Thursday, January 21, 2010

a piece of leila

Today I was inspired... Leila is one of the characters I cherish most... she will be shared about a lot, and today I had a little thought that I needed to write down, so I figured why not share it with my fellow bloggers. So here it is with all it's beauty & errors!

As always comments are appreciated!

Papers flew everywhere, the pencil holder tipped over to send the pencils and pens to plummet to the floor. Leila pulled her hands to her face and tears fell like a waterfall. She had made a huge mess of her office, and hadn't felt any better. She walked over to her chair and sat down, still making sure that the back of her pencil striped skirt didn't crease. How could he do this? She thought, he was supposed to marry her, and instead of getting the proposal she thought he had planned, he had ended it, and left her to pick all the pieces. She was thankful no make-up had been applied that morning, she hadn't felt up to it, sick to her stomach and barely able to climb out of bed and take a shower let alone do both her hair and her make-up. Her hair wasn't as great as she normally kept it, but her auburn locks still laid with a nice wave over her white button-up lacey blouse. She had to clean herself up before someone walked in unannounced. She had to continue her day, regardless of how she felt, but at the moment she had no idea what she wanted to do, why she came to work, she supposed because there was nothing else to do, and things needed to get done.

"Leila" a voice over the intercom came through, Leila had begun to pick up the papers along her office, "Yes" she mustered, though she did a slight whimper, she hadn't wanted to show emotion at the office. "I need to fax the client information for Mr. Jackson, did you sign the last sheet?" she had, it was one of the many client files she had spent hours compiling that now laid all over the floor. "it's in here, I can bring it to you" but before she could finish she saw Amanda, her assistant standing in front of her. Leila was on her knees still picking up all the pieces to her recent over dramatic fit. "Oh my Leila, hun sit down" it was one thing she didn't like about Amanda, Leila was in her lower thirties and didn't think that Amanda at age nineteen should really be calling anyone hun, but rather than dwell on it she pulled herself up off the floor and sat on the couch which was closer than the chair that sat behind the desk. "You know that part of the perks of owning your own business is the ability to not come to work when you are better off at home" Amanda spoke so softly, so sweet, and also extremly naive, she had cute tight blonde curls, a few which fell in her face, though normally a headband of some sort held them back, her blue eyes sparkled with concern and her curvy silhouette would have her father wanting to kill any guy who even looked in her direction. She was beautiful inside and out, and that was why she was hired. "I'm fine Amanada" they both were aware of the lie she had just told, and instead of hiding behind it she deiced to devluge a small amount of emotion "the truth is, that being at home is the last place I want, making my life about work seems like the only other viable option" it was true, she had no family to see at the moment, they all lived a few thousand miles away and flying to cry on their shoulder just seemed silly when in a few days it would have all eventually blown over.

Amanda sat there for a moment as she watched the tears stream down Leila's face, Leila wasn't loving the situation but embraced the moment. "Give me two seconds" Amanda stood up and walked out the door and closed it quietly behind her, Leila wasn't sure what she had gone to do, but assumed that it was enough time for Leila to try and pull herself a little more together. She straightened her blouse and skirt once more and went back to picking up the papers and her pencil holder. She pulled her hair back and took some deep breaths, Patrick wasn't worth the tears, and yet she couldn't help but cry.


Angela Duncan Photography said...

I LOVE Leila already! I want to get to know her! I already want to kick that Patrick guy in the face!

AND I love the dynamic you have already created between Laila and her secretary!

Stef Howerton said...

I second Angela's comments. Really great job. :) Keep it up!!