Friday, July 30, 2010

Kick Ass Quotes

So I figured If CrAzY please apply was so successful we should continue with some awesome inspiration and motivational crap that makes us feel more together as a whole writing community. I mean if we don't stick together everyone will think we're crazy so here are some fun things I've recently come by!!!

1. Make eavesdropping a way of life. {I mean how else are you going to come up with some good shizz?}

2. Writing fiction is a matter of sitting down to tell yourself a good story. {It aint gonna write itself}

3. If you don't return calls from your muse, there's a chance they'll stop calling. {so listen up people because if you don't they'll find someone else who will}

4. It is better to write poorly than to not write at all. {Go ahead... suck it up!}

5. Every good writer is a sponge: soak it up, wring it out. {You might wanna change it sometimes too... no one wants to be known as the smelly sponge of the bunch}

Feel free to add any extras if you have them!!!

BTW - Sorry I've been a bad blog commentor this week, I've been working hard on my revisions and had to put something aside, but fear not because next week I am to be on my best behavior!! Hooray for finishing post-it revisions!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Truth Thursdays - Maggie and I are besties!!!

Happy Thursday my lovely bloggers!!!

So last night I went to Blue Willow for the Maggie Stiefvater book signing and it was even more fun than I imagined!

First off she is crazy just like the rest of it, although unlike the authors I've met she lets her freak flag fly high!!!

Wanna see?

TOLD YOU SHE ROCKS, didn't I?! Don't you already love her??

So I know I told you this was truth thursdays, and I don't plan to disappoint. Here are my truths for the day!

1. Blue Willow Bookshop is my favorite bookshop!

2. Maggie Stiefvater rocked my world with awesomeness!!

3. My sis and I were #1 in the signing line and couldn't have picked a better number!

4. We ate at the best local burger shop beforehand which was DELICIOUS!

5. Oh and Maggie & I are besties! Don't believe me?? Just look at the picture below.

Don't you see it? She's sitting super close to me... it's a sign isn't it?! Truth be told the "photographer" was kind of pushing the line along, and apparently we weren't moving quickly enough! So if you don't have your copy of SHIVER or LINGER, get your buns of steel over to B&N and snag a copy pronto!!! You need to be ready for when the next installment (FOREVER) comes out! And no, she will not tell you the color of the cover or print inside, that my friends you'll have to wait for!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010



Check out the upcoming blog fest! It's going to be fun! For details hit the sidebar picture (Guess that character) and sign up today!! For those who've signed up already (YOU ROCK) Feel free to snag the picture and place it on your blog! Too fun!

Kari over at Under the Fairy Dust has one awesome contest happening where tons of books are being given away! Feel free to check out that! Or don't... so I can win... Muah-ha-ha... just kidding, but seriously not.

I'm going to see the lovely Maggie Stiefvater tonight with my sister!!! So if you are in the houston area and would like to see her Blue Willow Bookshop will be hosting the event! Buy your book there, pick up your signing ticket and enjoy!

Now to the author of the day!

Jennifer Hillier is someone I just recently met and had to interview!!! Her first novel CREEP is to debut in 2011 agented by Victoria Skurnick of Levine Greenberg Literary Agency and published by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. So let's get this interview started with a kick ass synopsis!

Synopsis pulled from her blog:
Everything bad that's happened to popular psychology professor Sheila Tao is her own damn fault.

Had she told her investment banker fiancé about her sex addiction from the beginning, maybe he wouldn't have walked out a week before their wedding.

Had she not had an affair with her student, Ethan Wolfe, maybe her career at the university wouldn't be dangling by a thread.

Had Ethan Wolfe not been the serial killer responsible for the deaths of several homeless women in the Seattle area, maybe Sheila wouldn't be shackled to a bed in his state-of-the art kill room, wondering how the hell she could have been so stupid.

CREEP is a character-driven psychological thriller that explores what happens when you cheat on your fiancé with Hannibal Lecter.


1. After the complicated mess Sheila has gotten herself into it makes me wonder, have you ever been in a scary relationship before?

Not unless I'm considered the scary one. Kidding aside, no, I haven't (thank God). But I have made my share of bad choices, and CREEP explores the worst case scenario (the nightmare scenario, really) of making terrible decisions. I've always been interested in the dark side of human nature, and it's a theme that pops up constantly in my work.

2. Are you one to dabble in several different genres or are thrillers your calling?

I'm pretty sure thrillers are my calling, but watch me eat those words in a few years. My first novel (a.k.a. my trunk novel) was a horror. I'd love to attempt something like that again, but I find writing horror really hard. Thrillers are easier because they tend to be grounded in reality. With horror, it's harder for me to suspend my disbelief, which makes the writing a bigger challenge. And if I can't suspend my disbelief, I can't very well expect readers to suspend theirs. But someday I'd love to write a juicy, gory horror novel. I'm a huge Stephen King fan.

3. Dare to share any new pieces you are working on?

Right now I'm working on a novel that shares some of the same characters as CREEP. I don't know that I'd go so far as to call it a sequel – it's more like a spin-off, and if I can pull it off, it will be able to stand on its own. My other WIP is a novel I've been picking at for two years, in between revisions (and during Query Hell) for CREEP. I actually think this book (a supernatural thriller) is some of my best writing, but the story doesn't flow easily. Go figure.

4. When you snagged the agent of your dreams (after query hell of course) how did you react? Scream, Jump in the air, kill a character? Feel free to divulge the story of excitement here! Everyone is waiting in anticipation!

That was a great day. I hadn't expected to hear back from this agent (now my agent) so soon. I thought she would be in touch via email the following week, and I was anticipating a revise-and-resubmit. But the next day, she called offering me representation. I didn't hesitate to accept. When I got off the phone, I cried. And I am SO NOT a crier! But it was a happy, happy day. You can read all about The Call here

5. Do serial killers control your thoughts? Are they more of the main character for you than the real MC?

I love villains (and of course my preferred brand of villain is the serial killer). Sometimes I love them more than protagonists, and this goes for both reading and writing them. I firmly believe that protagonists should be interesting or likeable (ideally both), but with villains, anything goes. You can make a villain as horrible and evil and crazy as you want, and the more complex, the better. There's a freedom in writing characters like that, and a lot of glee in reading about them. CREEP has a lot of scenes in the killer's POV, so I guess in a way, serial killers do control my thoughts.

Fun & Random Questions
Pizza:New York Style all the way.
Beach or Mountains:Close call, but I have to go with the beach. Nothing feels better than the smell of the ocean and the sun on my face.
Chick flick or horror:Horror. But always with the lights on.
Barbie’s or Polly Pockets:Barbies. Mainly because I don't know what Polly Pockets are.
Zombies or Vampires :Vampires. Zombies make me nervous. You can't reason with them.
Book: IT by Stephen King.
Book Series:The Lincoln Rhyme novels by Jeffery Deaver. Lincoln is a quadriplegic forensics expert who catches serial killers. In my book, that also makes him a rock star.
TV Show:True Blood. It's such a crazy, bloody, unpredictable show. And it's funny, too.
Snow or rain:Ah… here is where I'm torn. I'm from Toronto, Canada, so I have a soft spot for snowy days. But I now live in Seattle, and I can't deny that rainy days are perfect for writing. I'd have to call it a draw.

Isn't she awesome!!! Doesn't her book rock??! So make sure to add it to your TBR list!!! Debuting in 2011! Check out her website!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guess that Character Blogfest!!

So I've decided to dive into the world of Blog Fests. I've joined in on a few but never taken the plunge to set up my own. However after Monday's post on having everyone guess on what my MC Stella looked like and then the big reveal today I got such rave reviews it's hard to not want to join in on the fun! Thank you to Amie from i Am alive for giving me the idea and Jessica and DL helping me with Mr. Linky!

So here are the details!!!

DATES - August 19th and 20th

August 19th
Post a snippet of the character you'd like to be identified. Try and make sure there are no descriptions of what they might look like. This blog fest is based purely on voice, action and personality. If you'd like an example you can see my post from Monday.

August 20th
The Big Reveal!!!! You will post the picture of your character with a short description of his/her personality and who you thought was the closest person to being correct (if anyone was close!) - For an example see my earlier post!

So that's it!!! If you have any questions I'm just an email away! I really hope you all take the time to sign up!! I'm working on making on a banner and once I do I'll find all of you who are participating and let you know it's up so you can add it to your blog!!!! I

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Revealing Stella

You guys rocked yesterday!!! Thank you so much for playing the game! It was so much fun reading all of your answers to see what everyone thought!!!

Most of you guessed blond hair, most everyone else chose red hair but the one you didn't choose so often was dark hair, brunette which is what my dear Stella is!

So what does she look like? Who was the closest to correct?

Creepy Query Girl : I think of a dark haired girl with a light complexion and hazel eyes. The name and personality also make me think she's willowy and graceful on the outside but sharp and sarcastic on the inside. Fun game- can't wait to find out what she looks like!

Below is the lovely Stella!!!

She lives in the 1800's so she has to dress in those very Marie Antoinette style dresses and a very elegant and sweet attitude/appearance but a very sarcastic and opinionated inner dialogue. She was a blast to write and I'm having fun revising her!

So how did it feel to be right? To be wrong? Do you find yourself wondering what people would say about your character? Then you should play along!! I'm going to be setting up a blogfest for this and I would love for everyone to join in!!! Stay tuned for the upcoming details!

Monday, July 26, 2010

She looks like what??

Stephanie over at Chronicle's of a Novice Writer had a wonderful topic last week about books vs. movies. How as readers we are often disappointed in the character choices.

It got me thinking. (my friend Nick would follow with - Oh geez)

What if what I imagine my character to look like is someone different then what you as readers would choose?

Isn't this a perfect time to play a game? Well I thought so! Below I've included a small snippet, nothing fancy, not much to go one but I want to see what your first reaction would be to the character, based soley on her attitude and way about things! I'll post what she looks like soon so you can see how close you were!!!


Beaded necklaces are a girl’s best friend. At least that’s what I tell myself until my sixteenth birthday rolls around where I’ll get my very own diamond necklace. It’s been a family tradition for years.

“Royalty gets the best my dear Stella” my grandmother always said. Don’t go thinking I’m a princess, because I’m nowhere close, it’s something my grandmother desperately wishes for, she's just yet to realize that's impossible.

“Your first set of diamonds won’t be your last either dear, especially after you marry Prince Kensington” there’s the kicker, the plan. Regardless it would not be the end of diamonds because throughout the years you are given them at certain times; however my grandmother would prefer I just marry the highest of royalty, the prince himself. Problem you ask? I don't want too, but in life sometimes you don't get that choice.


So what does Stella look like??

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful blog tour for LINGER!! So without further ado here is the long awaited interview with Maggie Stiefvater!! BTW - Winner of the book is at the bottom!

1. What all do you do when preparing your novel? Create an outline, movie trailer, book cover, character collages, or a music playlist?

I drink a lot of caffeine.

No, really I do. And then I write the book. Well, sort of. I tend to think that a lot of prep work that I used to do when I was younger was actually procrastinating. Character sketches are fun but don’t actually help me when it comes to putting that personality into practice in a novel. Book covers are also fun, but again, don’t actually do anything. Outlines are a little better, but I’m not good at being that organized. What I really need before I get started is the end scene, a rough understanding of the main characters and how they’ll interact, and several core scenes along the way. I used to call this a synopsis but I understand now that it isn’t, really.

I will say I use music playlists like they’re going out of style. It’s really important to me to know what the mood of my novel’s going to be, so I make playlists of music that will keep me in that frame of mind.

And again, more tea. And cookie dough helps too.

2. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment as an author? Any while book signing?

Well, at one book signing at my daughter’s school, she threw up while standing in front of the signing table. Does that count? I’d never actually inspired anyone to be physically sick before.

3. Are you one that creates your characters based on what you strive to be, based on yourself or based on real people? A mixture is allowed too!!

Yes, my characters are all super-hero authors and musicians with nicer abs than mine, better vacuuming habits, and bigger cars. Men want them and women want to be them. Not only do I strive to be them, but everyone does. Sheer awesome.

Actually, no. I try as much as awesome to make my characters real people, or people who could be real. My idea of success is if a character reminds a reader of someone they actually know or if they close the book and miss the characters because they feel real.

4. When did you decide you wanted to professionally write? What there an Ah-ha moment or have you always known?

I can’t actually remember a time when I wasn’t writing or fantasizing about being published. I had lists of books that I was planning to write when I was eight. I used to make catalogs of them and try to get my relatives to pre-order.

Yes, I was a strange child.

5. Was there ever another genre you thought you’d write in or have you always chosen this route?

I’m a big believer in the idea that you should write what you love to read. I’ve always loved to read books with a bit of magic in them, but not high fantasies, so . . . that’s usually what I write. Except for that brief time in my teens when I wrote about four IRA thrillers that sounded like they should star Harrison Ford. And that one really awful historical blockade runner novel. And the one high fantasy one about enchanters duking it out against an angsty backdrop of civil unrest. What can I say, we’re all experimental in our childhoods. Some things are best left unseen by the public.

6. With Shiver had you known there would be a sequel before you started writing?

Nope. I tend to prefer standalones, myself, unless each series book has a very definitive end. And now look at me!

Isn't she awesome!!! So to find out more about her here are some sites you can visit!

Maggie Stiefvater’s website
SHIVER series site
Maggie Stiefvater’s blog
Maggie Stiefvater’s Linger Book Trailer official Shiver page

SO WHO IS THE WINNER YOU ASK OF THIS AWESOME LINGER GIVEAWAY???? CANDYLAND!!!!!! My awesome random organizer (aka) my husband chose the awesome winner!!! So congrats!

Friday, July 23, 2010

if CrAzY please apply

ANNOUNCEMENT: If you have not signed up for my Linger Giveaway do so before you leave (the link is on my sidebar) I choose the winner Sunday! Good Luck!

Okay back to scheduled programming!

Lets lay it all out on the table... don't hold back, we all know that to be a writer you have to be a huge dose of CrAzY, the past couple of weeks I've seen some people asking themselves is they are a writer and I'm here to show you that you are!!!

You know you're a writer if...

--You talk to yourself throughout the day, the voices inside your head aren't because your crazy

--At any point throughout the day you feel like a (insert crazy term here)

--At parties, you check out the bookshelves the way other people snoop through medicine cabinets

--Instead of shopping for handbags you're at your local bookstore scoping out the latest arrivals

--When your favorite outfit is a pair of sweats

--Looking out the window is part of the job.

--You check your email twelve times an hour when you’re supposed to be working on your computer. No, actually it could be more than that.

--You’ve done everything you possibly can in life to avoid writing but still find yourself needing to

--Your friend tells you a heartbreaking story and your first reaction is – wow, that would make an incredible plot for a novel. You know you’re a smart writer if you manage to keep that reaction to yourself.

--You are wakened at 1:48 am, a character whispering (shouting perhaps?) in your ear, urging you, no, commanding you, to fire up your laptop, cup of tea in hand, and write the next chapter, in which she insists on taking you places you never intended to go!

--Everyone has told you that you’ll never get published and you keep writing.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Truth Thursday's - Toilet Edition

Yay it's back!!! I missed it a lot last week but that's okay it was well worth the cause!!! This week I wanted to bring up toilet ettiquette, there are several things that bother me about restrooms and here are five that I've come up with!!!

1. Talking while in a stall is not only disruptive to your bodily functions but inappropriate and rude.

2. Talking while on a cell phone in a stall is even worse.

3. Leaving the toilet unflushed makes you seem like an animal (yup, a pig).

4. Leaving toilet paper hanging all the way to the floor isn't only disgusting it's wasteful and unsanitary.

5. Don't use the excuse that you don't liked the way the soap smelled, please wash your hands, it only takes seconds.

So I would say there truths, not only mind but I'm sure quite a few others. My mom also wanted to add one as well, we find that if there are several stalls that are open in a bathroom please refrain from using the one directly next to another person, they already feel uncomfortable enough in an open space and you don't need to be rude and join right next to them.

I'd love to hear if you have any of your own!!! Bring it! You know you want to jump in...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm a photo whore

I don't care what my teacher says
I'm gonna be a supermodel
and everyone is gonna dress like me
Wait and see
When I'm a super model

And my hair will shine like the sea
and everyone will wann look just like me

Okay so maybe not, but ever since my sister had asked me to model for her while she tried her hand at photography I couldn't say no. I mean she picked me!!! How cool is that?? So I decided to show off a few of my sexy new photos and how fabulous of a job my sis is doing.

Did you know she had a blog?? Two actually?? Under the Umbrella is one of them and then she has her professional one listed there as well, be sure to check her out and give her some love, because I love how the photos turned out!!! I'm showcasing my sister's work and she has showcased more at her work!

Feel free to tell me how hot I look :)

My new profile picture:

Me with my favorite book series:

Reading Hex Hall:

So now that you see how awesome she is send her some love over at Under the Umbrella!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Connecting with Characters

Me: Look Sadie (insert character name here) we need to talk.

Sadie: About what?

Me: Well I asked you to be patient, that once I was finished with Stella we could talk, but now you've stopped talking and are having temper-tantrums, I really don't have time for this.

Sadie: I know, just like you didn't have time for me becuase Stella was so much better than me.

Me: You're really being childsih.

Sadie: AM NOT!

Me: Are Too!!

Sadie: AM NOT!

Me: Are -- you know what nevermind, we aren't doing this.

Sadie: You never wanna do what I want to do!! *stomps feet*

Me: Do you want to talk about the story now? I'm listening.

Sadie: *silence* *blank stare*

Me: Sadie?

Sadie: *ignoring me*

Me: Fine, you can come back to me when you're ready.

Sometimes characters don't like talking to you, but ignoring isn't the answer. Can you relate?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Munday Funday - GiVeAwAy


Thank you to everyone who commented and was interviewed last week for Featured Writer's Week! I had so much fun interviewing and enjoying everyone's comments!

This week I have some awesome posts so I figured I'd start with my best today!!


So what's up for grabs?

A copy of LINGER by Maggie Stiefvater!!!!

I am interviewing Maggie on July 25th so that will be the day I select the winner!!! Now I do have to note that this is for the US only (super sorry! This book is being given away because I've joined the blog tour and their are certain requirements)... trust me I love all of my out-of-state bloggers!!!

What do you have to do??

Follow Me!
Comment! (Tell me how excited you are about the book release and add your email!)
Sidebar Me!
Blog about Me!
Tweet about Me!
Facebook about Me!

Have an awesome Monday and GoOd LuCk to EvErYoNe!!!

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PaRtY oVeR aT cAnDyLaNd'S pLaCe

I'm sure you noticed that I changed my blog background. I trying it out for size, seeing if the jewels/bling fits me. I'm still undecided but I thought in lieu of my recent finished MC Getting to Peloria that it was fitting!!! Feel free to share your thoughts... or don't if they're not nice, LOL.

So what have I really kept you up for this evening??? Well Candylands wonderful blog contest she has... Seriously people this is the epic of epicness!!!!!

We have Operation "I Heart Joy Like BR80" Contest

There are awesome prizes guys, you really should check this contest out, seriously you won't be disappointed and it's really simple to enter, you are honestly just helping a good cause!!!

To enter Operation I Heart Joy Like BR80:
1) G is for GIVE: Donate directly to J2TW. The more you give, the more entries you'll receive. To donate, please click HERE. Total number of entries per dollar: 2
2) C is for CREATE: No cash? It's cool. Create your own graphic supporting this cause. Total number of entries per graphic: 3
3) L is for LISTEN: To support my boys, download one or both of New Medicine's singles "Laid" or "The Takeover" on iTunes. To download, please click HERE. Total number of entries per download: 10
4) B is for BUY: Buy a limited edition "Team Candyland" or "Team BR80" shirt for $25. Use the "BUY NOW" button to the right of the page. Total number of entries per shirt ordered: 20
5) P is for PROMOTE: Paste the banner on your web page or blog with a link to this page and spread the word! Total number of entries for pasting: 5
6) W is for WIN: It wouldn't be a contest without prizes! There's two groups, one for writers and one for readers so no one is left out. Also, entering at all is a win/win for you, and the women or Ghana!



Cuckoo for Canary

Rachele Alpine over at Freckle Head was sweet enough to answer a few questions on her life as a writer and her book that is currently in submissions!! She's also hosting a contest today over at her blog so check it out!!!

1. So Rachele you are a YA author who has a novel currently on submission titled Canary, could you tell all of us what it is about?

Ugh! For some reason I have the worst elevator pitch for my book ever. I try to sum it up and it just sounds nuts. Nonwriters will ask me what my book is about and I’m like, “Well, there’s this girl, whose dad is coach at a new school and she goes to the school and she’s able to be accepted pretty easy but her brother isn’t and he’s bullied by the school and blah blah blah…” and it just sounds like I’m rambling!

I’ll give you the summary I include in my query, which is the plot in one paragraph!
Kate Franklin’s dad is good at coaching basketball; what he isn’t good at is communicating with Kate and her brother Brett. When her mother dies, he shuts down, throwing himself into basketball as a way to cope with his grief, leaving Kate alone in silence. When he lands a job at Beacon, Kate finds it easy to fit in when she starts dating a player on the team, while her brother, shy and weak, is rejected by the school. Kate quickly learns to overlook the perks given to the athletes who openly disgrace her brother for not being one of them. However, the players take their power too far one night at a party and Kate is raped. Kate doesn’t stay silent about the rape, but her accusations aren’t accepted by the Beacon community. The school rallies with the team and lashes out at her. Ugly rumors are created to destroy Kate and her credibility. She’s not praised for her decision to be truthful, but instead, it brings terrible consequences. The final blow comes when her dad tries to silence her in order to protect the team. The world that Kate believed was safe is now her worst enemy, and Kate must decide whether to stay silent or expose the corruption, destroying her father’s career and bringing down a town’s heroes.

2. How long did it take you to write Canary? Revise? Query?

I started CANARY in the summer of 2007. I mainly wrote it in the summers of 2007 and 2008, although it’s evolved so much from the story it was then. I got serious about querying in the fall of 2008, spent the time doing some hard core editing and started to query in January of 2009.

3. How did you celebrate finding an agent? Sing, dance, hop around with a kangaroo?

Oh, there was a total dance party…I love to dance and there was much dancing, jumping and squealing involved. The night I made my decision to sign with Lina, my boyfriend and I shook up a bottle of champagne, all over the kitchen. When I settled down a bit, I did some things I was waiting to do… I got myself some totally awesome business cards, started my blog and bought a Macbook.

4. I saw that you taught High School, what grade and subject?

I do teach high school and am loving my job right now because it’s summer break! I teach 10th grade Language Arts and Creative Writing. I love both classes, the tenth grade subject area is American Literature and I’m working hard with the librarian to incorporate a lot of YA into the curriculum.

5. Do you have any other stories currently in the works?

I do, I do! I actually have two, which is crazy for me because it seems like the two are warring against each other inside my head. I never know what one I’ll sit down and work on, because they both are fighting to get out. This past week I’ve been working on one more than another, but that could change. It’s so strange to have two different ideas, but I feel so passionate about both that I don’t think I can push one aside. Well, the truth is that they won’t let me!

The first is one I’ve been thinking about for over a year. It’s a contemporary YA about a small farm town in Indiana. It involves two sisters, a tragedy and how people deal with things after. I’m intrigued about how our nation came together after 911 and we all held onto each other (even complete strangers), glued together from tragedy. There’s an image from the event of a crowd of people with a little girl looking up towards the heavens and holding a flag that I keep near me when I’m writing this new book. It evokes so much emotion from me every time I look at it. I’m
exploring the idea of what we hold onto when there is nothing left to hold on to and how people often cling to false hope. I write by hand first and I have three notebooks full of scenes, dialogue and ideas for the book. I just started typing everything up and it’s going to be a task in and among itself!

The second book is a risk. It’s a tough story (I call it my Living Dead Girl book because the subject isn’t easy) with dual narrators. One of the narrators may be unreliable and you may feel empathy towards things that you might later be angry with me for making you feel that way. I know this is vague, but this story came as a surprise and I’m still trying to figure out what to make of it. Every time I try to push it aside, the characters keep coming back.

6. Was Canary the first novel you finished or do you have several others currently collecting dust?

It was my first novel and it felt training for a marathon. The second book (or books) are coming along a bit easier, because I’ve learned from some of my mistakes with CANARY, but it still seems like such a daunting task. I can’t imagine having books that I wrote and then trunked. That would be too hard for me (so let’s hope CANARY sells!).

Fun & Random Questions
Favorite pizza spot: My backyard barbeque! My boyfriend and I have perfected pizzas on the grill, and I’m not sure I can go back to anything else after making them outside. It took a lot of attempts to get it right, but it was worth it…they’re so good. I pile mine up with vegetables so it’s a mountain of goodness!
Chocolate or gummy bears: Gummy all the way…I love gummy candy. I’m actually not much of a sweets person, but I’ll do just about anything for gummy peaches with the candy store near me called Malley’s Chocolates. Lucky for me, my boyfriend’s mom works for the company!
Favorite writing snack: Gummy peaches, Diet Mountain Dew, edamamae
Favorite season: Fall…even though summer ends and it’s back to school, I love the chill in the air, football games (I grew up near the high school in my city and used to fall asleep to the sound of the band playing and people cheering), the smell of fires and leaves, hot cider and sweaters without winter jackets.

So there is the lovely miss Rachele Alpine, isn't she a doll?!!! I love her so be sure to check her out and follow her if you have yet to do so! Remember she is also running a contest so make sure you check it out!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Caught red-handed and Kidnapped

To keep up with all things interview related I've asked the lovely and talented Tamara Heiner to join us in all the fun!!!! Below is the interview I hope you enjoy!!!

1.Your book Perilous is due to release in fall 2010, could you tell us a little bit about it?

Let’s see, Perilous! In brief, it follows the story of four teenage girls who witness a crime, and in a desperate gamble to silence them (and make a little money), the criminal kidnaps them, dragging them thousands of miles from home across the Canadian border. However, they manage to escape, and spend the majority of the book trying to get back to their families, all with the kidnapper hot on their trail. It doesn’t end with the first book either! There is some resolution, but the kidnapper isn’t caught. That remains for the second book. And in true YA-style, there is, of course, romance (sigh), complete with a love triangle. (I did have to really tone down the love triangle, though, and keep the novel more of a thriller. Sad!)

2. Do you have a critique group, online, in your neighborhood?

Yes. Online only, I’m afraid. I’d love to have a neighborhood one, but we seem remarkably short on local authors.

3. How did you decide what agencies to query through?

I knew I wasn’t going to query agents with this novel. I felt it was a starter novel, kind of like a starter home, and therefore I decided only to query small presses. At the time I thought it was going to be a Christian, religious novel (which it is not now—everything’s been edited out until the novel is mainstream, for the sake of a larger audience), so I limited my queries to small Christian presses. Did you use certain websites to help decide who was best? In particular I found the LDS Storymakers publishing website very helpful. I didn’t realize how many small presses there were! (So many!)

4. How many queries did you send out? How long before you heard from a publisher?

I sent out 8 queries, I think. It took two months to get my first rejection. I actually only got one rejection. I might have gotten others if they had had the chance to reject me (one had my query for 8 months and still hadn’t made a decision), but I was offered a contract by one of the companies before they could. It was a very fun feeling to reject them!

8 . Do you have any other works in progress? Of course! Care to give a few details?

Oh, sure, I love to talk about my books! I have the sequel to Perilous (working
title: Altercation) in second draft form. I’ll finish it after Perilous goes to press, that way I know there are no more changes I need to make. I have a completely
revised novel that I’m currently querying, called White as Snow. It’s a fairy-tale retelling, the story of Snow White, with equal parts historical and fantasy woven in. I’ve started the ‘sequel’ to that one, currently untitled, but it’s a fairy-tale retelling of Beauty and the Beast. At the moment I’m working on a stand alone YA novel called Inevitable. It’s about a teenage girl who is psychic, but only around certain people. She spends her whole life avoiding these people because she only sees negative things. And then she meets a boy that she knows (psychically) will break her heart. Yet nothing she does can keep them apart.

Fun and Random Questions
Favorite restaurant: Tucanos
Favorite book: A Rustle in the Grass
Favorite writing spot: The corner of the couch, propped up by pillows.
Chocolate or Gummy Bears: Depends on my mood. Usually gummy bears.
Favorite writing snack: I don’t really eat while I write…
Favorite book series: Harry Potter
Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings

Isn't she awesome!!!! Be sure to check out her blog and support her in her writing dream!!!

Tamara Heiner at Chasing Dreams

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mermaid Kisses

Interview with Tera Lynn Childs!!!

Tera Lynn Childs is no fish out of water, she has several other books out and several on the way!!! To find out more about her check out her website here, where you can also find access to her blog!!

1. Are you sure you aren’t a mermaid in some distant land?

If I were, I’m sure I couldn’t tell you. *winks*

2. When did you realize you wanted to be a young adult writer? Have you
ever dabbled in writing books for adults?

Actually, I started off writing adult books. First, historical romance, and then chick lit. But then I got this idea that could only be a YA book, and I haven’t been able to look back since. That was the summer of 2005.

3. How many books do you currently have published?

I have three books out. Oh. My. Gods., Goddess Boot Camp, and Forgive My Fins.

4. Do you have any other books currently in the works?

Yes, four. First up is the sequel to Forgive My Fins, called Fins Are Forever. Then, next Fall, I’m starting a new (untitled) trilogy about triplet descendants of Medusa.

5. Any advice for aspiring writers?

Read as much as you can, write as much as you can, and become a keen observer of life. Also, finish the %$&# book and find a good agent.

6. Were you ever discouraged through the writing process? What did you do
to work through it?

Always. This career is such a rollercoaster. I was on the phone with my mom, bawling because I was afraid I would never become a published author, just two weeks before I sold Oh. My. Gods. I think you have to let those moments go through your
system, go see a movie or go shopping while they work their way out. Then, you take a deep breath and say, “Okay, this is what I want to do. And I am going to keep working as hard as I can to achieve it.”

7. How about when you heard your story would be published?

I was in Florida for the summer, and I was going to see a movie (see previous question for why). I was on the phone with my mom, whining about my non-career, when a New York number buzzed in. When my agent told me about the offer, I said, “Hold on, I’ll pull over.” She said, “You’re driving? Don’t be driving!”

Silly questions –
Favorite spot to write. Starbucks
Favorite song right now. Paris (Ooh La La) by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Favorite ice cream flavor. I’m vegan now, so no more ice cream. But if Ben & Jerry’s ever brought back White Russian I would totally make an exception.
Dinosaurs or dragons. Dragons, because they’re magical and because
my critique partner has a dragon book coming out this fall (Firelight by Sophie Jordan)

Chocolate or Gummy Bears. Chocolate, but only certain types
Favorite drink. Pineapple Fanta
Rain or snow? Both, but if I could only have one, then rain
Computer or notepad? Alphasmart (but, given the choices, notepad)
Chick flick or horror? Chick flick (but I prefer action/adventure)
Bicycle or rollerblades? Bicycle, maybe (I’m about to buy one)
Book you are currently reading (if any?) The Making of a Duchess by
Shana Galen (historical romance)

Favorite Author. Jaclyn Moriarty.
Favorite Book Series. The Hunger Games (gah, where is Mockingjay?!?)

Isn't she the best!!! If you haven't checked out her novel Forgive My Fins you must! It was the cutest story and one for the shelves!!! Sophie Jordan's novel Firelight coming out in Sept 2010 is another wonderful read (I know you've seen my review!!)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HoLlYwOoD and Hearing the Dead

I've made it!!! I'm officially awesome!!!

Would you like to know why??

Well besides the obvious intellegence, beauty, and of course kindness, I've gotten another InTeRvIeW!!! So please visit Pitch Slapped where my awesomeness will continue to BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

Hey even Mikey likes it!!!!

BEFORE YOU GO!!!! I have an awesome writer/author who has graciously accepted my invitation to be interviewed! Dianne Salerni wrote Hear the Dead, so without further ado here she is!!!

Could you give us a run-down of what your storyWe Hear the Deadis all about?

We Hear the Dead is a historical fiction novel based on the real life spirit medium, Maggie Fox. In 1848, Maggie and her younger sister Kate convince their family, and then their neighbors, and then the whole nation that they have the ability to pass messages to and from the dead. It starts out as a prank, which Maggie admits in the opening pages of the book. But Maggie’s older sister, Leah, sees the money-making potential in the trick and turns it into a profitable business, raising the entire family out of poverty. Spiritualism catches on so fast, it becomes a religion, but Maggie is forced into a crisis of conscience when she falls in love with a famous Arctic explorer, Elisha Kane. In the typical fashion of a 19th Century man, Kane forces Maggie to choose between respectability and lies – and between him and her family.

1. Now your book is based on true events and all about spirits and talking to those who have passed, are you the one who has experienced these true events? If not do you believe in spirits and the ability to talk to those who have passed?

No, these true events are all historical. Almost all the events and characters in We Hear the Dead are real. You can Google any of the main characters: Maggie and Kate Fox and Elisha Kane, the ambitious sister Leah Fish Brown Underhill (she was married 3 times), as well as some of their most famous believers, feminist Amy Post, newspaper man Horace Greeley, and First Lady Jane Appleton Pierce. Events in the novel are taken from the historical record and published writings of the time, and I even used lines from Maggie’s and Elisha’s real love letters to write some of the dialogue between them.

Do I believe in spirits and the ability to communicate with them? I would like to believe. Like Elisha Kane in the book, I might attend a séance looking for answers or comfort, but in the end I would be as skeptical as he was.

2. Does this book stand on its own or will it have a sequel? Are you currently working on any other novels at the moment?

This book stands alone. It tells a real story, and when it concludes, there is not much more to tell. I hope I’m not finished writing about spiritualism, however. I have another completed manuscript under consideration which addresses spiritualism (as investigated by scientists in the 1880’s). It is loosely based on real events, but contains a lot more fiction than We Hear the Dead. I also have a work in progress that is a historical mystery surrounding some strange graves in Catawissa, PA. This story may have some paranormal elements, but it’s still very much a work-

I am also involved in writing a screenplay for We Hear the Dead as part of a film option deal. I recently sent off the seventh (!) draft of the screenplay to my collaborator, an independent producer in Hollywood, and I’m waiting for feedback. We are hoping to get the screenplay finished this summer and ready for shopping around to financial backers.

3. Does being an elementary school teacher give you an edge on other books you’re working on?

I teach 5th grade, which is younger than the age I write for. However, my students are very interested in my writing, and I often bounce ideas off them or share a chapter with them.

My students have been my biggest fan club. In March, they watched me leave the classroom mid-day when I headed up to New York City for the Sourcebooks Fire Launch Party. They knew I was nervous as heck, and they applauded me as I turned over the class to the sub and walked out. They reduced me to tears!

They are also mini-promoters. When the novel hit the bookstore shelves in May, they not only went out to buy it – almost every one of them came back with a business card from the store manager! (ie: They bragged that their teacher wrote the book and asked if I could have a signing in the store!)

4. Any advice to aspiring writers?

Write constantly – blogs, reviews, short stories, poems, novels. Every bit of writing that you do improves your skill. Do not ever give up! There is more to one path to a published novel, as I certainly proved, and your path may not start where you think it should or head in the direction you expect.

Fun & Random Facts (We are going to be different here, I want you to put down the first thing that comes to your mind… No.Matter.What)

Author: Kimberly Derting
Book: The Body Finder (my current read)
Movie: Sense and Sensibility (watched it last night)
Ice Cream: Cookie Dough
Pizza: With feta cheese and spinach and black olives
Hot or Cold: Cold (thinking of having a martini)
Black Bear or Panda Bear: Black Bear (can’t explain)
Barbie’s or Polly Pockets: Barbie (I used to have the old kind with holes in their feet for stands, but my sister bit off all their feet, so by the time they were worth something … they were worth nothing.)

Thank you for having me as a guest, Jen! Great questions!

Okay isn't she awesome??? Aren't her students like the cutest!!!! Also I think it's hilarious that her sister bit the holes off of the Barbies feet, very random (Which is why I love Dianne!!) So how do you find out more about this wonderful woman???

FIND HER HERE (Please check her out you won't regret it!!)

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Love that Makes Life Drunk


Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions Karen! I’m so happy to have you here on my blog!

Hi Jen, Thanks so much having me over here! It’s a pleasure.

1. So for those who are not aware you already have a book published (2008), the title A Love That Makes Life Drunk, could you tell us a little bit about it?

Jefferson and Lily fall in love despite Lily being in a relationship with Jefferson’s brother. It’s a raw and honest journey through the passion and desire they share.

2. How long have you known you wanted to be a writer?

I “wrote” my first story when I was 11. I’d always loved writing stories at school, but I thought it was something most kids did. In my early teens I realised it wasn’t as I began spending more time in isolation with a notebook and pencil, and later an old typewriter my parents bought me. Writing is in my veins – being a writer is a by-product of that.

3. How long did it take you to finish your first draft?

I write first drafts within days if I have the time. I get myself into a real fever when characters make themselves known to me and I just can’t get their story down quick enough. A Love That Makes Life Drunk took about 2 weeks – but 2 years to revise!

4. Are you a panster or an outliner?

Both. With A Love That Makes Life Drunk I was really organised and mapped out every detail, but with my new novel I completely winged it, and I have to say it was liberating!

5. Is this the first book you’ve ever written?
To date I think I’ve written about 30 novels. Thankfully most will never see daylight, but I think of them as a learning curve!

6. Do you have any other projects currently in the works?

My 2nd novel ‘Hope & Jump’ is due for release at the end of 2010.

7. When you first heard that your book would be published what did you do? Sing, shout, dance in the rain?

I was in total disbelief for ages! Then I think I did a real Karen Roderick thing and celebrated with a glass of Champagne!

8. What does a day in the life of Karen look like?

Busy! It starts at 6.20am and involves all sorts of manic things like getting the boys up for nursery, breakfast, dressing, dropping kids off, picking up a coffee on the way back and finally turning on the laptop after chucking in a load of washing.

At 5pm it descends into meltdown again as the boys arrive home! It finishes at about 11pm crashed out on the sofa with a glass of wine!

Fun & Random Questions
Favorite pizza joint – I’m not going to try and be cosmo here - Dominoes
Snack while writing – tea and toast
Favorite school subject - English
Sweet or Salty – sweet – jellybeans yum!
Favorite book series - does it make me bad to say I’ve never read one??
Last song you listened to – ‘Why Do Lovers?’ by Richard Ashcroft
Last book you read, or book you’re reading now – currently reading ‘Daphne’ by Justine Picardie
Favorite author - Anais Nin and Daphne Du Maurier
Chick flick or Horror – chick flick
Snow or rain - snow
Best time of year to write - autumn

Isn't she a doll?! I love her, even if she's never read a series!!! NOT EVEN HARRY POTTER?? Okay so I know from first hand that her book A Love That Makes Life Drunk is a wonderful read, you would do well to purchase it!!! So be sure to hop over to Karen's blog for a visit! You will not be disappointed! GO NOW!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Product Review: CSN Stores

I recently stumbled upon CSN Stores, which has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from headboards to outdoor furniture to luggage and even your most specific needs like LED lighting or laptop cases! I've been given the opportunity to do a review for their website and I was happy to oblige!! So let me show you around...

What would make the perfect office... Hmm let's see here...

They have bookshelves:

Awesome Volcano Lamps (Hey we can still be kids):

Wine Refrigerators (for those days that we are feeling like more of a drinker than a writer):

Now in all seriousness they have shoes, baby toys, cribs, cookware, office supplies, outdoor things, the place is like a huge shopping mall and you never have to leave your house! So please do check it out, you will not be disappointed!!! Just go to CSN Stores!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fall in love with Fading

Thank you so much Stephanie Boman for taking the time to answer a few questions here at Unedited!

Thank you so much for contacting me. I’m thrilled!

I love meeting fellow writers like yourself and hearing that your novel Fading is in submissions is really exciting. Could you tell us what the novel is about?

Of course! Here’s the blurb:
Sixteen-year-old Lovey doesn't know why Celeste has come back as a spirit after being hit and killed by a car, she's just happy to have her BFF again, in whatever form. But a door has been left open to the spirit world, allowing evil wraiths to enter and torment the living. Adding to her turmoil, new guy Troy Armstrong seems to be interested in Lovey, but the closer she gets to him, the more Celeste begins to fade.

Lovey, whose OCD has gotten worse since the accident, has to make a choice, but it will take a strength she's never known before to overcome her guilt and insecurity. Can Lovey sacrifice the one thing that's ever given her a feeling of self-worth in order to set things right?

I love the premise of your story, did you come with this novel because of someone you loved? Having to let go of another person you loved?

I wrote an embarrassingly awful story about first love when I was a sophomore in high school based on a personal experience. Something good came from that immature writing: the new-guy-falling-for-you premise became the seeds of Fading. I tried to infuse the story with the electric feelings of puppy love I remember having. The rest of the story was pure imagination. While I’ve lost loved ones, I’ve never lost a close friend my age, or had to let them go when I didn’t want to.

Did you know from the beginning you’d want to be a YA author or did you kind of fall into it?

In college I wrote an essay for a creative writing class. When it was critiqued someone asked, “is this a children’s story?” I had not meant to write a children’s story and needless to say, my writing ego took a hit. Years later, when I considered writing my first novel, I pulled that story out and thought, “what’s wrong with being a writer for younger people?” YA books are my favorite books to read, and my voice seems to lean naturally toward that audience.

Is Fading the only book you’ve written or are there others? Do you have any other prospects in the works?

My first novel, the fruits of my failed college creative writing attempt, became Ada, Maid-in-Waiting, a historical novel set in Arthurian days. As many first novels end up, it’s on the back burner on a very low simmer. My second novel was Fading. My third novel is The Book of Esther, A Fairie’s Tale. It’s a modern urban fantasy based on the biblical story, but the persecuted race in this version is Fae.

How long did it take you to snag yourself an agent? How did it feel when you got the email?

It took me about three years from when I first started querying with Ada. I was so thrilled to receive the email that I didn’t know what to do with all the emotion inside me. It was morning, so I had my normal work out, then alternately sobbed and laughed with relief and happiness in the shower.

Fun & Random Questions:
Favorite pizza joint: Tantardino’s on the Lake Almanor Peninsula in Northern California. THE best cheese and crust!
Any snacks while writing: I popped a Jelly Belly here and there.
Favorite writing spot: Our cabin at Lake Almanor.
Favorite Author: Oof, that’s a toughie. I’d have to say, overall, Truman Capote.
Favorite Book: Again with the hard questions! Um, To Kill a Mockingbird? Sense
and Sensibility? I don’t know. How about the dictionary? I absolutely LOVE fat old dictionaries.

Favorite Book Series: I was never much of a series reader. . .unless you count Choose Your Own Adventure books. I read ALL of those! I’ve enjoyed Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely books, I believe that would count as a series.
Dragon or Dinosaur: Dragon. . .dinosaurs always kind of scared me.

Be sure to follow her!

I for one am very excited to read Fading and look forward to hearing the great news and the release date of when we will get our hands on this book! BTW I'm with you too Dragons are so much better!! Oh and Choose your own adventure books ROCK!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Facts of Life

Instead of a normal Truth Thursday I thought I'd switch it up a bit and share some facts of life with you... and yes...

They're Random!

1. There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot.

2. Nobody will ever win the battle of the sexes. There's too much fraternising with the enemy.

3. Character is what you are. Reputation is what people think you are.

4. Drive carefully It's not only cars that can be recalled by their maker.

5. Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.

Feel free to add your own random thoughts, facts, and your truth's for the day!!

This Friday and next week is Featured Writer's Week on my blog!!! I have a few interviews set up with some very fabulous people!!! If you'd like a sneak peek at whose to come here check out their blogs!

7/9 Stephanie Bowman
7/12 Karen Roderick
7/13 Dianne Salerni
7/14 Tera Lynn Childs
7/15 Tamara Heiner
7/16 Rachele Alpine

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Liar Society Love

We all know these fabulous sisters and they were sweet enough to accept an interview here on my blog!!! So sit back and relax as we take a wild ride with the lovely Lisa & Laura!

1. So for those who currently live under rocks and are unaware of what your book Liar Society (due in 2011) is all about will you give us the rundown?

LIAR SOCIETY features Kate Lowry whose best friend Grace died the year before. On the
anniversary of Grace’s death, Kate receives the following email from her:

I'm here…
sort of.
Find Cameron.
He knows.
I shouldn't be writing.
Don't tell.
They'll hurt you.

Kate has no choice but to play detective and prove once and for all that Grace’s death was more than just a tragic accident. The emails continue and Kate is forced to confront the school's resident druggie, a sketchy administrator and even her own demons.

As she moves closer and closer to the truth, she teams up with a couple of knights-in-(not so)shining armor--the dangerously attractive, bad boy, Liam and her love-struck neighbor, Seth.

The three uncover an ancient secret lurking in the halls of their elite private school with the power to destroy them all.

But the truth doesn’t always set you free. Sometimes it’s only the beginning.

2. I hear that you are working on Liar Society 2... And are very close to being finished, care to give us a few secrets??

We have just completed our first (very rough) draft of book 2. We’ve got amnesia, love triangles, sketchy new girls and one missing Queen Bee. It’s probably a hot mess right now, but we promise it will be in tip-top shape sometime soon!

3. Are there any ideas for after you are finished with Liar Society 2?

We have an idea for a new series that we’re itching to get started on. We also have an entire Idea Whore file devoted to all things Kate.

4. Are you terrified for THE END? What will you do when the series is complete? Cry, scream, ask a hobo for help?

We go back and forth. When we first began Book 2, we wanted to pull our collective hair out. No one told us sequels were so hard! But once we got in the rhythm, elements began to fall into place. Now I think we have the confidence to pull off an entire series. There may be a few tears once this is all over! But hopefully we’ll be working on our other series idea, so there will be no hard feelings.

5. How do you both deal with one another while writing? I have two sisters and we would never be able to write with one another… is there a secret power that you two have to handle it all?

It’s funny because while we’re writing, we’re distracted and busy. We don’t have time to fight. If we ever disagree about the direction of a chapter, we just change it. Usually, whatever the other one comes up with is better anyways. But watching a book come together before your eyes is so much more fun than arguing about it. When we’re not writing? All bets are off.

6. Are you a pansters or outliners?

Definitely outliners, although our final product looks nothing like the initial outline. We appreciate having direction as we write—it makes Lisa feel more in control of the process—control freak that she is.

7. Do you find the revision process a total nightmare or are you a fan?

Lisa HATES revising—probably because she’s the one who always takes first stab at the
document as Laura follows behind. Revising mysteries is really confusing because you lose track of where you’re supposed to drop clues, when you did and what they were. Not to mention who the reader should be suspecting and when! It all gets very complicated as we’re trying to revise.

8. What’s your favorite part of the writing process?

The first draft. This is the time when we get to be both readers and writers. It’s so much fun to get a shiny new chapter in your inbox.

9. How did you go about deciding who to query? How many queries did you send out? About how long did it take to get the call? Do you remember what you were both doing when you got the call/email/facebook message?

For our first (doomed) manuscript, we sent out a query to every young adult agent in the industry. We’re not kidding. While we received some encouraging feedback about our voice, the book was beyond repair. That’s when we decided to write another. When we were ready to query LIAR SOCIETY, we identified 15 dream agents, figuring we’d start at the top. We ended up with three offers for representation a week later. Lisa intercepted the call from Catherine while Laura was in Baltimore—there was a whole lot of screaming involved—from both her kids and us.

10. Do you have a critique group or beta readers that you adore?

We have a few very trusted beta readers who help us whip our work into shape. We
appreciate ruthlessness. Plus, Catherine applies what she calls the “mean agent treatment” to the manuscript, which helps too.

11. Are you currently living the dream of being full-time writers are do you have other less exciting day jobs?

Since Lisa was laid off last year, we are both full-time writers (and moms). Balancing the two is very interesting. We do the bulk of our writing at night (or I guess I should say, in the wee hours of the morning). Yeah, we don’t sleep.

12. What does the day in the life of Lisa & Laura look like?

Daytime is full of kid-wrangling. But we’ve learned how to sneak in a few words during the day—thank you Nick Jr., gym childcare and naptime. At night we try to catch up on blogs, write our own posts and complete at least a chapter a day while we’re writing. When we’re really motivated to complete a manuscript, we commit to a strict two chapter a day schedule. It’s insane.

13. Any advice for aspiring writers?

This business is SO subjective, ridiculously so. Books that we love, others hate. NEVER give up. Writers say it all the time, but it’s so true: It only takes one. This goes for agents and editors. The best part about writing is that there is always another manuscript to be written, another agent to be queried, another editor to send work to. The only thing you have to lose is time.

14. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you be? Curve ball - you only get to bring two things with you… what would they be… and why?

Laura would live on Daydream Island in the Great Barrier Reef. The sand seriously feels like you’re stepping on a cloud.

Lisa would live in Cleveland. [Editorial Note: When I asked Lisa this question, she asked a million in return. Can I bring my family? What about extended? She was very concerned at having to leave everyone. Then she said Cleveland and I said
that had to be her final answer.] We’re assuming we could bring our husbands and children, right? Right. In that case, our two items would be our laptops, which are really just an extension of our arms, and our Kindles.

Fun & Random Questions
Favorite restaurant – Lemongrass in Coventry
Favorite book series – Hunger Games Trilogy
Favorite tv series - Glee
Favorite reality show (I know you both have one!) – Anything on Bravo
Current read – INCARCERON by Catherine Fisher
Snow or rain - Rain
Chick flick or horror – Chick flick
Sweet or salty - Sweet
Lion or Kangaroo - Kangaroo
Favorite writing spot - Couch
Favorite writing snack - Twizzlers

Thank you so much to these awesome chicks!!! If you have to follow them you must do it now! They are one seriously does of awesomeness not to be missed!!! Go check them out now! :)

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On Cloud 9

So last week the wonderful Jessica Bell over at The Alliterative Allomorph asked to interview me... in which I said HELL YES SIGN ME UP!!!

You see I've been interviewing quite a few authors over the past few months (several more to come, tune in tomorrow for Lisa & Laura... you won't want to miss out on all the fun!!) The thing is I have never been interviewed myself, I saw Creepy Query Girl getting a fabulous interview and thought hmmm, am I not interesting enough??

Turns out I was wrong, some of us just never thought to ask an unpublished author interview questions, well Jessica took the plunge and I'm glad she did so be sure to check out my interview over at her blog today!!! She's too awesome to miss! So just know if you don't think your interesting enough one of these days I'll be knocking on your unpublished door seeking an interview, and in return if you've ever wanted to ask me a question or interview me, know now that I'll say YES grinning from ear to ear :)

Wonderful contest update!!!

Erica Mitchell Spickard is still hard at work trying to climb to 78 followers for what is sure to be a wonderful twist... if you want to know what it is get over there and follow her to help celebrate her husbands return home! Also an awesome tote and books are up for grabs (which I'm dying to have) so if you jump over there make sure to tell her I sent you, and also give her a little love!

What are you still doing here??? Go check out the InTeRvIeW!!!

Blogger isn't posting comments on my blog however they are going to my email at least, so it may appear I have 0 comments but I have received yours!

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Thank you to the wonderful Blue Willow Bookshop for allowing me to borrow the ARC for this book, I was not disappointed and couldn't wait for Monday to roll around to where I could share my thoughts!

Author: Sophie Jordan
Page Count: 323
Release Date: 9/7/2010

Synopsis (found on back of book):
Marked as special. Jacinda knows her every move is watched. When she breaks the most sacred tenet of her kind. She nearly pays with her life. Only to be spared by a beautiful stranger sent to hunt those like her. Jacinda is a draki-a descendant of dragons whose ability to shift into human form is her best defense.

Forced to flee into the mortal world. Jacinda struggles to adapt. The one bright light is Will: Jacinda knows she should avoid him at all costs-Will and his family are hunters-but the passion he stirs within her can't be ignored. Even if it means risking her life.

My Review:

Sophie Jordan is a Draki Genius, this story will have you hooked from page one, an event right from the beginning sets the tone right from the beginning -and you won't be disappointed- Jacinda finds herself in prison -actually High School- the place where every teenage suffers at least once, but Jacinda finds herself trapped in a place she doesn't belong and she'll do anything to get back to the pride until she finds Will. Sophie Jordan did not disappoint in the love scenes, she was amazing all through the end, you'll find your heart racing even at the sight of that gorgeous hunk Will! Jacinda is so relateable you'll find yourself rooting for her all the way!

The only thing I didn't like? The end, you'll be dying for the sequel, but you'lll have to patiently wait for that because the wonderful Sophie Jordan is currently in revisions!

Read any good books lately?

Friday, July 2, 2010

WiNnErS rEvEaLeD

Thank to all my followers!!! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog!! I can't believe I have 553 followers!!! Hello Newbies *waves cheerfully*!!!

I had CrAzY fUn choosing the winners this week!!!

Your entries rocked - you know who you are!!

Some of them were so funny I was LaUgHiNg OuT lOuD that I almost peed my pants (HEY I SAID ALMOST!)

The judges (tHe HuBs, tHe TwO cAtS & I) had such a tough decision to make that we decided for Sharon Shinn's book we should giveaway two copies!! I would have loved to giveaway more but it's just not in the budget my lovelies!!!

ThE wInNeRs

The Truth Tellers Tale by Sharon Shinn

CrEePy QuErY gIrL (Her red light district story kept me laughing the whole week!!)


ErIcA mItChElL sPiCkArD (The creativity using cottage cheese as paint was hilarious!!)

Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard

ViCkI rOcHo (Wanting to be a man in 1815 had be dying of laughter!!)

Alright ladies if you would all email me when you get this I'll need to grab your addresses to send you your copies!!! Thanks again for all the awesome entries! I look forward to reaching the next set of followers were I will host another contest!!!

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!! Any plans??

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Truth Thursdays!!

QUICK NOTE - I'm so sorry to all those who gave me comments yesterday I really do want to visit your blogs and plan to! You see my WiP was calling me and she demanded that I take time to write her, as soon as I started writing I was in the zone (10,000 words written! Totaling 38,000 words)! So that is why I've missed all your lovely blogs but I hope you still love me! I promise to get around to comment, just give me a bit! :)


First things, if you have yet to sign up to win a copy of The Truth Tellers Tale or Prada and Prejudice go now!!! The books are the links so just click on them to take you to enter!!

Next up, Erica over at Chapter by Chapter has thee most fabulous contest! Stop by, you won't regret it! Totes, books, bookmarks, too much fun! Ends next week so make sure you stop by and when you do let her know I sent you!! Gives me brownie points, and I really want that tote bag!!

Now for more good stuff.... TRUTH'S!!

1. I love rain, it's the best writing days (when I'm not forced to work my 8 hour day) but my favorite part is the color of the sky before it starts, the light pink that illuminates the land and makes all the wonderful colors pop, the green of the grass to the purple and pink of the flowers, they seem to the most vibrant colors, like they were just freshly painted. Crazy sounding or not I love it.

2. I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper

3. I used to play pretend with my sisters and we would all be in a made up Kingdom and each of us a princess to take the throne to become Queen. We'd pretend we had the fancy dresses on and walk down the beautiful staircase (which was really our rickety old staircase that lead from the patio to our driveway - eventually the railing fell off)

4. I hate that at my local Kroger I have to waste gas to get gas. I've never seen such a line anywhere else, but you always need an US Weekly in hand so that the ten minute wait doesn't seem so bad.

5. I used to think Ciao was spelled Chow... yup I'm an idiot, and a blond.