For da Newbies

So you wanna know more about me? Okay, so maybe you don't but this page is the About Me page (just named fancy cuz I'm coolz like that). Let's just clear the air...

I think your awesome. There I said it. Wait? You've never visited before (hence clicking the newbie page) well duh! I know you haven't, hence the reason of your awesomeness... because you decided to visit today. It makes me heart you. Like a lot.

What am I saying? Thanks. Thanks for being cool, being you, and stopping in. I do love to hear my wonderful buddies talk to me so comments are always welcome (and encouraged or no cupcakes for you - yes they're virtual, this is a blog... not a cupcake shop).

So now that I've thanked you, welcomed you, and probably freaked out I should probably share some cool (or uncool) stuff about myself. Yikes. I've never felt more put on the spot.

Guess I'll roll with it.
  • I is a girl (I hope that was never in question)
  • I'm 26
  • I graduated high school (yup folks, that's the big accomplishment)
  • I'm green friendly (because I like grass and flowers, that's about as far as I go)
  • I have views (out my window, they're gorgeous)
  • I have a day job (
  • I have two younger sisters (and by younger I mean as close in age you can be without being triplets)
  • I met my husband at a crappy job (No. I do not recommend dating in the workplace)
  • I have two cats, Lynx and Ellie (they are my adorable nightmares)
  • I love my Nike's (they are funky and cute and I adore them)
  • I have addictions (Dr. pepper, chocolate chip cookies, life saver SOUR gummies, to name a few)
  • I have pet peeves (licking fingers or saying finger lickin' goodness will not be allowed on my blog)
  • I have unhealthy obsessions (Criminal Minds, Harry Potter, Sex and The City)
  • I adore chick lits
  • I write fun things. Like letters to celebrities and characters who live in the in-between (stuff that will make you wanna squeal!)
  • I think I've rambled on enough about myself. I'm sure by now you all think I'm even more nutso than I first claimed to be. Hopefully by now you feel that all your questions have been answered, and after reading this, your life is truly complete.
Your welcome.

Feel free to email me. I love randomness (especially in the subject line). Email: jenniferdaiker(at)gmail(dot)com

Wait a minute... you have MORE questions? Fine, because I'm SO SUPER NICE, I'll provide you with another long list of random things you probably don't care about.


1. How did Unedited come to be?

My husband thought of the title. I wanted something that was catchy, original, and would draw attention. Apparently it worked. Kudos to the hubs.

2. When did you start writing?

I'd like to say that I started when I was little. At the age of 7 I dreamed of nothing more than to be an architect, it wasn't until January 2010 that I started writing, and as you can see I haven't stopped.

3. How did you rack up so many followers?

With all the awesome that I am why even ask such a silly question? Real answer: Hard work. I blog and comment as frequently as I can. I try and thank you every time you visit and visit your blog at least once a week. Maintaining the awesome is hard work.

4. Were you born awesome?

Yes. It just happened, even my parents were surprised (still are) I just can't help the awesome, I even surprise myself. Isn't everyone born awesome? If you count a cross country runner, homecoming court runner-up, and a fear of public speaking the real deal, then I'm your girl.

5. So where are you at now?

Currently updating my FAQ page, duh. Actually I'm at the Blue Lagoon Spa in Reykjavik, Iceland... about to enjoy a mineral scrub after relaxing in this cobalt blue water listening to Sigur Ros.

Real answer: In Texas... working (or at least acting like I am).

6. When you become famous will you forget about us?

Never. You are the peanut butter to my jelly, the peanut butter to my banana, the peanut butter to my crackers (wait... that's a lot of peanut butter... that stuff really sticks). I hope to always be blogging and have you all right next to me celebrating all the triumphs.

So if you don't see me around the blog. Fear not. The awesome has just been placed somewhere else. Most likely in front of Microsoft Word with a glass of wine... ready to conquer the world.