Monday, April 22, 2013

When to Change - Side Boob beware

So recently I've gone through a lot of changes. This here blog has suffered. Well not anymore *pumps fist in air*

I've neglected several things in my life lately, the main thing being those things I used to not be able to live without... my wonderful blog friends and working on my fabulous stories.

So hide your side boob, put on some pants, and grab your cup of joe because we're about to get real.

1. I was promoted at my job. It's fancy and deals with Microsoft Word which is exciting, since writers have this ability to know lots of things inside that wonderful application.

2. I'm still searching for the perfect agent. Revisions were in full force, my character Lucy Grim is in tip top middle school chaos shape and ready for someone to love her as much as do.

3. VEGAS TRIP - This party animal is about to be in the ultimate party place. Friends who want to witness the madness are welcome to join in - or stalk me on facebook. This girl needs a much needed vaca to spend money, make money, and drink fantastically.

4. Color me multi-tasked. I've been tackling both middle grade stories and my sitcom. Both are a ton of fun to write and take me to entirely different worlds. MG to fantasy land, and the sitcom to familiar, scandaly-clad situations.

After all, we mimic our stories after ourselves a lot of the time.

5. Terribly Awful but Delightfully Spectacular at Golf. My husband and I have become those snooty individuals who enjoy a lovely golf outing every Saturday or Sunday morning. I wear my visor, golf skirt, white and pink striped polo with my adorably fashionable golf shoes and am almost to Tiger Woods league -- without his trampy lifestyle.

Truth - I wear jeans and my coke shirt, and awesome totally Jenified golf shoes and swing and miss the ball 9 times out of 10. When I do make contact the golf ball doesn't even get off the ground. Yet I still have a wonderful time... though that may be the off roading I do with the golf cart.

What's new with you???? Tell me you missed my, my confidence isn't full size yet.