Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love in a NUTSHELL

Listen. We all know this thing called love. People love to love.

Which is why I've chosen to read Janet Evanovich & Dorien Kelly's Love in a Nutshell!

And I must say if you've yet to read it... PLEASE jump on the bandwagon. My heart fluttered and the smile stayed on my face through the entire thing!

Now most of you know that I also am a part of Afterglow Book Reviews, and though this tale was a total AFTERGLOW! Those reviews are for Middle Grade and Young Adult. That being said this novel could not go unnoticed!

During this revising and querying time, along with waiting to hear adoption news, it kept my mind at ease!!! So lets get to the fun of it all! The review!!!


Kate Appleton is a hot mess and from page one that will entice you.

Fact - She's lost her job.
Fact - She lives in an old broken down house that she'd like to make into a bed and breakfast.
Fact - She has no money.

This hard headed female doesn't let that stop her. She marches right to the gentlemen who got her fired in the first place. The hottie who owns a very popular brewery and who will soon own her heart, Matt.

He gives her a job - To spy on his employees. Some strange things have been happening and he wants to find out who's behind it. Kate agrees only after they negotiate a 'finders fee' for when she finds who did it. $20K to fix up the dilapidated house she currently resides in.

Danger brings them closer together and Matt falls heavy for Kate. She falls heavy for the money, and together they are both in harms way if they don't solve who's behind the bar fires, leaking of the beers, and various other dramas that reach them both.

This tale was AMAZING! Janet Evanovich is a rockstar and I have a new favorite author - Dorien Kelly. I give this novel five BRAVOS well done!


What delicious reads have you been reading? Tell me! I'd love a new read!

Also I wanted to share that a wonderful friend of mine thought I was a great choice for the best book blog and nominated me over at Jeff Goins' blog! I'm honored and feeling totally appreciated! Feel free to stop by the BLOG and vote for your favorite!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Endless Adventure of Waiting

I'm here.

Where is here you ask?

Sitting in front of a computer screen composing this post. My inbox is of course to my left, in which every word I write I'll stop, peek over, and see I've yet to miss anything except for the ongoing Kohl's sale.

To my right sits my owl coffee cup, he keeps asking me 'Owl I'm doing' and I want to tell him I'M FREAKING OUT. Too bad I can't because the cupcake I decided to have for breakfast is still being devoured and a giant piece is shoved in my cake hole unable to tell him.

He knows. I don't know why he asks. I share my stats with him daily. We talk over the delicious cup of tea each morning. He knows when I'm sad, happy, or in that dreaded place of the in-between.

Waiting is such a vicious place to be stuck. And for this TYPE A (points to self) personality, losing any amount of control seems to kill a piece inside of me. Hence the whole pack of cupcakes I purchased this morning, and no, sharing is not on the menu.

So what do I plan to do while waiting for rejections and requests?

Share randomness about myself.

1. I cannot put my face under the covers. I feel like I can't get a good breath, therefor I'd suffocate and I'm not sure I want to die by suffocation of cheap bed sheets.

2. I still wear Christmas socks. They're the only knee-length ones I own so I'll continue to wear them as they keep my legs warm and toasty. Unless you'd like to send me fun ones. I would allow it.

3. In my house everyone has their own theme song. Including my cats. My Siamese (may he rest in kitty heaven) had a Christmas style one, the calico has a cute one about her weight (tastefully done), and my midnight black kitty has an excellent rap.

There you have it. I've wasted a few minutes and chances are if you've read this in entirety I've wasted the same amount of time for you.

You're welcome.

Monday, February 4, 2013

I have no excuse not to read

Monday is upon us and for many, work goes on.

I'm not referring to the lucky ones. Those writers who's job leaves in them in pajamas, zombie-walking to the kitchen to brew a fresh pot of coffee where they mull over what social media site to visit first.

I'm discussing the ones who still work their 8-5 job (or 24 hours of mom-hood), that leave them a day of pondering on their novel before they're actually able to touch the pages and produce magic.

However, rather than shedding a dark shadow over my forty hour work week I'd like to say I'm one of the blessed.

Reading is a hobby, an escape, and research.

For the writers in us it's a chance to tackle the understanding of story-telling and editing to brilliance. For reader in us it's simply a chance to escape. Now, like most of you, I find those little increments of time where I can sneak in a few pages between writing, editing, diaper changing, and report completing.

An additional one I possess is at work. No, I do not read on my kindle or bring a paperback to read during lunch. There is this lovely invention that is sweeping the nation (or that should've have already swept through or should start, like, now).

They are audiobooks. Those precious gems that captivate your work day for hours on end. So, though you may be finishing up last minute details for an upcoming report, you're still traveling to another land in search of a missing artifcat.

I now have no excuse not to read and feel like a lucky one. I may not be able to write or edit during my work day but at least I'm captivated by those who've already finished their novels and are dying for me to read their novel... or in this case, listen to the tall tale they shared with the world.

My current distraction: The Books of Elsewhere - The Shadows

How do you make time to read? What's on your list?