Thursday, June 23, 2011

Does that mean I get a cupcake.

Each week I share meaningless facts about myself. I assume you care because regardless whether you comment or lurk I know you’re there (no I’m not psychic it’s called stats people – if I knew how to read them).

So here I am spilling my guts again and what’s my reward? Nothing. Unless you count your truths – which I like. I want something more (yes this is me being greedy).

So I’ve decided that for every truth you share you are being sent a virtual cupcake. I’ll be rewarding myself with a real cupcake (I don’t want to have to worry about shipping – sorry). This means I’ll have to spend an extra half hour during the week swimming laps – we’ll see if it’s worth it.

So enough wasting time, let’s earn us some cupcakes.

1. I love Oakleys. My husband did it. Sunglasses are a new addiction of mine. The funkier the better. I like to live life on the edge – show people I’m cool. Sunglasses does it – trust me, I’m the expert.

2. Answering phones results in puking. That’s right I have a phobia of talking on the phone – in front of co-workers = even more embarrassing issues. It’s that big of a phobia (unless it’s an agent, then I’ll be puking for an entirely different reason).

3. I love reading queries. I’ll Google queries and see if I can’t pull something creative out of my hat to incorporate in my own. It’s just neat to see all the different story ideas out there. If I did it for a living I’d probably not find it so fun (after all I’m only reading the ones that sold).

4. I love So You Think You Can Dance. I know I can’t dance (no thinking about it) but that doesn’t mean I don’t attempt while watching the show (by waving my hands in the air – any jumps and I’ll be in the hospital).

5. I love meeting new people. Not everyone is super friendly but I do my best to say hello (even though they think I’m the weird one. Which I probably am. At least I’m not rude).
So now it’s turn to earn your cupcakes… give it your best shot.


Katie O'Sullivan said...

I love cupcakes - so here goes, but I'm copying yours to make them true for me.
1. I lose (at least) one pair of sunglasses every summer, so I don't spend more than $20 on any one pair. Oakleys are right out.
2. My first job was as a receptionist, so I got over the phone phobia thing pretty quickly.
3. To read queries that aren't winners, check out Janet Reid's Query Shark. Reading what doesn't cut it - and why - is just as fun as reading winners.

Okay, that last one isn't really a truth. I give up. Keep your cupcake ;-) But keep on sharing - love these lists!

Unknown said...

Cupcake earned Katie!!!!

Love my Oakley's!

Is it sad that I worked as a receptionist, customer service clerk, AND a call center and still puked before I started the morning. Didn't cure me.

Love Query Shark! Not only does it teach me but it's also good for a giggle!

Summer Frey said...

I don't mind doing phone stuff when it's for work, but I hate making phone calls for my private life--like to a utility company or something. The only exception is if I'm super pissed about something--then the words just flow (nice words, with a clipped edge).

I'm about to go do one million ab moves, because my stomach has lost its definition, and I hates it. I'm one of those body types that is very curvy, and therefore sits between sizes, depending on just one or two pounds. Seriously, I've weighed the same since I was about 18 or younger, but my shape keeps shifting into a more "womanly" form, and therefore my clothes...yeah. Too much truth?

My robe makes me sweaty.

Christine Murray said...

1. I too have a fear of phones. I worked in telephone market research for a year, and it made it worse. I bribe my husband to all telephone related things.

2. I love making cookies, but quite often they don't make it to the oven. My husband and I eat the raw cookie dough.

3. I lose everything. The more important something is, the more likely I am to lose it.

kah said...

Did you see when they shared something about Markos last night on SYTYCD, his was: He reads romance novels all day.

Yay! Markos for the win. He gets a cupcake. ;)

PS...I hate the phone too.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I want to install astroturf so I never have to mow again.
And I like yellow cake with chocolate frosting!

Miranda Hardy said...

1. I'm a listener. I love to listen to peoples stories, and hear their complaints or good news. I enjoy listening more than talking. Some days I can go without talking all day. I'll admit though, I turn into a talker under the influence of alcohol, so drinking is a rarity.

D. U. Okonkwo said...

I'm definitely with you on number 3 and 5. I love meeting new people and will have to check out the Google queries - never thought of that!

Anna said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one with a phone phobia! I thought I was crazy and it was made up in my head so that I could quit my job as an administrative assistant. When I told my coworkers about my anxiety, they were surprised. They said I had the best phone manners of anyone they had hired for the position. I wonder why--I used to spend my drive to work rehearsing what I would say to people who called so I wouldn't break down and cry at my desk.

Susan Fields said...

I walk the dog everyday, and I try to say hello or at least smile at the people we pass. Most people will respond, but some people won't even look our way. Grrr...

Lindsay N. Currie said...

I love hearing things about people, especially you:) You would have hated my first job out of college...I had to discuss 401K plans with employees of Kelloggs and the training involved learning their benefits plan and then having HUNDREDS of mock phone calls to prepare.

Sarah Ahiers said...

SYTYCD FTW! Though we missed half of yesterday's episode. Sad.
I also hate the phone. I think it stems from when i worked in a call center.

Jennifer said...

When I jump on the trampoline with my son I pee my pants.

Janet Johnson said...

I really like cupcakes. I've eaten a few too many this week (through no fault of my own!) and am thus off to exercise them off. :)

Sara {Rhapsody and Chaos} said...

Dude, I am WITH YOU on all five of those things. Except replace Oakleys with aviators.

I hate answering my phone--and even worse? My voicemail has been full for like... half a year. TEXTING FTW, baby.

When I was querying, I read every. single. query. I could find. It was fun. Also kind of depressing.


And I love meeting new people too! Which is weird, because I'm shy and I frequently fumble for things to say. So new people might not like meeting me, lol.

Happy Thursday, love <3

Jillian said...

hahaha only you Jen ... only you.

I love to come here for my daily dose of laughter!

Michelle Merrill said...

Free cupcakes? I'm SO there! Oh, and I admittedly lurk a lot more than comment lately. Sorry Jen. I'll be better :)

Here's some fun facts, hopefully, worth cupcakes.

1. I spent way too many hours making freezer jam for the first time in my life yesterday. It's going to be yummy!

2. I haven't written anything new for way too long...unless you call revisions new.

3. I once sent first draft material to an agent for a critique I won. One word. Ouch! I won't ever do that again.

4. My youngest daughter has frizzy hair.

5. Make that red frizzy hair. She's adorable.

6. I don't mind answering phones, I get nervous reading queries, and I love the show The Voice.

7. Although I love meeting new people, I just discovered that I get really nervous around published authors! So Jen, if we don't meet up before you get published, I might hide from you :) lol.

8. I obviously know how to give away pointless facts. Too many. I'll stop now :)

Oh, I'm excited for cupcakes!

Rebecca T. said...

Yeah! I love truth telling. Also, cupcakes, so win.

1. I am an AVID SYTYCD watcher. And I may do pirouettes and other random dancish type moves across the living room when the show is over. I may not. I'll leave it up to you to decide.

2. I never like to pay more than $1 for a pair of sunglasses. Ever. I have had the same pair from the dollar store for about 4 years.

3. When I talk, I have a tendency to get louder and louder and louder over time until people are wincing and putting their fingers in their ears.


Suze said...

I like that you asked people to post about themselves in exchange for a virtual cupcake.

Chippy said...

I hate talking on the phone as well. I especially hate it when someone says 'call them now'. I have to prepare to make a phone call - I need time to make sure I'm 'ready'.

I hate phones... can't we just text everyone? Email? Write letters? Dispatch a messenger?

Bethany Elizabeth said...

Well... I like cupcakes! :)
Truth 1: Writing is extremely discouraging right now. It's one of those "I'll never be published ever ever EVER!" phases and it hurts, but I'll get through.
Truth 2: Halo Reach is way too addictive for me.
Truth 3: I love the BBC

Jennifer Hillier said...

I love cupcakes, and somehow, some way, I'm going to have one today. And I'm a huge fan of SYTYCD!

Truth? I love talking to other writers. It's the second best part of the job, after the writing.

Anonymous said...

1. I think I own 25 pairs of sunglesses. I'm convinced that I look good in none of them, so the more rediculous the glasses the better.

2. I hate talking on the phone. To anyone. I'm starting to date a guy and he wants to talk on the phone. I have to talk myself off of the ledge of blocking him each time he calls. He's really nifty so I'm working through it.

3. I think my queries are verbal vomit. If it wasn't for my crit group - I don't know if they would ever be accepted.

4. I love So You Think You Can Dance. YES! My friend won it one year. I love to watch it. I took bellydance for a while. I'm not terrible, but I'm not amazing.

5. New people rock. So long as they don't want to talk to me on the phone, lol!

Sarah Tokeley said...

A truth about me. Umm...I had to cancel my World of Warcraft subscription because I was spending to much time playing online. I'm a 41 year old mum of 2 :)

Anonymous said...

Woot! Love randomness. Love cupcakes. Love them even more when they're real...just sayin..

1. I have a freakish fear of tall bridges. Cannot drive over them. I can be the passenger, but if I drive, I stop breathing and little dots show up...not a good thing. I plan trips around bridges. Yeah.

2. I get stupidly giddy over old Disney movies. Maybe because they remind me of my daughter's baby years, I don't know.

3. I cannot watch any movie or read any book that will involve a dog/horse/dolphin (insert pet of choice here) dying. Last one was Marley and Me. And I knew about it already...did it anyway...and was a freaking lunatic over it. You'd think Marley and I were BFF's, or separated at birth or something. My hubby now bans any such movies. I'm not allowed.


Lisa Galek said...

1) I think about Harry Potter way more than a grow woman should!

Jennie Bailey said...

I don't like unfriendly people. There, I said it. I grew up in a city where you said 'hi' to everyone on the street. Here, everyone avoids eye contact. On the odd occasion someone does look at you? They don't say 'hi' back. Everyone has a scowl on their face like their life sucks. Well, that's your own fault! Life is wondrous and meant to be lived! It's too short to spend a minute unhappy...or unfriendly! That is my truth. It turned into a rant. Go figure.

asdfasdfasdf said...

i love sunglasses. i always have a pair in my car/ in my purse, etc. i have delicate eyes i suppose.

and i don't like talking on the phone either. i'm always paranoid the other people in my house are listening o_o because they PROBABLY ARE!!

Aubree said...

ew, talking on the phone = barf. i have a guy friend who always wants to talk instead of texting or whatever. i thought guys were supposed to hate that???

and thanks for the cupcake :D

Summer Ross said...

Sunglasses- huh- you are right they can be fuky cool- which I am learning from my daughter. I wear glasses which makes sunglasses difficult without a prescription in them.

My truth- I hate drinking water- I prefer flavor but just plain water- specially hot really is nasty.

Stephsco said...

I also love So You Think You Can Dance. I record it so I can fast forward through Mary's comments (why does she have to shout in that shrill voice?). I don't consider myself a sappy person but I have teared up a few times at some of the performances and back story of the dancers. I like reality shows about people with actual talent.

Unknown said...

*searches blog*
Cupcake? AAAAAAH! OK.

Sorry, you said the magic word that turns my brain to mush.

Truth: I love cupcakes, though I usually can't eat a whole one, particulary if there's butter frosting involved.

Truth: I love baking, but I'm bad at following recipes. I tend to add stuff or substitute things. So far, so good.

Truth: I'm suffering from writer's block and working person's lack of time at the moment, a rather lethal combination...

Truth: I have more than one penname....

Mimi said...

Virtual cupcakes, great idea!
Re phone, one of my greatest 2discoveries" was that you don't have to answer it, freedom with an answering machine!Yay!

Samantha Sotto said...

*burp* Thanks for the cupcake! And red velvet too! :D

I was a certified query stalker when I was on the agent hunt too :)

Slamdunk said...

I am with you on #2.

Fortunately, we have an adventurous 4 year old who runs and then answers the house phone every time it rings. Usually, by the time I get there, the telemarketer or other person I did not want to talk to has hung up. It is a great system.

Rhonda Albom said...

I want a cupcake.
-I have never seen a reality TV show. I have no interest in seeing one either.
- I have never seen so you think you can dance.
- Never seen American (or any country) idol.
Chocolate please :)