Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Baking a Book

My fabulous friend and author Christina Mandelski released The Sweetest Thing in 2011 (if you haven't read this adorable novel, please get your hands on it!)

Anywho, at the release of her novel she shared a not-so-secret recipe for baking a book. It was a brilliant idea, especially since her novel is all about baking goodies! I wanted to share the brilliance behind it. It's an adorable way to market your book.

A not-so-secret recipe by Christina Mandelski

1. A pinch of an idea
2. Sweet & spicy characters
3. A haunted character
4. A dad who doesn't notice his daughter
5. A love triangle
6. A grandma, a priest, and a baker
7. A cup of setting
8. One large problem
9. A hearty helping of heart (romance, humor, anger, love)
10. Add in a generous helping of critique group, family, and friends
11. A great taste tester (an agent)
12. Finding the perfect bakery (publishing house)

Isn't this the cutest? So I'm curious... do you have your own recipe?


Liesel K. Hill said...

That is WAY cute! I don't have a recipe--at least not yet--I'll have to put one together for my book. Maybe when I do I'll come back and post a link! Thanks for sharing. It's such a cute marketing idea! :D

LTM said...

Now that sounds exactly like the perfect recipe for one of my books! Too cute, and I love the looks of Christina's book! Checking it out~

Thanks, Jen!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Not sure about five and six, but the rest is good!

Jillian said...

mmm can I just eat the cover instead hahaha

Anonymous said...

Yummy looking book cover!

Jennie Bailey said...

That's super cute -- and I love that cover!! My recipe? I wing it just like I do in the kitchen.