Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Lovely Bones

So after a lunch discussion with my mom I decided to join her for a late night movie, she chose The Lovely Bones. Now I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I am always game for a movie night!

My Thoughts...

It was interesting, I was very intrigued from the get go. Susie Salmon is truly a sweetheart, a little girl who has a tender heart, cares for a little penguin in a snowglobe, silly but adorable. She loves the same thing all children love, to play, to take pictures, to make memories... and then of course she is murdered (I give nothing away, you would have seen it in the preview).

The man who murdered Susie Salmon was creepy, I sat through that entire movie completely creeped out... this writer has some very vivid thoughts... I know now watching the movie that the book would be an impossible read for me, it would keep me up at night... terrify me... because we all know a book is far more descriptive than a film.

The one thing I left there thinking about was being stuck in the "in between" Susie at parts said it was wonderful, then at other parts - when she had to sleep - she had to re-live the awful night all over again... I don't think I could do that... and I hope to never have to!

Overall I would say it was a very good movie, and I am sure several people very much enjoyed the books, but I did leave the movie theater still feeling a little off!

This is my midnight movie review... since I didn't get to blog earlier in the evening I thought I would give you a little tidbit!


Kimberly Franklin said...

I really want to see this movie, but haven't gotten the chance yet. I've heard the book is really good, though!

Have a great night!

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Oh my word, I was so creeped out by the book, I can't imagine seeing the movie. So very sad. I've heard they really made the murderer extra chilling in the movie. Yikes!

Great review, though!!

Unknown said...

I read The Lovely Bones in two days. It was so rivoting that I couldn't put it down, literally. Alice Sebold has the ability to explore relationships between people, and delve into the psyches of her characters, like no other author. I'm currently reading her second book, The Almost Moon, which critics found fell far short compared to the previous. I'm enjoying it, although the pace is very slow.

One thing I love about Sebold's novels is her ability to hook a reader from the first sentence. The Lovely Bones begins (and I don't have a copy so I'm paraphrasing) something like: I was fourteen years old the day I was murdered. The Almost Moon begins: When all is said and done, killing my mother came easily.


Have a wonderful day!

Unknown said...

Kimberly - You really should check the movie out, I enjoyed it, however it was just one of those movies, that afterwards you have to sort out your feelings!

Caroline - Yes I was creeped out throughout the whole movie, and he is a very creepy "across" the street kind of guy... gave me the hebbie jebbies (if I am saying that right, lol) I will not be able to pick that book up now being so creeped out by the movie, and naturally my friend informed me the book was much more descriptive (I can only imagine!)

Nicole - I'm glad you enjoy her writing, and I must say they use that first line in the beginning and the end of the book and you can tell her writing is in the movie everywhere. She sounds like a brilliant writer, though I don't know if I could handle the creepiness!

T. Powell Coltrin said...

I read Lovely Bones and it disturb me! I didn't enjoy the book at all, BUT it was brilliant. Just not my cup of tea.

A. J. Spindle said...

I had to read this book for my American Lit class last semester. I really didn't like the beginning (because of the details) but as the book moved on, it was beautifully written. I'm waiting to see the movie when it comes out on DVD. I don't want to cry in theaters and I'm sure I will.

Anonymous said...

I'm very keen to see the movie mainly because of Peter Jackson being a fellow kiwi. But reading reviews, I think getting a copy of the book is a must as well.