Thursday, December 6, 2012

F - Funky Facts about Francine

Date: December 6th
Letter: F
Topic: Random Weird Quirks

Actually this has nothing to do with a woman named Francine. For that moment I wished my name started with an F but I couldn’t come up with anything that fit me. Technically this is my attempt at bringing back Truth Thursdays and I know you all adored them!!!! So let’s not wait a moment longer to dive into the ultimate weird.

1. From the day after Thanksgiving to the day they stop airing I watch Christmas movies, the Good, the bad, the ugly, and those that should be non-existent. ABC Family, The Hallmark Channel, and Lifetime are my go to channels but I’m not above seeking other channels. Hulu Plus has also allowed me to view a holiday movie during lunch.
2. If I could own a polar bear I would. I would teach him how to sled and make snowmen because I think every polar bear should know how.

3. I’m a very picky eater and anything that requires a condiment I call ‘fancy food’. My friends make fun of me because the food is in fact NOT fancy. What they don’t understand is the reasoning for the term is because it houses more than two weird ingredients (weird too me… not to you).
4. I’d eat a BBQ beef baked potato every day of the week… accompanied by countless rolls.

5. Because I don’t have an actual window in my office I made my own. One is a winter backdrop, the other is a day in the Hampton’s (I’m assuming, I never checked the location but it looks fancy).
Care to share a funky fact about yourself?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Would your polar bear also drink Coke?

Anonymous said...

You gotta love all the Christmas movies this time of year! Maybe I should make my own window, too. Pretty ingenious. ;)

Anne Gallagher said...

Yeah, I love those sappy Christmas movies on Hallmark channel too. I never get anything done on weekends now cuz I'm watching tv all day.