Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teaser Tuesday!

This is a continuation of a piece of leila, you might want to read that portion first! I figured since everyone else was participating in Teaser Tuesday I might as well join in on the fun!

She had a stack of magazines, tissues, a bag of candy and a video all in her hand. The door wasn't easy to open with all of these items, but Leila watched as her assistant managed to use her hips in a fashion that men would have fawned over. She smiled as she set everything on the desk. "Leila don't bother picking up, I'll take care of it after you leave" Amanda sat the candy on the coffee table Leila had insisted on purchasing when she first opened her company, it was her favorite and it made her office seem a little more like home. She listened to her assistant and left the remaining papers on the floor. She was confused by what Amanda had planned, but as she was motioned to sit down on the couch she obliged. "Now after every break up I go through" which Leila couldn't have imagined was many at the ripe age of 19 but she allowed Amanda to continue, "I always finish with a romantic comedy, candy, and as many magazines as I can get my hands on. Since you are the boss I knew we would have all three lying around" Amanda was correct, she loved the idea of having magazines and candy at her disposal, any room for ideas she was game. The movies she didn't always have lying around but she had a flat screen TV for promotional campaigns and monthly meetings with her staff, so it seemed she was well-equipped for Amanda's break up remedy.

She stared at The Proposal, one she had heard Amanda talk about during lunch with the other ladies in the office, Sandra Bullock had done an outstanding job from what was said, and she hadn't been out in awhile so she wouldn't have known. "You propose we watch this now?" Leila asked, the thought of watching a movie while she could have been working her tears away sounded like a terrible idea, but with such enthusiasm from her assistant she decided to go for it. "Okay put it in" she didn't want to back out so she grabbed some laffy taffy before she could. Amanda stuck the dvd in and was sweet enough to get everything started "Enjoy" she said as she set the remote down. Enjoy thought Leila, did she honestly think that she was going to watch it by herself, certainly not "Join me" she motioned for her to have a seat, and Amanda willingly and cheerfully sat down.

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Angela Duncan Photography said...

A Great way to end a break-up. I'm still loving Leila. I think I like Amanda a lot too. She seems sweet and bubbly.