Wednesday, December 5, 2012

E - Enough Already We Know You Want to Write a Book

Date: December 5th
Letter: E
Topic: Supporting a dreamer

Raise your hand if when you reveal you’re a writer the whole room says they have always wanted to write a book.

*scans blog room*
(All hands are raised besides one gentleman in the back of the room. He’s blushing and walking slowly away with his back toward the exit – I’m guessing he was going to say he’s always wanted to write a novel – we wait for him to leave).

Moving on.

I’ve decided that I will have a small empty notebook on hand (or at least try too) and an extra pen (always have those) handy because the next person who say’s “Oh I have this idea” or “I’ve always wanted to write a book” will have those items in their possession to begin.
Maybe they need motivation. Maybe they’re just saying it because they don’t know how else to handle it. Or… maybe they genuinely have a brilliant idea and rather than stealing their idea and them trying to sue me I’ll give them the opportunity.

Either way I want to see the reaction I’m given. This will allow me to gauge what the underlying reason for the comment is. Aren’t you all curious?
Next writerly agenda item up for discussion - What could one do if they say they wish they had time to read, any suggestions?


Johanna Garth said...

That comment always get my response of "You should. What do you think is preventing you?" I call it therapy chat.

Stephsco said...

It's true--what is stopping you? Whatever THAT is, is probably what stops most of us; fear, laziness, inexperience. It's our choice to decide what we will do with that ambition.

I like the idea of hearing someone say that and handing them a pen and paper to write their idea. That's what you mean, right? That would be super funny. Kind of off-putting, which I like.

Angela said...

I think the idea of writing a book is scary for a lot of people.

I mean, yeah, sure, they do want to do it, but that involves making the time, coming up with the plot, making the time . . .

Yeah, well, I need to get back to writing too, so there you go.

Gail said...

I love telling stories but stringing them together to make a cohesive BOOK is so scary.

Unknown said...

I always tell them, "Go ahead and write it! Just get something down." Some look at writing as this great daunting, impossible task or something relatively easy to do so they can they can start whenever. Both lead to grave disappointment.

Unknown said...

An author told be once that writing requires 'bum glue'!
Perseverance and confidence are important for any writer. It has taken me years to gather the confidence to actually finish and submit, not to mention the perseverance.

I've had such great mentors too, so I think that is a great help for wold be writers. But I think the underlying reason people say they would like to write a book is that you see your creation in writing and are in some ways immortalised.

I enjoyed stopping by. Georgie

Meredith said...

Ha, all the time. I usually just laugh it off. The worst are those people who say that they have a great book idea and proceed to talk about it for half an hour. Ugh!