Monday, December 17, 2012

Q - Quiet, Splintered Comes to Town

Eleventh stop:  Butterfly Threads

On the eleventh day of Splintered, we step back into Alyssa’s everyday world, heading toward a pink brick storefront and black wrought-iron fence. Curvy black letters welcome us: Butterfly Threads.

Christmas is the one time of year when Alyssa’s boss at the vintage clothing store lets the employees have free reign on the window display. Normally, Alyssa and her best friend Jenara would pick something gothic or macabre, enticing customers with glimpses of their unique merchandise.

But after falling down the rabbit hole, Alyssa is haunted by fluorescent landscapes, much like the ultraviolet underground skate park in town where she spends most of her downtime:

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So instead of the usual props, Alyssa arranges the store mannequin in a black light display, a tribute to the visual feast that is Wonderland.

Alyssa isn’t much of one for interviews, but maybe if we corner her in the storeroom while she’s putting things away, we can find out a little more about what makes her tick.

Alyssa, describe yourself in five words.
Quiet, Stubborn, Curious, Suspicious, Loyal.

I've heard you're an artist! Tell me about why you feel the need to create, and what inspires your art?
In the beginning, it was more survival tactic than inspiration that led me to kill and preserve bugs and flowers. But I felt guilty for cutting their lives short, so I decided if I did something constructive with their bodies … something that brought other people happiness … it could be justified. I also have landscapes in my mind, too strange and morbid to be earthly, but too haunting to dismiss. Making mosaics helps cleanse those images from my subconscious, so my head isn’t as cluttered.

Can you describe your different relationships? I know you don't have a wide variety, but I've heard some very *erm* unique people make up your social circles.
Well, there’s my mom and dad, who are both amazing for the sacrifices they’ve made for me and one another. Even though Mom’s in an asylum, Dad has never given up pining for her or his dream that someday she’ll come home to us. I have the same hope, and we’ll both do whatever it takes to make that happen, although we don’t always see eye to eye how to go about it…

Jebediah Holt. My best friend. He helps me view the world through the eyes of an artist. To see beauty in sadness, and to find the goodness inside myself in spite of my screwed up life. He’s loyal, and honest. At least, mostly honest. I can’t blame him for hiding a few things from me, considering I’m hiding some really big secrets myself. Jeb is super protective, and there are times he tries to hold me back when I know I need to be leaping forward. But it comes from a place of sincere concern and affection. He spent a lifetime trying to protect his mom and sister, so it comes naturally to him. And I always know, without a doubt, he’s got my back. He’ll never let me down.

Jenera is Jeb’s sister and my other best friend. She’s a fashion designer in the making—talented, snarky, and tough as nails, but always there for me and sympathetic when I’m hurting. Probably because she’s so well-acquainted with pain herself.

Then there’s Morpheus, the magical guy twisted into a past I’ve lost track of, who lets me take chances … or more like hangs me out to dry and watches from a distance as I try to save myself. Maybe it gives him a perverse thrill to see me suffer. Or maybe he actually likes to see me excel on my own. That’s the thing with Morpheus. You never really know whose side he’s on or what his motivation is. But I have to admit, sometimes it’s nice to be turned loose do things for yourself and find strengths you didn’t know you had. Sometimes you want that challenge, and find yourself drawn to those who feed that desire. Even if your common sense says to stay as far away from them as possible…

If you had three wishes, how would you spend them?
1.       Get my mom out of the asylum for good.
2.       Be honest with Jeb about how I really feel then never keep secrets from him again.
3.       Have the ability to read Morpheus’s mind.

Can you tell me your darkest secret? Don't worry, it'll stay between us, I swear. *leans in*
*gulps* My darkest secret … is just that. Darkness. I’m drawn to it, and to chaos. They light a fire inside me.  I want to hold that power in my hands, to control it, to use it for my own devices. A part of me envies Morpheus’s lack of inhibitions. His aptitude for selfishness. I sometimes wish I had the ability to throw caution and compassion to the wind, and just let the madness loose that lives inside me.  *looks down and whispers* But I know that’s wrong, and it scares me to feel that way. I don’t want to end up like my mom…

Speaking of Alyssa’s mother, our final stop will be tomorrow at the asylum.  CrossroadReviews invites you to come along, but make sure you’re on your best behavior. Soul’s Asylum is always on the lookout for permanent guests.

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Bethany Crandell said...

"Have the ability to read Morpheus’s mind." *GULPS* If only she knew...


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Ohhh, that sounds so good!