Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dangerous Warriors - Task #2

Thank you for all who entered the first task!!! I will be showing off some of them later this week but without further ado - your next task!!!!!

The Breakfast Dilemma!

The only rules… to fill in blanks USING ONLY BREAKFAST FOODS. Be creative and send it to me in an email so I can be the first to laugh and the first to share!

 There were three reasons right off the bat why I should go through with this ridiculous _______________ idea. The first, you can’t hide a _______________  in your house. Second, it is in the 101 Create a _______________ Handbook that the being will end up gaining a _______________ and decide they like the most popular person in _______________ School, leaving you once again alone in a friendless _______________ endeavor. And third, I’d be programming someone to be a _______________. Super pathetic.
On the other hand this is a _______________ project and I would get an A in _______________ class no questions asked. It was settled. I would create a cute _______________. _______________ would become my friend and I would no longer be without a _______________.
I grabbed my lab coat, slipped my arms through the arm holes and placed _______________ glasses on my nose and slid them back to cover my baby blues. A box of x-small gloves sat next to the _______________. I took two and slipped the blue gloves over my bare hands.
My _______________ was a birthday gift. My grandmother gave it to me. I guess it was sort of a _______________ sort of gift.
I walked to the door and saw her in the _______________. I pressed the blue _______________ button and watched my grandma walk to the _______________.

If you’re extra creative and feeling it, draw, print and paste, or go have breakfast and take the place mats and cut-out the best parts for paste-y goodness!!! Just be crazy about all breakfast items that inspired you!


Stephanie said...

Breakfast foods Mad Libs! Love it!!

Joss said...

what a great idea. :)