Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why you're a stalker

Well isn't it obvious? You've just visited my blog, and you continue to visit my blog... that totally makes you a stalker, trust me I would know... I'm the one being stalked.

So why do you stalk me? What is it you enjoy about me? Don't worry I'm not in need of an ego boost, I just started to think (after several people emailed me asking "What are you all about") I've realized as bloggers we never go into details about ourselves... so I've decided to take a leap of faith, and let you all see the crazy you're dealing with.

Thank me later.

Who are you?

Easy Answer: (also uninteresting)

Jen, 24, Writer (told you... total bore fest)

More detail:

Paints toenails
Reads novels
Loves chick flicks
Writes better in coffee shops (Tuscan sun rocks!)
Adore chocolate chip cookies
Imagination at best in bathtub (with running water or without... do.not.mock)
Talk to myself
Kind (I needed a boost of self-esteem)
Funny (If I don't say it, who will?)
Best friends with blogger/twitter/facebook (and husband)
Slightly controlling (okay maybe more so... who cares)
Overachiever (always setting goals out of reach)
Unrealistic (told you)
Loves adventure (within reason, see, controlling)

So there you go... more about me. How about you? What are you all about?

You can thank me now.


Melissa said...

LOVE IT! You know what Jen? I do stalk you. And you know what else? I am fully aware that you enjoy being stalked by me and the other 895 (WOW) people in your sidebar.

Let's see....
I love fire. Like, I have issues.
I walk my cat on a leash everyday and time spent with her is the best part of every day.
I have voices in my head that never go away and I find them far more interesting then people I talk to in RL.
I'm crazy.
Sarcastic and animated.
Major temper issues - to control myself I have a habit of breaking things when I get really angry.... I keep a cheap set of shotglasses from the dollar store for this purpose because watching something shatter eases the tension.
I read. A lot.
I draw and paint when I can find the time. I particularly love painting.
Music means even more to me emotionally then books.
I never stop daydreaming.

And last thing I can think of.

I enjoy stalking people through blogger, really it has saved me vasts amounts of money in the business of stalking people.

Christina Lee said...

hahaha I love this, Jen! I stalk you because you take baths and talk to yourself, just like me, everyday ;--)

Matthew MacNish said...

There is no shame in my game.

I stalk you because we're both writers in maybe not the exact same, but similar boats. Both unagented, unpublished, but with a good online presence and the determination to get there.

You're also smart, friendly, and very helpful. I do get into personal stuff on my blog from time to time, but it's cool to get to know you better.

Thanks Jen.

Bish Denham said...

Hmmmmm. I stalk you because I get the feeling through your blog that you are genuinely friendly and funny. I get the feeling that if I were in Houston I could call you up and you'd say..."Come on over for tea and cookies!"

As for personal stuff about me? It's pretty much there on my blog. I'm a tropic bird...what can I say?

Bidisha said...

You and I should be joined at the hip, Jen :D

Joanne said...

Hm, I'm all about the writing and the java, hopefully both together. Oh, and the blogging ... great list :)

Hannah said...

hmm, I'm slightly obsessive about food, movies and books. I have a plan for my day always and don't really like interruptions. I hates talking on the phone but will talk for hours in person if allowed. I have music or the tv on always. I'm a little ADD I think. I'm messy but clean. My Man is my best friend and probably the only person I've shared every thing about myself...mostly. And there's like a million more things... :P

Karen Lange said...

Thank you.:) It is nice to learn more about you. We share some of the same characteristics. Haven't tried writing in the coffee shop yet; I should give it a try.
Have a great weekend,

Joanna St. James said...

oh am only here till google adsense makes me enough money to buy a new pair of night vision goggles then its back to your bathroom window.
You only asked me why I stalk you online.
Since I have not enabled adsense and still live in France u are safe

Jaydee Morgan said...

Thanks Jen - it's always nice learning a little more about everyone :)

Janet Johnson said...

It's so fun to learn more about the people we spend time with here in the blogosphere. Thanks for taking the leap of faith. :D

Meredith said...

Haha, I love this! I stalk you because you and your blog are made of awesome. And because you talk to yourself, just like I do :)

Amy Saia said...

I think you were born to do this: to write and to network with the blog thing. And it's never always about you, you genuinely care and interact with others. I do stalk you Jen! And I love it!

Southpaw said...

Do you paint your toenails in the bathtub? Do you write better in coffee shops that sell chocolate chip cookies? See it just all ends up with more questions.

Carolyn V. said...

Woo hoo! I'm a stalker! =)

I'm Carolyn and I'm a writer. That is all. (I mean, is there anything else?)

Diana Mieczan said...

Love posts like that...We share a few things like: painted toenails (mint colour), unrealistic and loves adventures...But my Balazs would tell you that I am not funny...( o sense of humor here...)haha..
I love to bake and do it often for my friend (because the ask),I work from home and that is why my floor is always so clean (hahah)
Ok..that is it for now:)
Hugs and kisses,sweetie pie

Melissa Gill said...

Great to get to know you better. Now if they only had bathtubs in coffee shops, (empty of course)

Chris Phillips said...

Good post. I think I need a better bathtub, one more conducive to brilliance.

Addictive personality (from video games, writing, gin, to nutella.) I get on kicks.
I lucked out in the wife department.
I have a million ideas and never stop dreaming.
I invented procrastination but have not gotten around to getting a patent yet.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I stalk you because you're funny and the titles of your posts always make my day!

Colene Murphy said...

I will most def. have to agree with you on most of the points about yourself that you listed(that I know about) def Kind, Funny, and Sarcastic for sure!

Diane said...

Great list and we still love you with all those quirks! :O)

Lenny Lee said...

hi miss jen! yikes! im a superstalker cause i watch you every day. why? cause you give out lots of love and youre real honest and your fun and you care and those are mostly the things im about.
...hugs from lenny

Kelly Polark said...

We're stalking yooooooou!
I love funny and sarcasm! They are two of my favorite things.
I also love chocolate chip cookies, my family and rock music!

Bast said...

I stalk you because ... I'm not sure. I just started stalking you one day and haven't been able to stop.

Dionne said...

Well, I'm new to stalking you. Just found your blog yesterday and it looked interesting. Love the colors too. ;)

Jai Joshi said...

Great answers, Jen. I talk to myself to. I've found that when things are going rough I'm the best person to have a conversation with.


Abby Minard said...

Stalking is fun :) I also love when people stalk me- it makes me feel special. Love your tidbits about you!

Ashley Stone said...

mmmm.. love me some chocolate chip cookies too!!!!

Talli Roland said...

Ha! Enjoying reading everyone's answers!

If only I *did* know what I was all about! I'll let you know when my brain has calmed down enough to let me do some self-reflection.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Awesome, I love learning more about you.

Let's see...

I rarely wear makeup unless I'm at a conference or hubby and I are going out for a date (which doesn't happen very much right now)
Reads novels
Loves medical tv shows
Loves the Vampire Diaries tv show
Gets cranky if I go to long without writing
Loves anything with chocolate
Especially loves chocolate and peanut butter
Makes the best brownies in the world
Talk to myself
Slightly controlling
Loves to set unrealistic self-imposed deadlines

Stephanie said...

I get some of my best ideas in the shower....need to invest in some of those bath crayons so I can write them down!

Lisa Gail Green said...

So awesome!! Thank you, because call me crazy, but I like to know who I'm stalking. There are so many stalk worthy people, I need a little something in return, you know? :D Loved learning more about you. Seriously.

Golden Eagle said...

I love stalking you, because you're all those things, plus there's just . . . something about you. And your blog. :)

Ashley Hasty said...

I do enjoy stalking you. I hope the feeling is mutual. :)

Ashley, 24, student.

I hate painting my own nails, but I love getting manis and pedis.

I love reading but I never have time for recreational reading...maybe when I graduate??

ADORE chick flicks AND not afraid to say it! I can't stand those girls who secretly love chick flicks but won't admit it in front of guys...get over yourself! ;)

I start projects and never finish them. I would be a terrible writer because I would never finish the story.

I prefer showers over baths. There is something about taking a bath that seems unproductive...maybe I shouldn't be so uptight!

I talk to almost every pet I see, even if they are in another car or walking as I drive by. I say hello to all of them.

Totally an overachiever. I'm 24 and about to graduate with my PhD. I'm almost embarrassed to tell people. Probably because I'm afraid they'll figure I don't have a life.

We are a lot alike!!

Can't wait until I can say:

Ashley, 25, professor. :)

Donea Lee said...

OMG, Jen! You're only 24??!!! That makes me feel like such an old hag, lol! Wonderful for you that you've got such a stalkery following at a young age. You can only go up from here!!

I'm a stalker because you stalked me first. And thank you for doing so! It's sort of an ego-boost when a complete stranger finds you mildly interesting enough to read your blog. My other followers (oops - I meant follower (singular)) is my sister. Kind of pathetic.

But, I also continue to follow you because you're upbeat, fun, funny and really nice and seem like a super person!! You're also an aspiring writer, like me. And you talk to yourself, like me. And we both seem to have an unnatural obsession with chocolate chip cookies. Awesome!

Sondrae Bennett said...

Love it. I also talk to myself. And write in coffee shops (currently at Panera).

Sara B. Larson said...

Ha ha, I guess I am a stalker. Who knew? ;)

that was fun getting to know you better, thank you for sharing!

Lindsay said...

Ha ha I get to 'stalk' you. :)

Great little insights. Oh, and I'm a huge overachiever as well. I can't help it. lol.

LTM said...

you little cutie--no, you're stalking ME!!!

and you forgot to mention the sparkles... :D

Dianne K. Salerni said...

The whole blogger friend thing is kind of weird, when you think about it in the old 20th century way.

What did your parents tell you? Don't talk to strangers.

What do we bloggers like to do? Talk to strangers, all day long -- and tell them our life secrets, to boot!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jen. ;o) All perfectly acceptable reasons to give when asked why I love you.

Perhaps if I'm ever able to blog again, I'll do something similar. And throw props your way, of course.

A.M. Guynes/Annikka Woods said...

Annikka, (Well, real name is Alison but I use my pen name online for the most part.)
Collections Rep, Writer, Future College student

Love cats
Married to my polar opposite (and loving it)
Very shy
Prefer writing to talking to people
Talk to myself
Overly sensitive (trust me, not a good thing to be)
Anti-social (except online)
World weary (only part of the time)

And I stalk you because you're fun, always have something interesting to say, and I think you're awesome.

Sage Ravenwood said...

Stalking writerly types is the only reassurance I have that being perfectly insane, is the way to go.

I also find myself inspired by moving water, shower, dishes, etc. Now if I could just figure out how to get a waterproof tablet. I can't exactly tape record my thoughts as I'm deaf.

For the most part I rescue strays and pay out of pocket for shots and get them fixed, before re-homing them. I probably wear more hats (specialize in things) than I'm aware of. Sometimes ignorance with ones own persona is bliss. (Hugs)Indigo

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm a perfectionist and a movie geek!

Shallee said...

Thanks for sharing about yourself! It's always nice to know more about the person behind the blog. And I'm TOTALLY with you on the imagination flaring up in the bathtub. I actually have a sneaking suspicion there's a Bathroom Idea God lurking somewhere out there...

Shelley Sly said...

Aww Jen, you're so fun! I loved learning more about you.

A little about me:

I talk to myself too, and I like to imagine conversations I'd have with famous people.

I recently found out I'm left-brained, when I'd thought all my life I was right-brained. Weird.

I have a photographic memory when it comes to books. I can almost always find where specific information is on a page.

I'll stop there. :) Loved your post!

The Words Crafter said...

This was fun! My imagination works best when I'm avoiding. Anything. Usually homework or housework. And sometimes cooking....

L.T. Elliot said...

Love that you get ideas in the tub! ;) A friend of mine always got ideas while blow-drying her hair.

It's nice to know you better, Jen!

Guinevere said...

Fun post! Honestly, I think we have a lot in common after reading your list!

Guin, 27, Marine by day, sensitive artist by night
-Natural blond who always wants to dye her hair brunette!
-Long distance runner
-Loves to read in virtually every genre
-Overachieving and overbooked!
-Writes a little something every day (lately, writing short stories bout serving in the military)
-Loves snowboarding, mountain biking and white water rafting
-Bakes her own bread and LOVES food!
-Addicted to chocolate
-Adores cats. Likes animals better than people.
-Big dreamer

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

It's very nice to get to know you a little better :) We are very similar -- the writing, the chocolate, the chick flicks and bathtubs :)

Natascha said...

Ugh! I wish I had a bathtub or a coffee shop to get away to. Jealous :) I love your blog. You are one of my favorites for your awesome sense of humor!

dolorah said...

One more glass of wine; and a story idea that practically writes itself.

Nice to get to know you Jen :)


Robert Guthrie said...

some blogs just make me smile

Krispy said...

What's this about stalking? *shifty eyes* No, that's a total lie because I am an unabashed stalker. :)

This is a cute exercise I like it and will now promptly "borrow" it for posting, if you don't mind. :D I too think imagination is best in the bathtub (well, shower for me).

Jennie Bailey said...

I'm all about coffee in the mornings and rain and balsam fir scented candles and music and walking my dog, loving my dog, training my dog, showing off my dog. I have a nephew I adore even when he misbehaves (which is a lot) and a niece that I love to dress up! I'm about late night writing sessions and late night chat sessions with friends. Girlz Night, Pajama Parties (who says we're too old), Action Flicks and heroes (not the tv show). I'm a dreamer. I believe in Elves. And maybe even Bigfoot, who knows? I am never afraid to speak my mind. Okay, sometimes I am but I speak it anyway.

And I'm all about YOU too. Love YOU, girl!

Ellie Garratt said...

LOL. Have a fab idea for a blog post. Let me see:

Part-time writer
Decaf coffee
Talks to herself
Lives by the sea
Poor swimmer
Hates the day job
Big reader

Jenn said...

Haha, I love how your husband is an afterthought after blogger/twitter/facebook. Hope he doesn't see that post. ;)

-I also love writing in coffee shops, and now wish there was a Tuscan Sun around here--just a Starbucks.
-Love hiking in autumn and hearing the crunch of leaves.
-Love salted caramel hot chocolates and pumpkin spice lattes.
-I read multiple books at a time, and am usually reading a YA book.
-I also adore Harry Potter, as well as Chronicles of Narnia and Lightning Thief.
-And I follow you 'cuz your posts are fun!

Rebecca Bradley said...

Hi Jen,

I'm a new stalker. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I will be continuing to stalk you!