World.

Hello Lovers.

The Trifecta is HERE! Elana Johnson, Alex Cavanaugh and I are going to help YOU become better bloggers!!!

Today's Topic: Followers

Let's Date.

Seriously, I want to make this work.

Following is a lot like dating...

long distance that is.

It's important to know what your followers are thinking.

So here is my secret:


Just kidding...

Brownies, sparkles and candy may be in my bucket of awesome, but you'll need to make your own buckets (I don't like to share).

Okay let's get serious...

I've been blogging since January of this year and this is the advice I've gained on how to gain the proper following:

1. Blog Hop - When following your favorite blogs, fish out for new bloggers. When I take time to comment, I often find someone commenting I don't know so I decide to jump over and FOLLOW (only if I like what I see!)

2. Blog Theme - Interactive & fun is key! If you want people to follow you, you want to stay AWESOME. Make sure you stay fun, creative, and always have brownies available!

3. Keep Colors Simple - The harder your blog is to read, the shorter the visit for a newcomer, they want to be whisked away to some place super fun and EASY to read. I will say a splash of color never hurt anyone!!!

4. No Garbage - Make sure your blog is easy to open, don't overload your blog with things that weigh it down. Music players, awards and a few links are fine, just try not to go overboard.

Most of all, stay awesome! Be sweet and respectful when newcomers stop by and make sure to show them love!!!

So there you are... my serious and version to find followers!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Happy Saturday!!!

This is a super quick post! I just wanted to announce the winner of the CSN Stores giveaway!!!


Teenage Bride aka Jillian!!!

Thanks again for everyone who entered!!! Keep in mind that next week and the following week I'll be giving awesome book prizes so keep a look out for the two upcoming Wednesdays!!!

Also, I apologize for not getting to anyone's comments on Friday! Just know that I will make my rounds, I've been very busy in reality and haven't had time to catch up. I will though! I promise!!!

What are you all up to this weekend?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Did I mention that I love you?

I think my blog title says it all... but just incase you were unaware.

I HAVE LOVE FOR YOU!!! Like seriously, lots of love. Like in-between a fat kid loves cake and romantically involved.

Kind of like stalker love... though less creepy... maybe.

Okay and I have a HUGE announcement to make, the fabulous Elana Johnson has set up an awesome blog trifecta where we (Elana, ME, and Alex) will share our blogging experiences and rules with YOU! I'm talking all about how to gain followers, comment love & what to blog about. So the old me is back and she will leave no prisoners behind!! It's going to be THREE points of AWESOMENESS and you don't want to miss out!

So NOW I'm back to the questions!!! The questions you all asked were fanatastic! I have had so much fun sifting through my deep inner thoughts (Ha-ha even I got myself on that one... deep thoughts, yeah right), anywho, I've got more fun questions!


THIS IS NORMALLY NOT ME! I will behave next week. Trust me.

So why waste time?

Em-Musing asked:

Q: What's the password? ;)
A: Like I'd tell you.

Amie B asked:

If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Speaking of chickens, why DID the chicken cross the road?
How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?
Will the world ever know? Yo Gabba Gabba - why? oh please why? both my eyes and ears are bleeding.
Chocolate or vanilla?

Of course! I have the ability to hear when tree's fall, it's a gift only I possess. I know, I'm lucky.
The chicken egg.
To get AWAY from Chick-fil-A.
Never make it that far.
You should see a doctor.
Chocolate,vanilla swirl... I know, I'm never fair.

Talei asked:

Q: Of all the novels you have written thus far, which one has your favourite characters -and why? ;)

A: Wow!!! Way to put a girl on the spot! My favorite would have to be Sadie & Tully. I break rules all the time, I love all my characters for all types of reasons, but I love Tully because I would love to BE her, have her strength and kindness, and I love Sadie because she reminds me so much of myself, minus some likes of her's that I can't stand!

Summer Ross asked:

Q: Whats your favorite pen to write with and would you be willing to post a picture of you writing with it? :)

A: It's funny that you asked this, I have tendinitis in my hands so often times I can only type so that I can get things on paper so much faster, but when I write I use a pencil, no pen, I like the words to flow and I love the feeling of pencil on paper!!

Aspiring X asked:

Q: if you were only given these two options to consume for the rest of your life, which would you pick? jellified smurf, jerk-i-fied griffin, or starvation?

A: This was WAY TO EASY!! I love spicy food so without a doubt I choose jerk-i-fied griffin. Shh! Don't tell Harry, Hermione & Ron, or Hagrid, I don't think they'd like me to much, but you can't help what you like!

Angie asked:

Q: What was your favorite board game to play as a kid and why? (Inspired by your candyland shirt).

A: Clue, my two sisters and I always played! Me and one of my sisters would gang up on the other one just to get her to play, we lied and told her we'd play parcheesi when we were done, let's just say we never played parcheesi.

Ellie asked:

Q: If you were a fairy, what would you be called and what colour would you be?

A: Fantastic question!! Again this was WAY to easy!! I'm actually writing a story about a fairy and I designed her to be exactly what I would want to be! Her name is Fina and she is green & blue, when she's nervous her colors darken and glitter, when she's in the real world her wings become a beautifully laced white glittery sweater. Her eyes never change, they are different shades of greens and blue and much like a mood ring they change to match her mood.

Michelle asked:

Q: How do you handle computer failure (any kind from internet down to viruses to total crash)? Cry? Panic? Toss the whole thing out the window?

A: I'll say that I wouldn't be here right now. I would have smashed it (much like Office Space and their printer) and then thrown it out several windows. Needless to say my husband keeps a close eye on our electronics.

Lindsay asked:

Q: Hmm. A question...if you could be a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

A: One that changes colors, I think they're called Maple Trees (don't quote me) I love fall, it's my favorite time of year, and I want (much like every girl I know) to be able to change my look with each coming season, leaves and all. :)

Crystal asked:

Q: What did you used to pretend to be when you were a kid? Like if you were playing something imaginary.

A: A Princess, I even walked down the stairs (in my backyard, they were gross and run-down, but hey they were stairs), one my sisters was the Queen (wretched she was) and the other a peasant (by choice, she was always different)

Joanne asked:

Q: Which superhero would you be?

A: Sparkly Idea Girl - With me around, ideas are always found (Lame? Guess you won't think so when I give you that shiny new idea of yours... don't worry, you'll thank me later)

E. Elle asked:

Q: Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little? If yes, tell us about him/her!

A: No imaginary friends. That doesn't mean I didn't make believe with my stuffed animals, we had family meetings where I would prop my comoforter up against the wall and treat it as a makeshift couch and we'd talk out our problems. More fun!

LTM asked:

Q: OK, how about this one. It's lame, I know: Flying or invisible: Which super power would you choose and why?

A: This is NOT lame! It was one of my favorites!!! I choose to be invisible... I would be able to fly for free, stay anywhere and everywhere I choose because no one could see me. Yeah it would take time, but hey it'd be free!!

Emily asked:

Q: There are three types of people in this world. Those who can count and those who can't. Which one are you?

A: Emily, My husband died laughing reading this are very creative my friend!

Connie asked:

What villain would you be?
Rockstar or moviestar?
Pink or orange?

Professor Snape (cause he's bad, but not awful)
Moviestar (I'm not much for music)
Pink (or orange, depending on what we are refering to!)

Lenny asked:

Q: if you could be a animal what would you be and why. if you could go on a trip any where in the world but now in the united states where would you go and why would you go there.
A: I would be my cats, they have life so easy!!! Hogwarts... what? You didn't say it couldn't be make believe!

Kelly asked:

Q: If you could have cake or ice cream -but never both- for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
A: WAY TO EASY!! I am not a cake fan at all... so hands down I'd choose ice cream... FOR LIFE.

Candyland asked:

Q: Okay, if you HAD to choose between Brady and Brady, who would it be? Oh wait...Let me try again.
If New Medicine toured with any band that would make you say "I HAVE TO GO!!!" Who would it be?
A: You crack me up!! I would die for the following: A Fine Frenzy, Paramore & Imogen Heap

Jolene asked:

Q: Which books have you read that as soon as you put them down, you kind of wanted to start at the beginning again, and which books are you looking forward to re-reading?
A: Gossip From the Girls Room, Hex Hall & Harry Potter Series. Looking foward to re-reading would be all of those, but to add to the pile would be Matched, and The Cinderella Society to be ready for the sequels!

Lynda asked:

Q: Would you rather be insane and intersting or sane and boring? ;)Would you choose the road that's straight and open with broad skies above? Or would you choose the winding road which is shadowed by forest?
A: Insane and interesting (which is great since I'm already there). This depends for how long, but as long as no traffic is involved I choose the forest, Iowa is always so open along with Texas, give me the trees!!!

The Words Crafter:

Q:It's always interesting and fun here, so no worries! Hmmmm, if you had to marry one, who would it be? Aragorn? Frodo? Legolas? Eomer?
A: Aragorn... he was hot (Shh! Don't tell the hubs)

N.R. Williams asked:

Q: If you could never write again, what would you do? Let's qualify that and say because something happened to your fingers.
A: Art therapist for young adults, helping them cope with abuse.

Careerminded05 asked:

Q: Have you ever been hungry and didn't know what you wanted to eat, so you didn't eat?
A: OMG YES! IT drives me nuts!!! I just hope that what I want eventually comes to mind!

This was insanely long so thank you for reading whatever one's sounded interesting to you!!!! I appreciate the love and comments!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hot Fudge Brownies, Sparkles and Answers

We need to talk.

Don't leave... I have something to say, it's probably going to upset you, but, well you see, I don't have brownies. And if I'm going to be truthful, I've run out of sparkles.

WAIT!! I know, I know, I shouldn't lie, but how else am I supposed to get you people to visit my blog. Instead I'll be answering YOUR questions over the next two days! You know you love it!!!

By Golly Miss Molly you asked a ton! Which I love! Shows you a little more randmoness (from yours truly!).

First things First - A little blog love!

Serena is NEW to the blogging world!! She is fantastic! She just switched up her blog and I think as bloggers we should all hop over and say hello! We need to show her what an awesome writing support system (and just regular support system) we have on these blogs! So GO NOW (or after I answer questions!)

MY GIVEAWAYS - I currently have a $60 giftcard for CSN stores up for grabs! I'll choose the winner tomorrow so make sure you get your name in!!!

I have two upcoming contests as well one for Sophie Jordan's Firelight & one for Rose Cooper's Gossip from the Girl's Room! Be on the look out for all this awesomeness in the next few weeks!!

So tons to come next week, but for the next two days it's all about MOI! I'm answering those super fun questions you all asked me!!! Thanks Vicki for the fabulous idea!

Okay... SO on WITH the QUESTIONS!!!!

The Alliterative Allomorph asked:

Q: When you're eating a salad at a restaurant, and a fancy lettuce stalk accidentally goes up your nose while attempting to insert it into your mouth, what do you do? Try to hide it, or joke about it?

A: Well Jess, that’s the trouble with lettuce, the fancier the more embarrassing. I would joke about it, I’m a jokester and it’s easier to live with the story than to pretend it never happened.

Jen Brubacher asked:

Q: Okay, here's a question, since I don't know you well at all: What's your favourite book? (No cheating! Your favourite book *ever.*)

A: Wow! Favorite book, Jen you are really putting me on the spot. I refuse to answer my favorite book, but I will choose my favorite novel that made me want to become a writer, and that would be Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, I thought I’d rule the chick lit world… turns out romance is something I need work on.

Vicki Rocho asked:

Q: I used to have a recurring dream as a kid (still have it as an adult sometimes) that aliens have landed and are looking for me. It's dark, the mother ship is just down the street, and they are closing in. WHAT do you do?

(Might I suggest you not hide in the closet? They ALWAYS look there...)

A: Vicki never lets me down... she's amazing!!! What a nutty dream to have, but I'm not allowed to talk since I have quite a few of those myself. Okay so what would I do if the aliens were closing in?

Easy - I'd grab Frankie, my trusty sidekick (who I just made up for this exercise) and we'd grab our uber cool limited edition flashlight/radio/alien signaler/catcher were we could scope out the aliens and zap them out of sight. All of this would be done under our trusty invisibility cloak, after all this was happening inside Hogwarts gates so apparation isn't allowed.

Misha asked:

Q: Have you ever thought you'd sell your soul for a piece of chocolate?

If yes... what kind and what kind of volumes are we talking about?

A: Sorry Misha, this one was way to easy. I’m one of those woman who really doesn’t like a whole lot of chocolate so I would never have to sell my soul for it. However if you were to ask it about Gummy Bears my answer might have been different Muahahaha!!

Bish Denham asked:

Q: If you could be a flower what flower would you be?
What does your brain sound like when you're writing?

A: Easy Peasy I’d be a lady slipper, because it has a super fun name and looks like a slipper, what’s not to like… oh and I want it to be pink.

Oh and my brain makes a beautiful sound while writing, it replays Bird of the Summer by A Fine Frenzy, over and over... utter bliss.

Christine Danek asked:

Q: You are suddenly sucked into another dimension, what is the one thing you want to have sucked with you? (does that make sense?) What would you want with you from this dimension?

A: This one is super tough… I would take my wand, since I’m as awesome at spells, just like Hermione Granger, I can get anything I want by a simple charm spell “accio husband, accio cats, accio ice cream!”

NOTE: My husband would like to bring a personal chef. LOL I had to add it, it was cute he even offered up an answer.

I'VE STOPPED! This post is already MEGA LONG, so I'll save the rest my lovelies, for tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A B*tch Named Karma

Woohoo!!! Happy Hump Day all my fabulous bloggers!!!

Today is a very exciting and also very sad day!!! I have a very special blogger & author to interview and it will be my LAST INTERVEIW for awhile!!

I've had so much fun in all of this, but it's time this tough cookie takes a break from giving the blog love and starts treating herself to some hot fudge brownies, sparkles & blogging. Oh yeah... be on the look out for tomorrow's blog... it's going to be epic!

NOW MEET TODAY'S FEATURE!! She's fabulous!! I just dove into her novel last night and ALREADY I'm in love! This is an ADULT novel.

Featured Writer: Stephanie Haefner

Novel - A Bitch Named Karma

When author Lexi Marshall’s perfectly fabulous life of designer clothes, nights on the town with her sexy boyfriend, and a successful writing career literally go up in flames, she must take on Karma and fight to gain control over her life.

Lexi believes her cliché-filled novels are the reason for Karma’s wrath and after a high calorie pity party, she’s determined to rebuild her life to what it once was...that is, until her gynecologist utters a phrase she never expected or wanted to hear: she’s pregnant. Unfortunately, the father is her fresh out-of-the-closet best friend and not the new man in her life.

1. Do you believe in Karma? Have you ever had to face it head on?

I’m not sure if I absolutely believe in karma per say, but I do believe in treating people the way you would want to be treated. And there have been a few times where I’ve definitely got what was coming to me! LOL!

2. Any other books currently in the works? Care to share some secret sexy details?

Of course I can share!! I recently signed two contracts with Lyrical Press. They are both romantic fiction stories, much shorter than a novel though. The first is Paradise Cove, a story about a woman, who in the blink of an eye, decides to leave her boring life and buy a resort in Cancun. The second is titled Soap Dreams, about a woman and the love from her past, who is now back in her life. And I’m currently hard at work on the sequel to A Bitch Named Karma, titled Karma Kameleon. Very excited for that, and hoping my readers will be just as excited to read the next chapter of Lexi’s life.

3. What is a day in the life of Stephanie like?

LOL, well, it’s not all that exciting! I have two kids and am lucky enough to be able to stay home. While school is in session, we are up around 7:15 and the next hour is a whirlwind of breakfast, getting dressed, teeth and hair brushing, lunch making, etc… Once my daughter is on the bus, it’s just me and my son. We go to the gym in the morning and then clean up and do any household chores that need doing. After lunch, my son takes his nap and I have the house all to myself. Silence is never as golden! I hop on the computer til my husband comes home from work, then my son gets up, my daughter comes home and we have dinner. After dinner is cleaned up, there’s homework, family activities, baths, whatever else. Bedtime for the kiddos then it’s either some TV time, or I am back on the computer. But right now it’s summer, so that entire routine is out the window. Not entirely sure how I managed to add almost 30,000 words to my manuscript in July!

4. Did you always know you’d be a writer or did you set yourself up first on a different path before discovering? Did you know you’d always write Romance?

Ha…I will try and keep the answer to this one brief! I had always had my hands in artsy things when I was a kid and writing little stories and even illustrating them was something I did. And I kept a diary…religiously. I have several of them….chronicling every day of my preteen and teen years!! I ended up going to a vocational high school and took Horticulture. (We learned how to arrange flowers, do landscaping and grow plants in the greenhouses.) I joined the FFA, but we didn’t really do the things most FFA kids did…we were a city school and mainly participated in floriculture contests and parliamentary procedure contests. I was the reporter for our chapter and started writing little articles about our club’s happenings and had them published in local newspapers. That was when I first saw my name and words in print and I liked it! My senior year I applied to two colleges- one for Floriculture Merchandising and another for Journalism. I was accepted for both programs and chose Floriculture. To this day I am not even sure why. I worked in the floral industry for several years as a floral designer, even ran my own business for a while, specializing in wedding florals. But then I started writing fiction. One day I just picked up a pen and wrote down one of the many ideas that popped into my head. I remember feeling so accomplished after writing 11 pages of text (single spaced). I went on to work on other stories and it just took over my life. I lost all interest in my flower business and decided to give it up.

When I first started writing seriously, I didn’t have a clue what to even call it, but romance was definitely there. My early inspirations were from the diaries I wrote as a kid…when crushes and teen romances were my entire world. And that’s what I enjoyed reading about, so naturally that is what I wrote about. I think romantic stories speak to everyone, even if they won’t admit it. I don’t know one single person who is not looking/hoping for love!

5. Do your characters speak to you? Or do you make them talk?

When I write, I kinda watch a movie in my head….and then write down what happens. So I guess they talk to me!!

Fun & Random Facts

Pizza joint: Little place near my house called Deniros…love the blackened crispy pepperoni!
Sweet or Salty: Not sure if I can answer that one….whenever I eat one, I always crave the other right afterward!
Snow Princess or Cloud Princess: I’d have to say Cloud Princess. Not a big fan of snow.
Fashion Designer or Floral Designer: LOL!! Too funny that you ask that!! I’d have to say Floral Designer…because I already know that is something I am good at!!
Zombies or Vampires: Definitely Zombies! But I have a soft spot for them…I won a trip to LA last year and was fortunate enough to see a scene being filmed for Zombieland. So so cool!
Book: I have to say The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, by Ann Brasshares. They’re the only books I have read several times and can still cry and laugh every time.
TV Show: Man, another tough question! Just one??? How I Met Your Mother, Glee and Dancing with the Stars. Sorry…don’t think I could pick a fav out of those!

Stephanie is one of my favorite bloggers! Always a sweetheart, and some of the best posts!! Be sure to stop by and say hello!!! Here is her website and lyrical press site as well!